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Thursday, March 15, 2007


First Republican Calls for Gonzales' Head


Okay, boys and girls... It's quiz time.

(canned applause)

Which senator is calling for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' firing? Here's a hint: He's up for re-election in a northeastern state in 2008.

If you answered John Sununu of New Hampshire, you get to go on to the lightning round.

"I think the president should replace him. I think the attorney general should be fired."
-Sen. Sununu

Let's remember one very important thing here. If it weren't for the new Democratic majority, none of the "foibles" of the Bush administration might have come out. We wouldn't have seen the criminality of their acts nor would we have heard about the firings of a bunch of federal prosecutors for no other reason than they did their jobs, without bowing to political interference.

Or, as Kelly O'Donnell of CNN put it (in a question for President Bush in a joint press conference with New Mexican President Calderon):
O'DONNELL: On the dismissal of U.S. attorneys, there have been allegations that political motivations were involved. Is political loyalty to your administration an appropriate factor? And when you talked to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales last year, what did you say, and what did you direct him to do?

BUSH: Thanks, Kelly.

It was the last thing on Earth that he was thankful for that day.

The president did, however, kinda, sorta answer the question, I think:

"I've heard those allegations about political decision-making; it's just not true."

So we should all take GW at his word. After all, he's been so forthcoming so far, hasn't he?

Bush continued:

"Just so you know, I get asked -- I get complaints all the time from members of Congress on a variety of subjects -- this senator, this congressperson so-and-so -- there's occasionally frustration with the executive branch. And they will pull me aside and say, are you aware of this, are you aware of that? And I did receive complaints about U.S. attorneys.
"I specifically remember one time I went up to the Senate and senators were talking about the U.S. attorneys. I don't remember specific names being mentioned, but I did say to Al last year -- you're right, last fall -- I said, have you heard complaints about AGs, I have -- I mean, U.S. attorneys, excuse me -- and he said, I have. But I never brought up a specific case nor gave him specific instructions."

Well now you have another request from an important GOP senator, President Bush. John Sununu, a faithful Republican party member is asking you to remove Alberto Gonzales from his position as Attorney General. He might be doing it for political reasons, but that never seemed to matter to you before, so why would it now? I know you're not heeding the words of the Democratic majority, so how about your party brethren instead?

"We're disappointed, obviously,"
-White House Press secretary Tony Snow, in direct response to Sen. Sununu's plea to rid us of Gonzales

There can be no doubt that this administration has been attempting to skirt around civil liberties and the US Constitution since they entered office. the Patriot Act is being used as a political tool in this quest. The federal prosecutors, who used to have to be fetted in Senate confirmation hearings no longer have to be put through the process.

We all know the complaints about the federal prosecutors were made for political reasons. All one has to do is look at the evidence - or New Mexico - to realize it. It has always been about politics, not policies, in this White House.

Think back to the Clinton era's White House travel office affair, when certain members of the travel office were fired to make room for others. Do you remember the furor the GOP made over this tempest in a teapot? Their attempting to downplay the dismissal these federal prosecutors, and the dismissal of the importance of congressional oversight is the real thing. It's how dictatorships are created.

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."

This Bush attempt at humor just wasn't a joke.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg