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Thursday, November 2, 2006


The Art of Election Theft

We all know by now that it is easier for REPUBLICANS to steal votes by attrition than it is for DEMOCRATS to obtain new votes in any form. Take the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, for example. In 2000, the under 35 group represented only 17 percent of the vote. In 2004, they held approximately the same 17 percent ceiling. The GOP spin machine gave the Dems all kinds of heck about it (this is a family newsletter) saying that even with all of that GOTV (Get Out The Vote) stuff, and P-Diddy and all of those other rappers and rock personalities, the vote was the same.

But was it?

Some 20 percent more people voted in 2004 than did in 2000 which means that younger voters also kept up with that same pace. "But," a REPUBLICAN might say, "that means that our GOTV was just as effective as YOUR GOTV." It's a fair point, until you look at the facts.

The facts showed a concerted effort by the GOP to steal, undercount, disallow and simply ignore votes in the past two presidential elections. When you look at the help they had, it was easy. Katherine Harris, the former REPUBLICAN Secretary of State in Florida, and now one of its members of congress, actually announced the vote as "certified" well before all votes were counted. A newspaper consortium of some nine newspapers came out with the truth some nine months later that Al Gore had actually won all of Florida's 25 electoral college votes. That was September 10, 2001, by the way.

Harris and brother-son Governor Jeb Bush (REPUBLICAN-FL), had made sure that groups who primarily voted DEMOCRAT couldn't get to the polls on that November, 2000 day. There were roadblocks; official looking letters that said "Democrats voted on Wednesday", or "If you have a parking ticket and try to vote, you will be arrested"; and finally the purge of minority and African-American sounding names from the voting roll, illegally performed by the Bush-Harris duo in order to lose votes. Not to mention the easily hacked voting machines and all of the little old Jewish ladies who, somehow, voted for Pat Buchanan in stead of Al Gore.

Why the GOP even helped fund the Green Party candidacy of Ralph Nader!

The in 2004, it was Ohio's turn. It's hard to imagine that we Independents and Democrats let them get away with it yet again. In rural RED Ohio counties, the average wait time at the polls was about three minutes. In Columbus, home of Ohio State University, some students waited for over nine hours in line with many being told that they couldn't vote because the polls were closing. There were two voting machines available. In Cuyahoga County, where Cleveland, the biggest DEMOCRATIC enclave in Ohio resides, as many as 350,000 votes were either unaccounted for or simply "gone".

And let's not forget that the guy who is running for Ohio's highest office was the guy who made all of the decisions regarding the electorate in 2004. He is Ohio's outgoing Secretary of State and was also the Bush-Cheney campaign chairman. Kenneth Blackwell is down in the polls to his Democratic rival Rep. Ted Strickland (DEMOCRAT) almost 2-to-1 (59 percent to 32 percent, last time I looked). He is now looking for ways to disqualify as many black, Hispanics and students (another name for "young people) as he can before Tuesday. He has even hinted that Strickland has, somehow, obtained the Democratic nomination illegally, but that doesn't appear as if it is going to fly. It will, however, be interesting to see how many ballots have Strickland's name in a peculiar place so as to make sure some votes don't count.

And along those same lines, both in Florida and Ohio, Bush and Blackwell, respectively, are attempting to make sure that there are no exit polls performed. After all, it's always easier to steal when there is no evidence.

Today I read that in Kansas, of all places, there are seven - that's right, seven - candidates for various offices who used to be REPUBLICANS, but are now running as DEMOCRATS, including Mark Parkinson, who is running for Lt. Governor to serve behind DEMOCRATIC Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Maybe there is less and less wrong with Kansas today.

"The Republican Party got focused on some issues that really have nothing to do with people's daily lives ... I just could not continue to work with the conservative Republicans that were running the state party,"

It, and they certainly have. Last evening I watched REAL conservatives blast away at the "Tax-only-the-middle-class and spend-only-OUR-money" Bush REPUBLICANS, and. let me tell you, they are not happy. When you have people like George Will and William F. Buckley, Jr., the father of modern-day conservatism and the founder of the National Review come out and call you phonies, you have lost your conservative gold stripes.

"I believe that as a movement we have veered off course into the dangerous and uncharted waters of big government Republicanism,"
-Rep. Mike Pence (REPUBLICAN-IN), who was elected with President Bush in 2000

Here's a guy who has everything to lose by opposing the president and little to win because his seat is considered "safe" by most standards. Like other conservatives, Rep. Pence sees the current aristocracy in DC as spenders, and not for the common good.

At" the Republican convention in '08 there will be a lot of rhetoric, which will deplore what has been done in the name of conservatism and Republicanism. And I think it will bring the house down,"

I wonder if Buckley feels like Dr. Frankenstein.

The new conservatives (Neo-Cons) have become an embarrassment to even the presidency of Ronald Reagan. And it's funny (as in ironic) those who still back this party: the Ralph Peters, Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertson of our nation who see the Bushies as their only choice. After all, they still get their fair share.

The Blackwells of the nation will have to keep on relying on stealing and dishonesty to get elected. Look for more of the same in the 2008 campaign. And when all the money in the treasury is gone, what will they say then?

Someone look for a good sound-bite. Other then Diebold voting machines and making sure only some votes count, it's all they got left.

-Noah Greenberg

Kean JUNIOR'S Insults Italian-Americans Again

I just got a phone call and a mailing from a Kean Junior front group called the Filangieri Society for Justice . Turns out that the group's web site is a blank page! It would seem that Kean Junior’s campaign is targeting Italian Americans. Kean Junior claims I should be angry at Robert Menendez because he did not approve of the Italian American Alito. I am proud that Robert Menendez had the courage to vote against the extremist Judge Alito. I am offended by Kean Junior thinking he can buy my vote while running Swift Boat style commercials that stereotype and disrespect Italian Americans.

Kean Junior is flip-flopping on the issues. For example, Kean Junior is receiving support from groups that clearly contradict his stated pro-choice position. What does Kean Junior stand for? Kean Junior fabricated stories about corruption. Kean Junior's entire campaign has been one big attack commercial. Kean Junior simply can not be trusted.

Meanwhile, Robert Menendez has stuck to the issues and clearly defined his positions. Robert Menendez is only choice in the Senate race.

-Robert Scardapane

Stender Wins ALL Endorsements

The Courier News today endorsed Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D) in New Jersey's 7th District over incumbent Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-NJ7). If it seemed that the NY Times endorsement of Stender was harsh – calling Ferguson a "back bencher" – then the Courier release can be called nothing but brutal.
Ferguson is called a whole collection of disparaging terms including "ultra-conservative on certain social issues," "a Bush administration apologist on .. the Iraq war," "not the representative we need," "shameless," and "extremist." His campaign is "grossly oversimplified" and "uses questionable data."

Stender meanwhile "has an impressive background … far more impressive than Ferguson's" when he ran in 2000. Her support for withdrawal from Iraq within 12 months is "an improvement over Ferguson's stay-the-course parroting of Bush."

Here's the final endorsement from a long editorial:

"But control of Congress is on the line. Years of ineptitude and failure in Iraq policy have cost thousands of lives (both U.S. and Iraqi), hurt the U.S. in the eyes of the world and further destabilized the Mideast. Even the rights of U.S. citizens are less secure.
"The need to send representatives to Washington to help counteract the mistakes and abuses of the Bush Administration sways our final recommendation.
"Linda Stender's long history of public service qualifies her for the job, and she wins our endorsement in the 7th Congressional District.
"Linda now has endorsements from the NY Times, the Star Ledger and the Courier News. The only daily paper left that covers the district is the Home News Tribune from New Brunswick. "She also has the endorsements of weeklies The Hunterdon County Democrat, The Princeton Packet, The Bernardsville News, The Echoes-Sentinel, and the Hunterdon Review.

Ferguson has no newspaper endorsements.

Please contribute $25 or more today to keep Linda's ads on the air through election day and to fund the GOTV effort.

If you can't afford to give, please volunteer for this weekend and for election day. It's not hard, and there are things to do in every county and every town of the 7th district. Just call 908-322-1996 and ask how you can help.

-Nathan Rudy, Chair, Blue 7th PAC (http://www.blue7th.com)


Bring Our Children Home Now!

Join Us on November 4, at 11 am for one of the most important anti-war rallies you are likely to experience in New Jersey! Hear about how this country's administration is exploiting a whole generation of OUR KIDS and turning them into pawns in a game of DEATH!


Join People's Organization for Progress and Plainfield Area Equality for our BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME rally. Stand up and be counted!

BRING ANTI-WAR SIGNS AND BANNERS! The bigger and more colorful the better!

Date: Saturday November 4, 2006
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Plainfield City Hall, 515 Watchung Avenue

For more information call Rev. Robert Dixon 908-400- 5690 or Lisa Dixon 908-279-5744

Send your comments to: NationalView@aol.com or comments@nationalview.org

-Noah Greenberg