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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The Solution!

I got it! I have the solution to all of those en-vitro fertilized eggs that wind up in the trash that will satisfy the left and the right; the young and the old; and the rich and the poor alike. And best of all, it takes care of two (count 'em, two) problems facing our nation today.

What to do with those eggs
This nation needs volunteers. We need female, Righties to come forward and volunteer to carry these embryos to term. And if there aren't enough of them, how about granting citizenship to any illegal alien who wants to carry one of these eggs.

Then we allow the US Army to raise these children as our army of the future. After all, the Bushies have already told us that in order to "win" in Iraq, we're going to have to "stay the course" as long as necessary. Similarly, they told us that this war could be a generational war. So why not use the best that en-vitro fertilization has to offer?

We know that the far right in this country care more about the fetus (pre-birth) than they do about the child (post-birth), so this makes perfect sense. Get 'em out of the wound and make 'em work for us. It's a win-win.

The far right, which has been clamoring for no federal funding of fetal stem cell research because it will end a possible, but improbable life (from the Petri dish) has no problem with that clump of cells being thrown in the toilet. They also seem to only care about life when it's inside the mother's womb as well. They have no problem with the death penalty, nor do they take issue with the thousands of American lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq, lives that were lost due to the Bush administration lies, in the case of the latter.

And somehow that still vote for these liars!

And as far as the loss of possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian lives, well they just feel that it's a part of the war game. And don't bother to ask them about the Darfur region of Eastern Africa. They have successfully cleared their consciences nicely of that.

Let those who won't let us save lives with stem cell research carry these new warriors to term and all of our next generational problems will be solved.

-The "Evil Noah Greenberg" has tied up Noah Greenberg and wrote this article in his place


And Speaking of Darfur

200,000 dead and 2 million displaced. Is that a record the world should be proud of? And more importantly, is that a record that the US should ignore?

Sure, we say that we can't police the world. But if not us who? Which nation is powerful enough to stop the slaughter of tens of thousands which is occurring on racial lines? Why is it worse to have a dictator (Saddam Hussein in Iraq) than see the deaths of, what might end up being millions of Black Africans in Sudan just because they are black?

The Bushies claim that "we have to stop them there so we don't have to face them here." They say that if we don't make Iraq a safe haven for her people, then violence will spread throughout the middle east and northern Africa. Someone ought to show them a map. The crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan is spreading and it's going to take the surrounding area with it.

"It's a free fall, and it includes Darfur, eastern Chad, and northern Central African Republic (CAR)."
-Jan Egeland, the outgoing UN humanitarian chief

And somehow, that seems to be okay to the Bushies, the main-stream media and the likes of Fox News Channel, who are still looking for the killers of Natalee Holoway and JonBenet Ramsey.

Start walking east toward Iraq and make a sharp right turn. Then take a look at what's happening in Eastern Africa.

"The internal conflicts in Darfur, Chad, and the CAR are now linked by the regional presence and movement of armed groups, arms, and civilians across the three borders. And of course, the regional governments are using these insurgencies to carry out a proxy war against each other."
-Georgette Gagnon, deputy director of the Africa division of Human Rights Watch

What are we to do when Arab militias are systematically murdering, raping and displacing millions of black Africans? If they haven't got any oil or other natural resources to steal, I guess the answer is "Nothing."

And the spreading of this genocide is going to get worse. All one has to do is look at that map to realize that the Darfur region of Sudan borders not only Chad and the CAF, but Libya as well, which sits at Darfur's northern end. And just how long will it take for other area neighbors to get involved? The Sudan borders nine other African nations including Egypt, Kenya and Uganda, just to name a few.

And if that isn't bad enough, just take a look across the Red Sea from The Sudan and you see the largest oil producing nation in the world: Saudi Arabia.

The question isn't "If", it's "When?" When the violence extends its own borders, what will we do?

-Noah Greenberg (I escaped!)

Quoting Caen (Sort Of)

Herb Caen was the author of a marvelous column in the San Francisco Chronicle that I read religiously from the time we came to live in the Bay Area in 1959 until Herb died at the early [from my perspective] age of about 80. I tend these days to think of him nearly every day as I read about the situation in Iraq. I have never forgotten his characterization of the comparable situation in Vietnam: he said words to the effect that "...all this talk about withdrawal and how we should pull out makes me realize what it is we have been doing to that unfortunate country."

-Carroll S. Rankin

After searching through just a sampling of Mr. Caen's vast works, and without a subscription (yet) to SFGate.com (the website of the San Francisco Chronicle), my inability to find that exact quote nevertheless left me with the impression that this quote, in another form, would have been attributed to Caen.

Two things stuck out in my mind as I checked the works of Herb Caen. First, Caen coined the phrase "beatnik", a phrase that captured a whole generation of alternative music lovers of the time, the "Beat Generation". Next, Caen called San Francisco “Baghdad by the Bay” in his 1949 book, when that statement would have been a good thing. -NG

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-Noah Greenberg