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This Isn't What Democracy Looks Like

Today's Note From a Madman

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Elizabeth Edwards


Simply put, I'm sure that all of Madman's readers wish the best for Elizabeth Edwards and presidential candidate John Edwards. Mrs. Edwards will never recover from the Cancer which has now spread to her bones and will require a lifetime's worth of treatment. Whatever the best possible prognosis may be, we certainly with it for her, her husband and her children.


John and Elizabeth Edwards decided that he should still seek the Democratic Party's nomination for our nation's highest office, and I agree. Our nation will have a great man at the helm (something sorely lacking these past few years) and an even greater woman to help him. I am a fan of Mrs. Edwards.


One of my first articles for Note From a Madman was published before Dr. Howard Dean was named to head the new Democratic Party. I endorsed Elizabeth Edwards for the position. (And, yes, I know she was never in the running.)


Our nation is a much better place with Mrs. Edwards: The proud mother of four and the grieving mother of one, the wife, the "Army Brat", the lawyer and, hopefully, the next First Lady of the United Sattes.


-Noah Greenberg

The Snow Show

So I'm riding in my car with CNN (Channel 122) playing on my XM Satellite Radio when Soledad O'Brien introduces her next interview which happens to be with White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. I was expecting the same old question and answer where the main stream media host asks a question, gets a bogus, spun and beat-around-the-bush response, and then asks the next question on her list (or whispered in her ear). Imagine my surprise when I heard an MSM host simply stand her ground and blast right back at the same old Bush rhetoric we're all used to hearing.

A "Perry Mason or Law and Order atmosphere,"
"it will have a chilling effect," for the American people.

Expect to hear a lot of the "Perry Mason, Law and Order" Stuff in much the same way we heard "Mushroom Cloud" and "We would have moved Heaven and Earth" as they related those statements to 911 and the war on terrorism.

By the way, has anyone seen a six-foot, five-inch Saudi schlepping a kidney machine behind him lately?

Of course we got "The President needs unfettered advice" stuff as well, but the White House has found a new metaphor for wanting to keep their secrets secret and the President's advisors off the Bible. As Snow put it, they don't want to allow for "grandstanding".

"a Perry Mason scene where people are hot-dogging and grandstanding and trying to score political points."

Now, I want you all to think back just about two years ago when the Senate called for a special session and the President flew back from one of his numerous Crawford vacations to pass a bill for one person: Terry Schiavo. In the world of grandstanding, this stood above all.

Maybe the tact Snow should take is "About grandstanding... we're experts, so we ought to know."

The American people deserve more than private, no-oath and no transcript "talks" with the House and Senate. And although the President and his minions may feel much the same way as Jack Nicholson's Colonel Nathan Jessup in A Few Good Men, we most certainly have to "handle the truth".

"If you want the truth, we're going to make the truth possible and everybody is going to be able to find out everything,"

C'mon, Tony... Say it...SAY IT! WE CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!

Even Republican Senators John Cornyn (TX) and former Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (PA) are calling for these hearings to be made public. One has to think, at least in Specter's case, that he's trying to make up for what he should have done himself a short while ago. And Specter isn't even up for re-election in 2008 (Cornyn is).

And what's all this I hear about approximately 250 pages of emails that total about 16 days worth of communication between the parties who don't want to be sworn in by the House or the Senate? Wasn't it President Bush, himself, who said that the cooperation that his white House is offering Congress was "unprecedented". Sounds like just another buzz-word to me.

Rhetoric won't get the Bushies out of this one. Sure they may be able to get by an almost split Senate, but the House, which doesn't have a filibuster-type rule, is going to take the Bushies to task. And they're going to do it in front of the whole American public.

Big brass ones is all they're going to need.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to "Is this Bush's Watergate?" Eddie Konczal writes:

It's looking more like it every day:

"Investigators probing whether U.S. attorneys were fired for political rather than professional reasons are looking at why there is a 16-day gap in e-mail records released to them."

16-day email gap, 18-1/2 minute tape gap - another Republican White House clearly has something to hide.

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-Noah Greenberg