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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Another Success

The Brits are leaving Iraq. Within the next few weeks, England will bring home approximately 1500 of their young soldiers with the end game being their complete removal by year's end. Somehow, George W. Bush sees this as a good thing.

"A sign of success,"
-President Bush regarding his friend, Prime Minister Tony Blair's decision to bring home all of Her Majesty's troops

And speaking of Her Majesty, as my brother Perry noted, The Brits made this decision the day after Prince Harry told the world that if his regiment went to Iraq, so would he. Imagine if Harry insisted on being treated as just another junior officer. Now imagine that he is killed. And, possibly, even worse - imagine Prince Harry, third in line for the English crown, is captured.

Tony Blair's political life has been linked to his friend's George W. Bush. His Labour Party (See? I spelled it right) has been losing influence and seats, although it still remains the most influential party in England. However, Blair's popularity, and effectiveness, have been waning.

Denmark, with its contingency of some 460 troops will also be leaving Iraq. Another of the "Coalition of the Willing" who is no longer "willing", I guess.

"While the United Kingdom is maintaining a robust force in southern Iraq, we're pleased that conditions in Basra have improved sufficiently that they are able to transition more control to the Iraqis,"
-U.S. National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe

Wait a minute here. Aren't we (the US) sending an additional 21,500 troops into Iraq in what the Bushies call a "surge"? Don't most "experts" agree that, if an troop increase were to take place in Iraq, that 21,500 simply aren't enough? Using any real logic, one would think that the Brits could have been used elsewhere in Iraq.

Here's the remainder of our "coalition":
South Korea - 2,300 troops
Poland - 900 troops
Australia - 800
Georgia (the nation, not the state) - 800
Romania - 600

We're ready to kick some ass and take some names now.

Just for the record, there was no qualification to the Brits stance that they will bring their troops home on this time-table. There wasn't the thought that, if Basra, the area of southern Iraq now being patrolled by The Queen's troops, were to fall in chaos, they would stay. They're gone by the end of the year. Maybe Blair decided these troops could be better used at home to - well, I don't know - maybe stop a train bombing of two.

It's time for the Bushies to declare the rest of Iraq to be a "success" and bring our troops home as well.

-Noah Greenberg

About Our Troops

What the hell is going on at Walter Reed Hospital's Building 18? Our nation's heroes are being put up in rat and mold infested apartment buildings to continue their outpatient treatment while our politicians take photo-ops with newly arrived troops in the comfortable Ward 57.

Where the hell is John McCain? Is all of his "I support the troops" and "I'm a regular visitor to the wounded troops" just bullcrap? Are you trying to tell me that all of these politicos who visited the troops were never told of the squalor living conditions that these outpatients were living in? Just how does one get well while getting sicker all at the same time?

As politicians toured the building in question, men in masks and gear, covered head to toe, were working where our wounded troops were spending their days and nights, when not at the hospital for treatment. Sure... They're shocked... now.

"Find out what the problem is and fix it."
-Tony Snow reflecting President Bush's thoughts

And the President said he didn't even know about the problem until he read the Washington Post article. Didn't he mean until it was read to him? What other problems doesn't the President know about? Hey Georgie-Boy - There are troops dieing in Iraq and it's all your fault! (Of course, later Snow stated that the President actually did know. Is it possible to know, say you didn't really know, then forget that you might have known all at the same time?)

"We need to bring the Army people in and say, 'What the hell is going on?'"
-chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee Bob Filner (DEMOCRAT-CA)

They simply don't know and, thinking about the likes of Dick Cheney, George Bush and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, they probably don't care a whole lot.

"I can tell you that we believe that they deserve better,"

And our troops and their families, wounded, healthy and posthumously deserve better than this administration has given them to date. When the President asks us to trust him in his push for a troop "surge", or anything else, for that matter, his track record tells us "Don't do it."

-Noah Greenberg

The Power of the Press, Exercised

Criminal investigation? Definitely! Even the NAVY TIMES editors are pissed off, and should be.

But you and I can guess that it'll be like Abu Ghraib and My Lai. They'll slap the wrist of this Texas civilian crook (boy, they do breed them there, don't they?), and probably punish one or two low-level officers or non-coms for criminal neglect of wounded soldiers--soldiers who gave everything but their deaths because they were patriots and believed the lies about WMDs & Saddam-Luvs-Osama, or they were poor and needed money for schooling, or, most likely, both.

The ones who should rot for a lifetime in a hell-hole like Building 18 are the lying Chickenhawks, BUSH, CHENEY, RICE, ROVE, and yes, dredge him out of retirement, RUMSFELD. In fact, the whole Chickenhawk Crew. And, unless he just came on the job, Gen Weightman, who is just now making his first inspection of this dump? The buck stops with Bush, but all of them share responsibility.

-Jenny Hanniver

Hi, Elizabeth

I believe you want everybody covered. However, this plan does not offer what is offered by HR 676, Rep. John Conyers' bill. HR 676 is single-payer, and your husband's bill is not. In fact, the Edwards bill requires people to buy health insurance from health insurance companies. Even though some people are being offered some help in doing this, one of the fallacies in the premise behind this plan is the idea that people have to be required to buy their insurance. People need their insurance, and they know it; the only reason they often don't have it is that they can't afford it or it doesn't cover what they need. They shouldn't be forced to buy anything, even with help. I believe your husband is trying to protect the insurance companies. We don't need them. They care only about their profits. Even if people get help in buying their insurance, they're not going to be protected from the greed and stinginess of the insurance companies, who will nickel-and-dime their way out of complete coverage if they can, especially with really sick people. They have HUGE profits. They need no help at all. A good, swift kick in the pants is what they need.

Single-payer will get rid of those insurance companies, while providing the means for employees of those companies to get new jobs. The insurance lobby is a very powerful lobby, and every politician knows it. But we the people don't need those companies. And the cost of administering the single-payer plan is going to be only a fraction of what it costs to administer insurance-company plans. Everybody, and every illness or injury, would still be covered. And HR 676 wouldn't gradually get to single-payer, as I think your husband's bill leaves the door open for. It just IS single-payer. It's what we all need.

Carol F. Yost

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-Noah Greenberg