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Thursday, February 1, 2007


There will be no Weekend Madman this week.

Casey Under Fire

no need for more troops “right now,”
"whether more U.S. troops for a sustained period will get us where we’re going faster is an open question.”
-Former Top General in Iraq George Casey

Casey is up for the Army Chief of Staff spot and is being reviewed by the Senate starting today. He's going to be in for some tough questions. For those of you who
don't know, a Chief of Staff is responsible for giving the President his (or her) unfettered advice on all things military.

Some of you might remember Casey and his boss, former mid-east lead General John Abizaid, were both recalled and, subsequently, retired after each said they
didn't want the troop "surge" that the White House and President Bush were pushing. However, it now appears that Casey has changed his mind, thus nullifying that
whole "unfettered" thing. Much like Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Pace, one has to give in a little to get along.

"If I were a betting man, I'd bet he'd be confirmed, but it'll be painful for him."
-Sen. John Thune (REPUBLICAN-SD)

Today, Casey said this:
"I did not want to bring one more American soldier into Iraq than was necessary to accomplish the mission."
-Casey, stating that he now only wanted about 4,000 troops instead of the 21,500 Bush insisted upon

Why not just bring the troops out one at a time to make it easier for the insurgents to shoot them dead? Didn't anyone learn from the words "overwhelming force"?
Shouldn't someone have realized that the only way we could have stopped all of this bloodshed was right from "Go" with enough troops to get the job done - then?
Someone ought to ask former Secretary of State Colin Powell what he would have done of given the chance to use his "Powell Doctrine".

It may or may not be a painful confirmation for Casey. After all, he has to explain away his "I didn't want the troop surge before I wanted the troop surge" philosophy. But Casey's flip-flopping to keep his career alive isn't the only story here. The real story is how the Bushies will bribe, threaten and do anything it takes to get their agenda passed. It amazes me when Generals such as Pace and Casey will compromise their principles to keep a seat at the table.

Speaking of flip-flopping, check out this quote from Senator John McCain (REPUBLICAN-AZ)

"I don't think I will put a hold on his nomination, but I do have very grave concerns,"

McCain, looking to get back his "maverick" label will grill Casey, but will, of course, confirm him in the end. After all, McCain has become Bush's favorite
brown-noser in the past few months.

I hope that someone will ask Casey some real tough questions. As we learn about contractor waste in Iraq, one might want to know why building projects in Iraq
weren't checked out by those working under Casey, especially considering that some of those buildings were built to train Iraqi soldiers.

One would think that the leader of the troops on the ground - the guy who says the Iraqis have to take over militarily from the Americans - would have been interested enough to make sure that the training faciltiy for the new troops would be up to snuff.

He wasn't and someone should ask him why.

-Noah Greenberg

Media Madman


"Bush, Dems Have Different Economic Views"
By TOM RAUM (Associated Press Writer)

-Jenny Hanniver

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-Noah Greenberg