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Today's Note From a Madman

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


A Real AOL Headline
"Eagles, Sharks Attack in Separate Events"

Are we really sure these attacks weren't coordinated?

-Noah Greenberg

On Iraq

"The longer we delay taking action, the greater the failure in Iraq and the larger the cost in American blood and treasure,"
-Sen. Christopher Dodd (DEMOCRAT-CT)

I agree with this statement almost in its entirety... almost.

What Dodd, the rest of the Democrats (remembering that Joe Lieberman is an Independent member of the Lieberman for Connecticut Party) and some Republicans are talking about is the use of their new-found power over the budget to refuse the president's request to send more troops into Iraq. But they're still missing the boat. It's not whether we shouldn't send MORE troops into Iraq, it's whether the new majority starts insisting that we begin a planned removal of all US troops from danger.

Many Democrats, such as Barak Obama (IL) want to do just that: They want to tie their approval with a planned removal.

"This is what I think has the best chance of bringing our troops home."

But even as sense is finally being made by most in both houses of congress, most Republicans still don't get it. They insist on using the lines "If you're not with us, you're against us," and "If you don't give up the money, you're not supporting the troops."

That's crap, and the GOP legislators who have crossed over that line realize it, and are pissed off that they are being called "unpatriotic". Just look at what former House majority leader John Boehner (REPUBLICAN-OH) had to say:

"If you're not for victory in Iraq, you're for failure. The consequences of failure are immense. I think it destabilizes the entire Middle East, encourages Iran and on top of that it's pretty clear that the terrorists will just follow us home."

What people like Boner (yes, I spelled it incorrectly on purpose) don't realize is that the American people no longer have the stomach to fight a war that appears to only benefit the war profiteering friends of the Bush-Cheney regime. They no longer want to see their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and neighbors die while their national security goes down the drain.

This war, if left unchecked, as the Bushies want, will end up costing generations to come trillions (TRILLIONS) of dollars and the lives of American children who aren't even born yet. Simply put, it's time to stop and if pulling the purse-strings tight will begin the process, then so be it.

-Noah Greenberg

363 Tons of Fun

363 tons of money. That's how much money went from the American people to "ghost employees" in Iraq. Well, at least that's how L. Paul Bremer, the guy who gave them the money tells it.

363 tons of one-hundred dollar bills. That's a whole bunch of pictures of Benjamin Franklin, wouldn't you say?

A New York Times article estimates that combined weight of American greenbacks to be in excess of $4 billion. Others have estimated it to be almost $9 billion.

A trucker called up Sam Seder's show on Air America Radio this morning to explain how much tonnage in dollars that really is. An ordinary tractor trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight of about 44 tons. That includes its own weight of approximately 20 tons, by the way. So, each truck would hold 24 tons of the Benjamin's. Now imagine riding down the New jersey Turnpike and seeing a convoy of some sixteen tractor trailers coming down the express lanes. It would be a lineup of at least a couple of miles long. Now imagine that this convoy was loaded with one hundred dollar bills. Now imagine this convoy stopping by your house; the lead driver, who looks suspiciously like Dick Cheney, comes out of his cab, knocks on your door with two huge Secret service body guards, and demands you to hand him over $60 dollars, your family's share.

That's what it's like.

"Who in their right mind would send 363 tons of cash into a war zone? But that's exactly what our government did,''
-Rep. Henry Waxman (DEMOCRAT-CA)

Waxman and his committee were the ones asking Bremer the questions on this day and Bremer, the former American "Viceroy" of Iraq, saw nothing wrong with his actions.

"I am concerned that I will not have the money to support the Iraqi government expenses for the first couple of months after we are sovereign. We won't have the mechanisms in place, I won't know how to get the money here. So these shipments were made at the explicit request of the Iraqi minister of finance to forward fund government expenses, a perfectly, seems to me, legitimate use of his money,''

So Bremer, on his way out of Baghdad, throws money at anyone the Finance Minister tells him to. Just how many guns to kill American children did some of that money buy anyway?

"I acknowledge that I made mistakes and that, with the benefit of hindsight, I would have made some decisions differently,''
-Bremer, matter of factly

Much like the rest of the Bushies, Bremer suffers from Cheney-itis, the disease that results in never taking the blame while pushing it off on others. Does he really think that handing out billions of American dollars was going to make things better in Iraq? it must have been someone else's fault.

"We are in a war against terrorists, to have a blame meeting isn't, in my opinion, constructive,''
-Rep. Dan Burton (REPUBLICAN-IN)

And never learning from one's mistakes will create them all over again. If your former House majority had done it's job of oversight years ago, Rep. Burton, maybe we wouldn't have to be having, and just finding out, things like this money-give-away today; maybe we would have been able to stop some of those mistakes from three and four years ago before they were repeated.

Maybe people like you, Rep. Burton and you, "Viceroy" Bremer, ought to learn that the American people aren't your personal banks and our children aren't yours, and the Bushies' cannon fodder.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg