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Bush Rides Out Katrina

This is What Democracy Looks Like

Today's Note From a Madman

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Bush, New Orleans & Katrina

How many lies does it take for a president to make before even his supporters realize that he's  full of it? Much like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Roll center of a Tootsie-Pop - The world may never know.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice (and GW loses his train of thought - and that is a slow train coming to begin with)... we don't get fooled again,"
-Bush, in a moment where proverbs and The Who criss-crossed

In this time of unprecedented White House misinformation and twisting of the truth, President Bush wants us all to know that he's getting down to the problem posed by Hurricane Katrina a year and a half ago. Are we to believe "better late than never?" I know I don't.

"I fully understand that there are frustrations, and I want to know the frustrations. To the extent we can help, we'll help."

I believe that we have reached that "extent" and that the Bush White House had, and has, never had any intention of helping those left misplaced and homeless, injured and left for dead by Hurricane Katrina. In fact, judging by the inept and possibly criminal neglect of a predominately Black New Orleans by the Bushies, one would have to ask if the sentiments of Rep. Richard Baker (REPUBLICAN-LA) weren't also the sentiments of George W. Bush. Dick Cheney and the rest of the Neo-Cons in DC.

"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."

There's a special place in hell for this guy.

When Ronald Reagan said the scariest words in the English language are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help," he must have been looking into a crystal ball toward August, 2005 and beyond. Some of you will remember the devastation in Florida following a terrible 2004 Hurricane season. There were photo-ops of GW and brother Jeb Bush, then Florida's governor, with stern, compassionate looks on their faces as they carted bottles of water off of tractor trailers to give to those ravaged by Hurricane Frances (for one). It was a good gesture, but nothing more than an opportunity to look like they were doing something prior to the 2004 election. What would have been George Bush's response had Katrina struck in 2004?

"I committed to the people of this part of the world and the Gulf Coast that the federal government would fund recovery — and stay committed to the recovery,"

Then just what are people still doing living in trailers? What haven't those who want to come home been able to come home. In fact, if it weren't for people like David Oreck, the creator of the Oreck Vacuum Cleaner, who made sure his people had money and a place to stay after Katrina, there would be no recovery at all in New Orleans.

Where was George W. Bush's "base" of "haves and have mores" when it came to their "compassionate conservatism" after Katrina? (That was a rhetorical question, by the way.) The only thing which they managed to accomplish was to make sure that gasoline prices nearly doubled in the hurricane's aftermath so they, and their stock holders, could squeeze and extra few dollars out of the American people.

Bush is committed - to them.

"People's lives are improving, and there is hope,"

If there is "hope", President Bush, it is no thanks to you.

-Noah Greenberg

Flip Flopping Today
L. J. Burnin’ Furman

New York. Paul Simon was asked to release a new version of “Slip Sliding Away,” to be called “Flip Flopping Today.” The call came for the Giuliani Campaign, from the McCain Campaign. Or maybe it came from the Giuliani Campaign for the McCain Campaign. Or from the Romney Campaign for Giuliani and McCain. It is not, however, a dirty trick. They each know that the other guys lack credibility. But they want their party to win, so to be kinder, gentler, and compassionater, the new Republicanistas are trying to help each other. “Flip Flopping Today” applies equally to the three runners up for 'Panderer-in-Chief' so whoever wins the GOP nomination next year will be able to use it.

And it’s official, the two wings of the GOP are the “We are Winning in Iraq, and We Will Continue to be Winning Until We Win, Even if it Takes 50 Years” wing,” and the “Faith Based; Believe in the God of Love and Peace and Be Ready to Kill Anyone Who Doesn’t” wing.

Republicanista strategists are also thinking of changing their name. They want to change it from ‘Grand Old Party,’ GOP, to “Grand Obtuse Old Party,” GOOP. It's a synonym for what they got us into in Iraq. But no one in the party leadership understands the meaning of obtuse. When critics say ‘You’re so obtuse.’ They smile, lean back, and say “Thanks.” Sometimes they say “Well, my daughter’s a lesbian. But she’s a good girl. Wants to be a good wife and mother. It’s those damn liberals. And no, there’s nothin’ wrong with your boy bein’ a dancer. As long as he’s not a liberal. Look at George W. A cheerleader at Yale fer Chris-sake. Maybe we could hook your boy up with my daughter.”

On Larry King Live, Giuliani said "I support a woman's right to choose but I am against abortion." Exactly what “woman’s right to choose” is he supporting? A woman’s right to choose her outfit? A woman's right to choose a bathing suit? Call me a misogynist, but while I support abortion rights, I believe that fat chicks over 55 should not be allowed to wear bikinis or thongs, and should be prohibited from topless beaches.

Giuliani also supports "protecting gays" but not domestic partnerships. Who is he protecting them from? Homophobic “straight” people with baseball bats? “Christians” who want to cure them with drugs and shock therapy? Or guys like Ted Haggard who say “I’m not gay, I just like to ‘study’ gay sex with prostitutes while I do drugs. So I know what I'm up against.” Haggard may not be gay any more, but he’s not gay any less. I agree with Rudy that gay people should have equal protection under the law. But I think that means marriage and domestic partnerships. Look at the bright side. If gay people can get married then they will be able to get divorced. If they get divorced at the same rate that straight people get divorced, then half of the gay marriages will be over almost as soon as they begin.

Giuliani supports gun control in cities like New York but not places like Texas. Actually, I'm with him on this one. The more Texans have guns, the more likely they are to kill each other. And that’s got to be good for the rest of us.

Romney used to be "Pro-Choice." Today he's "pro-choice" in the Blue states and "anti-women" in Dixie. McCain used to ride the "straight-talk" express. Now he panders to the Evangelicals. He was against the use of torture until Cheney invited him on a hunting trip. That Cheney can be mighty persuasive.

Giuliani on Larry King Live: http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/02/14/giuliani.lkl/index.html 

Romney on abortion: Committed to safe legal abortion, except when running for office.

Larry Furman

Note: Maybe we could also have Carly Simon re-do her "You're So Vain" as "You're Ob-tuse." -NG

Hillary Clinton

"Yesterday, in my latest HillCast, I described a plan for an Apollo-like effort to make clean, alternative energy the energy of America. This plan would create a strategic energy fund to invest in developing and deploying clean and alternative energy -- home grown energy."
We can create the fund without new taxes on Americans by asking the oil companies to "Play or Pay": either they invest in alternative energy themselves, or they pay a portion of their windfall profits earned from the spike in oil prices into the strategic energy fund. We estimate that the fund will have close to $50 billion to invest in America's new energy future over the next 10 years.
"My bill would also repeal oil company subsidies they don't need and reward families and businesses for increasing energy efficiency."
-From Hillary Clinton's Newsletter, as forwarded by Carol F. Yost

Dear Hillary Clinton,

I don't know your ideas on energy in detail yet, but from what I've seen, they look good.

However, I'm not one of the ones giving you unquestioning support. I still want you to come clean about your original vote concerning war in Iraq. You have told people who felt that way to look to other candidates. This is unlimited arrogance. People have died, others are dying, and you have the nerve to act as if you had voted honestly according to the information you had received. You, as I have said repeatedly, are a smart lady, and had access to more information than you let on. Millions of us "out there," in the streets, knew there was something wrong, and protested. Meanwhile, you coolly voted to give Bush the right to attack Iraq if he wanted to, with the funds to do so. It was politically expedient. It wasn't courageous. Other politicians had the courage, but you didn't. You don't care about a soul, another human being, until you are honest about that. War-makers are not caring human beings.

Carol F. Yost

In response to Jenny Hanniver's, "Lest we forget--Democrats under FDR and Truman were the party that began the modern phase of US interventionism, called in my childhood "the Pax Americana" in an eerie imitation of Roman and British imperialism," Robert Scardapane writes:

Actually, Pax Americana started way before the post world war II era. The beginning of it can be seen in the concept of Manifest Destiny. Indeed, that concept did come from the old Democratic Party and was opposed by both Whigs and Republicans. However, Republicans got into the expansionist game at the start of the 20th century. Theodore Roosevelt was an expansionist who fought wars over Cuba and Philippines.

Just as many wars of aggression happened under Republican presidents as Democratic. Sadly, I think expansionism is ingrained in the character of America. We ease our guilty conscience by pretending to bring Democracy to the world. But is this really much different than Romans who brought public works to the world?

I believe that the American empire will fail but not because the people vote against it. We will fail economically.

In response to, "While Musharraf looks directly into the camera, Cheney does not. Personally, I believe he can not. He probably feels that, if you look into the lens, the devil will steal your soul. Isn't it too late for him on that point anyway?" David W. writes:

Makes me remember a Twilight Zone episode where a guy sells his sold to the devil... his wife was present but the devil didn't want her soul because it had died long ago...

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-Noah Greenberg