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Thursday, February 22, 2007


New Ways to Die

They keep getting better and better. I'm talking about the way us humans get to kill and maim each other in the names of things like "Liberty", "Freedom" and "WMD's". As a matter of fact, the Bush administration, in this quest for, and then to keep their war going in Iraq, have found so many reasons to keep our soldiers killing, or to keep them getting killed, that it's hard to remember all of them. But, no matter how many more die, they still seem to be able to come up with more and more ways to kill.

Today's new method of death comes in the form chemical bombs. Now, remember, there were no chemical weapons in Iraq as we entered the region in 2003 (no matter what Dick Cheney says). But new, crude chemical bombs are being used by the insurgents now. This week, eleven people were killed and dozens more made sick from chlorine gas in two of these bombs.

The German army used chlorine gas in World War One to kill in much the same way the insurgents are using it now. Back then, among the first victims of the gas were Canadian troops who wondered what that cloud was coming at them. They found out the hard way.

The US Army states that the reason the insurgents are using the gas is to create instability. I think they just found an additional way to kill. Let's be fair about this: The longer we stay in Iraq, the more ways the insurgents, al-Qaeda terrorists and Shi'ite death squads will find to kill.

And speaking of the Shi'ite death squads, or the Iraqi police (as if anyone could tell the difference), some have been accused of raping two woman in separate attacks just two days apart. Al-Qaeda vows revenge.

"We were in the shops working when all of a sudden it exploded and we saw yellow fumes. Everybody was suffocating,"
-a witness to one of the chlorine gas IED (Improvised Explosive Device) attacks

Are we helping yet?

Our troops did find a chlorine gas - car bomb factory right in the former, present and future problem area of Fallujah. That's the good news. Answering the question as to how many more of these "factories" are out there is the bad news.

The enemy is getting better at ways of killing our children in Iraq, and they don't care how many innocent Iraqis they take with them as they do it. Our troops lack a real mission, unless, of course, you consider "stay the course" a mission. I don't. While we bring in a "surge" of some 21,500 more children, our allies realize the futility of staying in Iraq. They realize that our presence there is not calming factor, but a contributing factor to a violence that won't cease while we stay.

And, today, the Pentagon announced that they're shortening the time between deployments of some 14,000 National Guard troops. These troops shouldn't have to go back so soon. Some of them weren't scheduled to go back until the year 2010. This is a planned generational war. Don't let those who still support the President's war effort tell you anything different.

“We’re behind the power curve, and we can’t piddle around,”
-Commander of the Oklahoma National Guard, Maj. Gen. Harry M. Wyatt III

Let me answer my, own earlier rhetorical question, "Are we helping yet?" No, we are not. We're hurting our own cause by staying in Iraq. it's time to leave.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "The Brits made this decision the day after Prince Harry told the world that if his regiment went to Iraq, so would he. Imagine if Harry insisted on being treated as just another junior officer. Now imagine that he is killed. And, possibly, even worse - imagine Prince Harry, third in line for the English crown, is captured," Dorothy Schwartz writes:

Well if that's the case, we definitely need to have Jenna and Barbara recruited.

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-Noah Greenberg