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Monday, February 19, 2007


Due to the Nationalview server "blowing up", Note From a Madman was a little bit late tonight and, unfortunately, some email responses were lost. (It didn't really "blow up". The server simply crashed and, as I write this, I am reinstalling every little bit of it that I can.) Please forward any email responses which might have been lost due to the mishap.- NG

George W. Bush's Very Dangerous Place

They attack at will and we provide the targets. Is it any wonder how anybody with a brain in their head (otherwise not occupied, of course) knows that the only solution is to bring our troops home as close to immediately as humanly possible.

The latest attack on out troops was at a base north of Baghdad near Tarmiyah. What was so distinctly different about this attack was that they weren't waiting for an ambush - an attack of opportunity - these terrorists decided to attack a heavily guarded base, commencing with a suicide bomber. Two soldiers were killed while an additional 17 US were wounded.

This is quite enough.

And the insurgents are getting more organized, seemingly becoming an army which can melt into the scenery. While the suicide bomber and his cohorts were making this brazen attack, in what appears to be a coordinated effort, car bombs exploded around Baghdad killing at least 30 Iraqi civilians.

It gets more and more dangerous each and every day for our troops in Iraq, and the "surge" of an additional 21,500 will do nothing more than to add additional targets for their bombs, guns and anything else they can put together to kill and maim. Daily US deaths and casualties are no longer an oddity, but a regularity. We are now accustomed, albeit horrifically so, to hearing statement such as "Two marines were killed when..." or "Three soldiers dies today..." It's simply unacceptable!

The media, including the cable news networks, the evening news broadcasts and the main stream print media are using phrases like "a sobering reminder" and "huge challenges". All they are doing is playing into the Bush administrations hands as they continue in their quest for endless wars. Do you remember when President Bush called himself this?

"I'm a war president,"

And then followed it up with this?

"I want to be the peace president,"
-Bush, again

He is the former and will never be the latter. There can be no doubt that George W. Bush wants only war as it is the only thing that can define him or his presidency. War, most certainly, will be his legacy. When they build his library, after they stack the shelves with the three books he's read in his lifetime, they'll need to add the names of all those who fought for erroneous and self-generated evidence of WMD's and a liberty that Iraq appears not to want. They should paint the walls red for the blood spilled by him and his "advisors".

Today, Bush talks war against Iran. Sure, he and his human megaphones such as Tony Snow, Fox News Channel and any reporter lazy enough to repeat the muttering of the Bushies (see CNN's Barbara Star and her "star" reporting about military spokesmen who asked not to be identified) say "The President doesn't want to start a war with Iran, but..." It's the "but" that'll get us in the "end".

Less than eight percent of US military deaths in Iraq are coming from bombs smuggled in from Iran. The balance are coming from Sunni nations places Saudi Arabia, to name one. No one in the Bush administration is screaming for retaliatory action against our Sunni "friends" there. And (like I need to remind any of you) fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Saudi.

The attacks keep coming and our troops are the common enemy. it's time to get them out.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg