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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Yesterday's election was a MANDATE for the Democratic party,
Which should not be confused with the GOP MAN-DATE (requiring male House pages or the use of male prostitutes as reporters and sex-rentals for Evangelical hypocrites)
-Noah Greenberg

Let the Whining Begin

We all know that the GOP are not exactly the most gracious losers. So it'll be interesting to hear the spin that begins to emanate from their faithful, which include The Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh and all of the other Neo-Con talking heads that have convinced many Americans to vote against their own self-interests for the past few election cycles.

What Should We Expect from the White House?
Putting asides the obligatory whining, the first thing that we're going to hear from the Bushies is "Where's the plan?" That's right, expect to hear from President Bush, Karl "The Traitor" Rove and Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney that they're waiting to hear "The Plan". This is going to be a staple attack of the White House, who still owns the most powerful Executive Bully Pulpit, over the next two years. It's going to be the way the GOP attempts to control the dialogue over the next two years.

Look for the White House to put forth their agenda, citing their want for votes on Social Security, immigration reform, the great tax break for Bush's "base" of "haves and have mores". The Democrats can't fall for that. They need to remember that it's the Congress who make bills for the president to sign or veto. The 110th US Congress needs to make bills that are high in substance and low in pork so as not to give the president an out. When Bush vetoes a good bill, everyone is going to need to know about it.

If the Democrats somehow end up with in control of the Senate as well, then the House-Senate conferences, which hammer out the differences in bills to submit for President Bush's approval will be met by the White House as partisan junk which he will not sign. If the Republicans can keep control of the Senate, however, the ball will be in their court as to how those conferences are handled (if it gets that far):
-Will a GOP-controlled senate no offer bill of their own on the subject?
-Will a GOP-controlled senate table any and all House legislation, then tell America that the Democrats are "obstructionists", even though the "obstruction" is happening in their end of the capital?
-Will a GOP-controlled Senate actually attempt to work with a Democratic Congress in order to get legislation approved?

We'll have to wait and see.

But what happens of the latter of the three choices happens? Then we'll have real bills, put forth on real bi-partisan support to be submitted for the president's approval. If President Bush veto's bill after bill submitted by a Democratic House and GOP Senate, what will he use as an excuse?

Unfortunately, no matter how it all ends up in DC, you can look forward to the Bushie finger-pointing at the Democrats which has been their standard form of defense for their bad policies over the past five-plus years. It's how, they believe, they're going to get back the House.

What Should We Expect from the Minority House (and Senate?) GOP Members?
If they're smart, the GOP House (and Senate?) members will try to work with their Democratic counterparts. The American people have said, at least in this election, "No More!" If the GOP minority does the kind of shtick which the White House and Rove will certainly encourage, it's my belief that they'll end up hurting themselves in the long run... at least I hope so.

If the GOP minority chooses the White House way instead, then we are in for a very long two years. Let's hope that they show more compassion for their constituents than they have over the last few years.

What Should We Expect from the Main-Stream Media?
Fox News Channel will continue to represent themselves as "Fair and Balanced", which they have never been. They will be what they are now: Shills for the Republican Party.

But how will this effect CNN, MSNBC (or "Fox-Lite", as I like to call them) and the over the air networks CBS, NBC and ABC? My hope is that they start reporting the news rather than taking their cue from the White House. It's time for them to take their place back as the fourth estate. If they call the President and any Republicans on the carpet for misdeeds, we will truly be able to get some work done on behalf of the American people.

What Should We Expect from "Hate Radio"
We all know that the Rush Limbaughs, Michael Savages, Michael Reagans and Ann coulters of the airwaves will keep up their non-stop assault on the American people. We're going to need more moderate and liberal radio personalities to help get out a real message. As of now, they are few and far between.

My hope is that someone with a few bucks will get together another national radio network and maybe even a TV network to put that in play.

We'll just have to wait and see.

-Noah Greenberg

537 Vs. 6,708

In 2000, GOP presidential candidate and current Texas Governor George W. Bush (REPUBLICAN) came out and claimed his victory in a Florida primary that most of us felt was too close to call. The vote tally that ended up deciding the race had Bush ahead of the Vice President Al Gore (DEMOCRAT-TN) by a grand total of 537 votes.

In this year's 2006 mid-term elections, the race for the senate showed a very similar close race. With all of the precincts counted (as of 1:35PM, November 8) Virginia's incumbent Senator George Allen, JUNIOR (REPUBLICAN) was trailing former Reagan Navy Secretary and Vietnam war hero (and former REPUBLICAN, I might add) James Webb by a total 6,708 votes.

The percentage difference between the Bush-Gore Florida vote was 0.018 percent while in this year's senate race it was a whopping (by comparison) 0.577 percent. In other words, Florida's 2000 presidential race was more than 31 times closer than this year's Virginia's US Senate race.

And yet Governor George W. Bush claimed victory.

In 2000, about 3 million Floridians cast their vote for president with astonishingly poor undercounts, disenfranchised voters, intimidation practices perpetrated by Florida Governor Jeb Bush's REPUBLICAN party, poorly designed ballots and a host of other problems. In 2000, every vote, particularly in Florida, didn't count.

And yet Governor George W. Bush claimed victory.

In 2000, mobs of Republicans were flown into a peaceful recount to disrupt the proceedings. In 2000, as the votes were recounted, Gore's total kept creeping up towards Bush's.

And yet Governor George W. Bush claimed victory.

In 2000, the Florida exit polls showed a five-point Gore win. Every major news channel, except Fox News, called the election for Gore. A Bush relative worked at Fox News at that time and they were the first to announce for Bush. And even after claiming that you can't trust exit polls, in 2004 President Bush claimed that he wanted the Ukraine election over-turned because of the exit polls.

And yet, somehow, in 2000, Governor George W. Bush claimed victory.

And on September 12, 2001, just one day after 9/11, after a nine newspaper consortium concluded in a hand recount (which should have been performed to truly decide the 2000 election in December, 2000) that Al Gore had , indeed, won the 2000 election...

...Governor George W. Bush still claimed victory.

Today, James Webb, DEMOCRAT of Virginia claimed victory. He has more of a right to it than George W. Bush has ever had.

Secretary Webb will now be United States Senator Webb, DEMOCRAT of Virginia. Soon-to-be former Senator George Allen, JUNIOR, REPUBLICAN of Virginia (by way of California) ought to stop trying to drag out what we all know is the truth: That because of his foolish deeds and harsh words, he is now Citizen Allen, JUNIOR.

Webb out it best:

"The votes are in, and we won,''

-Noah Greenberg

24 Hours

Kiefer Sutherland couldn't have done it any better. This past 24 hours has given the Democrats control of the House of Representatives and, apparently, control of the Senate as well. But, not in the deepest places of my mind's eye did I ever think I would read this headline:

"Bush says Rumsfeld is stepping down"

Wasn't it not even one week ago that President Bush told us all that Rumsfeld, along with Vice President Dick Cheney, will be around as long as he is president? Maybe GW plans on resigning. Maybe Cheney will go with him. After all, it's only appropriate that a CEO takes his right- and left-hand men with him when he leaves, isn't it?

Did someone say President Pelosi? Not as long as there are still Bushies who need to make their war-profiteering dollars, there won't be.

It does strike me as funny (as in ironic) that had President Bush not made the "I'm keeping Rummy" statement; and had Rummy resigned prior to yesterday's election, which turned out to be a G-O-P D-U-D; that the Senate REPUBLICANS might have actually been able to keep control of the Senate. More good Bushco timing.

"Well, there's certainly going to be new leadership at the Pentagon."
-Bush, in response to a question as to whether there will be a "new direction" at the Pentagon

Why do I have this terrible feeling that this "new direction" will end up at the same old place?

Robert Gates, a former CIA Director will be the new Secretary of Defense, with the approval of the Senate. Let's hope this new face leads us in a better strategy and gets our troops home real soon.

-Noah Greenberg

GOP Loses Scandal-Tainted Seats

LOVELY! It's a sweep in the House and the Governorships. Hopefully, we can still win the Senate, too, since we are ahead in the two close races in VA and MT--and have won in MO. NJ wasn't even all that close. It was great to go to the Ward 9 party for an hour, see friends, watch infamous PA Senator Rotten Sanitation get squashed--then go home, get a 4-hour nap and wake up to this good news.

Dedicated ward and precinct work, antiwar vigils and rallies, public protests over social and economic issues, letters to the editors and OpEds, Internet contact, and some articulate conservative and military allies, have all produced results--and that should be energizing and also attract media notice, since many of our mass rallies and marches have obtained little publicity. Our country is NOT NeoConfederate, not even old-fashioned Republican--just apathetic, depressed, very badly educated in politics, propagandized and influenced by too much money, and populated by overworked, exhausted and underpaid citizens addicted to the media's right-wing talking heads and pseudo-news. First thing to do is reclaim equal time and set laws that forbid and roll back media monopolies. Tell Sir Rupert Murdoch to swim back to Australia and Reverend Moon to Korea!

Speaking of TV, I woke up around 1:00 AM and actually tried to find TV news for the first time in years. I don't have cable. Was there anything on non-cable TV? Nothing. Anywhere. Just a few years ago there would have been all-night coverage on CBS, NBC and ABC. Now, nothing but trash. (Plus Pat Robertson on some pseudo-Christian channel trying to make the best of it by peddling his anti-gay hate bigotry.)

But now the Dems know how to win! For far too long Democratic Party leaders have been superficial, apathetic and too damn willing to compromise with bad legislation. The NeoCons of the DLC as well as those of the GOP got their come-uppance in this election--Lieberman to the contrary notwithstanding. The Democratic leadership, suffused with a lot of new blood, can BEGIN to learn how to regain political courage and turn into law some genuine economic, environmental and social policies that will help, not harm, Americans and the world. This is just the beginning. We, the grass roots, are the ones who must train the Dems in Congress to recover solid principles. Then in 2008 it can be 1964 all over again, but this time with the hindsight of how to maintain a genuine democracy and not throw it away on useless war and imperialism.

Hurrah for Sestak! Hope Casey proves to be a worthy senator--but my relief at his crushing of Rickety Sanitarium is immense! Rendell deserved his huge victory (two years ago I would never believe I'd ever say that). Keep your fingers crossed for the two Murphys in a very close race here in southeast PA, and pray for an Allen defeat in VA.

Interesting that the largest plurality I've noticed for a GOP Senate winner is Snowe in Maine--one of the last remaining Republican moderates, who waffles from moderate and liberal votes only when pressure from the DeLay/Rove hyenas gets unbearable. Chaffee lost, but RI is basically a strongly Democratic state, so--although I used to live in RI and respect the Chaffees--that's no great surprise. It could be the beginning of a resurgence of moderate Republicans, too. Isolating the Dixie GOP NeoCons to drown in their own offal, setting an agenda for genuine conservative and liberal dialogue, and making "conservative" and "liberal" respectable words once again, will be good for the nation and the world.

BUT--the ultra-right, fundamentalist militia goon squads and mobsters, who brought us Oklahoma City and anthrax mail, and who have been quiet because they've been treated as a most-favored-nation by the NeoCons, will come out of the closet bearing their precious guns. Their paranoia will thrive on resentment, and they will almost certainly become more dangerous and treasonous.

So we need to be ever-vigilant. Relaxation can't happen. A take-over of our nation by the criminal element and the crazies must never occur again.

-Jenny Hanniver

A Brand New Day

This is the dawn of a new day.

A day like July 4, 1776 when ended the right of kings in what became the United States.

A day like September 17, 1787 and March 4, 1789 when the Constitution was adopted and when it was ratified, when was created this nation 'conceived in Liberty' and dedicated not to special interests but to equality under the law.

November 7, 2006 marks the end of government by special interest and the dawn of a century of equal opportunity.

As Lincoln said, "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."


And now for Phase II. Investigate the ties between Cheney and Enron. The ties to Halliburton. The no-bid contracts and missing money in Iraq. Impeach Bush and Cheney for the FISA law violations, or the violations of the Geneva Convention. Waterboarding. There are so many things reasons. And who "outed" Valerie Plame?

Top 10 Reasons to Impeach Bush and Cheney
10- 3000 dead, 30,000 wounded, 650,000 Iraqis dead
9- $340 billion to 'Get Saddam.' Big whup.
8- 46 million Americans without health insurance
7- They violate the Constitution
6- They are proud to violate the Constitution
5- They 'out' CIA agents
4- They dropped the ball on Al Qaeda - allowed Sept 11
3- They dropped the ball on Afghanistan -
2- They are the worst President in History
1- They even suck as kings

-Larry Furman

Media Madman
Small news item this morning:
"Stocks Fall in Post-Election Trading

NEW YORK - Wall Street retreated in early trading Wednesday after Democrats scored a huge victory in congressional elections, raising questions about how sympathetic the federal government will be toward business."

These investors are either idiots or crooks! For 3/4th of a century the stock market has been far less volatile AND THE AVERAGES HAVE BEEN HIGHER when Democrats are in power in Washington!

Only the crooked speculators love volatility. Ordinary investors, with our 401Ks and IRAs and annuity plans, prefer stability.

As for the Dems, they'd better NOT be more "sympathetic" to the monkey business of the multinational monopolists than they are to people in need!

-Jenny Hanniver

DeLay's 15 Minutes are Almost Up

DELAY: “It was a Texas Whoppin’…Not a ‘wave’…They didn’t win, republicans lost.”

It is amazing that he still can barely tell a truth. And the need to show that they are still in control as if they made the choice to loose. Last time I looked, no one gives themselves a ‘whoppin’ it is always given by someone else!

DELAY: “Republicans didn’t play to win because they didn’t articulate immigration, judiciary, and tax reform to the American public.”

Duh, Tom, the republicans did articulate it and the American public rejects much of the prejudiced, preferential, and incompetent thinking

DELAY: “I haven’t been found guilty of anything. If fact, I’m indicted on laws that don’t even exist.”

Gee, I wonder if Jack Abramoff and K Street exist. What a power of denial.

DELAY: “Democrats had plenty of corruption too…it’s a double standard…democrats re-elect their corrupt politicians and we take ours out of office.”

Including you! It is hard to even find the logic in what Tom DeLay says knowing all that he has caused. Is he saying he took himself out. NO, the American public’s outcry and indictment took him out. Again, they try to suggest they control the world and how it spins.

DELAY: (Regarding loss of his seat) “I’m disappointed…Redistricting didn’t play a role in my replacement loosing.”

More denial. He should look at it in the way some of his other comments suggest – “we lost, they didn’t win”, “we take ours out” – how about “we decided not to win that seat again.” The most just of just desserts

DELAY: “Soon every family is going to pay $2000 more a year in taxes.”

Yeah, and you will get back in office!

DELAY: “I am a great fan of Rumsfeld and would not take him out. He has done a great job and will continue to.”

Tom, the ex-pest exterminator, hangs onto bad ideas to the bitter end. Thinking of both of them I hear the saying ‘don’t let the door hit ya where the good

-Casey Sweet (DeLay's quotes from MSNBC interview on the morning after - 11/8/06 - Some of his comments to Rita Cosby)

Good News (For a Change)

We The People scored a significant victory today, in the name of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, especially for those in the military. Donald Rumsfeld has 'resigned.'

Born again Christians are terrorized by the outcome of elections, sure that 'terrorists' will smoke us at sunset and taxes with rise with the sun.

I don't see how they cannot notice that no one actually got any tax breaks except the very wealthy, that not only were taxes at Clintonian levels for the middle class for the past six years, but gas prices during the previous year literally changed lifestyles from middle to lower class, for millions of families in America. All those fundy Christians must be very wealthy people.

But, I have to congratulate the voters. The initiatives described as bans on same sex marriage, which passed overwhelmingly in all states, make a clear statement to religious persons who would claim protection for polygamy, that this will not be tolerated. It is a message to foreign Islamists living in America that having more than one wife is not our way, here. It is a major stroke of respect for women. Marriage, one man, one woman.

Voters chose to put forward those who are capable of stopping the Bush machine of death, they chose to subtract government from medical decisions, (South Dakota) they chose to reclaim their loved ones, kept against their will in foreign hellholes like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Stay the course is dead. The Bush administration will now, if Democrats do their job, have no choice but to be accountable to Americans, rather than to Saudi Prince, Bandar, and Henry Kissinger, Karl Rove (who has dual citizenship in Germany and the US) and his alma mater fraternity, the Skull and Crossbones.

Way to go America. Recovery begins.

Okay, I have to faint now, from all the good news today.


Helping Out

Well, looks like your pummeling of JUNIOR Kean was a success, which is certainly good news. And over the river we kicked out Ricky Santorum, which is even better news.

-Victoria Brownworth

In response to last night's "Hoping for a great night of change, your friend, Noah Greenberg," Dorothy Schwartz writes:


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-Noah Greenberg