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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Ohio's Choice, America's Future

Saving America's Right to Vote

What does the truth and voter rights have in common in Ohio politics? (This is a rhetorical question, of course.)

The answer is nothing, unless GOP Gubernatorial candidate J. Kenneth "I didn't steal the election for George Bush in 2004.... honest I didn't" Blackwell is involved. Then the similarities are there.

According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, an accusation made by Blackwell that his opponent, Rep. Ted Strickland (DEMOCRAT-OH) knowingly hired a sex offender, which has been disproved, is still the Secretary of State's only message.

"For years he had on his campaign staff and congressional staff a gentleman who exposed himself to children,"
"When he was told, he pushed it aside. Why did you cover up the record of this employee?"

That statement was made in response to a debate question about reducing Ohio's prison population. These guys stay on message no matter what!


By the way, Strickland leads Blackwell by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, 59 percent to 32 percent.

Rep. Strickland, a former prison psychologist and administrator at a children's home, obviously prepared and refusing to take the bait, responded to Blackwell's accusation with the disgust and disdain which it deserved:

"Well, Mr. Blackwell. You should be ashamed of yourself. The fact is that I have spent much of my life working with abused, neglected and dependent children. I have never knowingly had anyone on my staff, either my campaign staff or congressional staff, that didn't share my values of protecting children. So your facts are wrong."

Rep. Strickland forgot to say to Mr. Blackwell, "Maybe you should stop making up the facts."

"Blackwell, who raised the issue three more times in the debate, offered no details or proof about the charge,"
-The Plain-Dealer

How does Karl "The Traitor" Rove manage to get around so quickly? There must be more than one of him.

"Court records show that the employee was charged in 1995 with an unspecified misdemeanor but never convicted and that the records in the case were later sealed,"
-The Plain-Dealer

The staffer left Strickland's employ in 1999

During the campaign, Blackwell has repeatedly attempted to link his opponent to child molestation. His reason was that the Strickland abstained his vote on a "House resolution condemning a psychological study about child molestation."

How did I miss connecting those dots (I ask facetiously)?


Maybe Strickland, a REAL PSYCHOLOGIST had a better idea. Maybe his idea would have saved money, and more importantly, children's lives. The resolution, which Strickland didn't vote for, stated that the victims of child molestation could NOT grow up to be healthy adults, thus putting them in a category similar to that of the people who molested them. The next step would have been putting these childhood victims on the sexual offenders list. Maybe the GOP could recommend a series of drugs to help keep them in line, with Bush's drug company "base" of "haves and have mores" reaping the financial benefits.

"I do not believe that as a psychologist and I don't believe that as a minister,"
Rep. Strickland, who is also an ordained minister

Blackwell will do or say anything to stay relevant. He stole the election in 2004 for President Bush. He disenfranchised as many as 350,000 Ohio voters, most of them African-American, to guarantee that victory. Long lines were found only in Democratic and minority precincts of Ohio where many of those lines to vote lasted up to nine hours. GOP precinct lines averaged three-to-five minutes. This is the Blackwell legacy.

There can be no doubt that Blackwell is looking for a GOP repayment, looking for the other hand to be washed. He has learned well from Rove and his ilk: Never having to answer a question; always making distracting accusations; and never having to say "I'm sorry." He is not sorry, and he never will be.

A Blackwell administration in Ohio will be similar to a Bush administration in Washington, DC. There will be no blame accepted for failed policies and there will be no sign that reads "The buck stops here." Today, Ohio has a criminal-facilitating administration headed by Governor Bob Taft (REPUBLICAN-OH). The "Coingate scandal", which cost Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars, is Taft's legacy, and to think that it could go on directly under the nose of his Secretary of State, J. Kenneth Blackwell, is preposterous.

Blackwell, as Ohio's Secretary of State, was able to manipulate and delay the election process which, more than likely, cost Senator John Kerry (DEMOCRAT-MA) the presidency. One wonders how he will attempt to steal this election for himself. There can be no doubt that he feels entitled to the state house.

If the Democrats pick up enough seats in the US House of Representatives, look for there to be meaningful hearings as to the shenanigans performed under the "leadership" of Blackwell. He will make use excuses in an attempt to avoid committee hearings and subpoenas, but, eventually, he will have to answer the questions from likely committee chair John Conyers (DEMOCRAT-MI), who has already asked the tough questions about 2004.

Look for the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party to call Conyers and the House Democrats "witch hunters" and "obstructionists." Fox News will have "expert panelists" made up of Fox reporters and Conservative Think-Tankers who will offer their opinions. Diebold will come out and tell us all that the Democratic plan to add a "paper trail" would cost the American people millions. President Bush will use his last two years at the bully pulpit to draw the committee Democrats, as well as the rest of the new majority, as close to being traitors.

And it'll all be worth it to assure that every vote is counted. And the only way to count every vote is to rid ourselves of people like Ken Blackwell.

A Blackwell administration will mean more of the same for Ohio, and at 32 percent, I think it's safe to say that most Ohioans get it.

-Noah Greenberg

Stress Anyone?

It used to be thought that us Americans don't understand foreign policy. But they do understand a screw up. A new survey that came out shows that we Americans are "anxious" about "foreign ties". The numbers from the "Public Agenda Confidence in U.S. Foreign Policy Index", or the "anxiety indicator" are staggering:

"87 percent of Americans believe the threat to national security is exacerbated when other countries and cultures view the United States in a negative light; 78 percent believe their country is seen as arrogant.
"52 percent believe democracies reduce conflict and violence, but 64 percent believe democracy can't be imposed and that countries have to be ready for it.
"20 percent think the United States can do "a lot" to nourish a democratic system in Iraq; only slightly more, or 24 percent, feel that creating democracies should be a very important goal for the United States."
-The New York Times

Adding those numbers to the anxiety we feel about health care, declining real wages and all of the other negative indicators which the Bushies attempt to "spin" with their "Rovian" tactics, is there any wonder that the we Americans are collectively clutching our chests in the political ICU?

And as for grading the Bush administration for achieving their goals in Iraq or Afghanistan, only about 30 percent gave them a grade of "A" or "B". Less than 25 percent gave them an "A" or "B" in the Bushies' efforts to secure our energy future or create and keep good relations with Muslim nations.


Upon further review, these grades are right in line with the luckiest "C" student of all time.

-Noah Greenberg



Watching Chris Matthews interview the likes of Tom DeLay, one has to think that he should change the name of his show from "Hardball" to "Softball".

Watching Chris Matthews interview Senator John McCain (REPUBLICAN-AZ), the one-time Bush opponent turned Bush lachey, one has to think to change the name of the show from "Hardball" to "No Balls".


-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "The economists and Nobel Laureates who think $7.25 per hour will lift some poor people out of poverty, are boy toys being supported by rich ladies, right? Or maybe they are perpetual students without families, living off grants for research? Whoever they are, they make it obvious they are completely out of touch with the financial responsibilities of jobs, kids, mortgages, car payments, etc., that 96% of American people shoulder," Robert Scardapane writes:

$7.25 per hours sure beats the heck outta $5.15. Let's get some sort of minimum wage increase in place. If $.7.25 is in place at the Federal level, $10.00 per hour is conceivable at the State level. Remember, the Federal minimum wage is the bare minimum; many states have raised their minimum wage. In fact, the AFL-CIO is fighting for minimum wage increases across the nation. You know, I think it's time that people get behind the unions again. A big part of the reason why Americans are in this squeeze is that rejected unions and had too much faith in their own ability to negotiate wages.

And Billie M. Spaight writes:

Minimum wage. Where on earth do people live on $10.oo an hour? Bessarabia? Darfur?

I think it should be $2o.oo an hour and that is LOW, LOW, LOW! Living is expensive.

And I nominate John Tierney of the NY Times for a Hall of Shame Award for recommending that Wal- Mart earn a Nobel. Over my dead body! Wal- Mart is famous for abusing workers and underpaying them, making them work off the clock and finding excuses for not covering them.

If it has come to this, this country is in even worse shape than I thought with workers being totally devalued.

Gotta agree with Rhian on this one.

And Rhian writes:

Excuse me. As a single working mom, with two kids, I have to say, $10 per hour is the very minimum needed for a living wage, for one person. It costs one person an average of $750 per month for a place to live. Food for one person is a minimum of $75 per week. By the time utilities are subtracted, transportation costs come out, there is nothing left.

Who are these economists who think $7.25 per hour will actually give workers money for medical insurance? Lift them out of poverty? It won't even get them off food stamps.

The economists and Nobel Laureates who think $7.25 per hour will lift some poor people out of poverty, are boy toys being supported by rich ladies, right? Or maybe they are perpetual students without families, living off grants for research? Whoever they are, they make it obvious they are completely out of touch with the financial responsibilities of jobs, kids, mortgages, car payments, etc., that 96% of American people shoulder.

Continuing and ending the tread of a few days ago (today will be the last day of this thread):

Billie M. Spaight writes:

Combating Hatred: Finding the True American Way

One question regarding what Victoria Brownworth wrote: Aren't black people the biggest minority group? Then Spanish and then Jewish people? Just curious because that was my impression rather than gay people comprising such a very large group. Not that it matters, the point about the absolutely irritating prejudice shown by Rhian over and over again against all reason is just terrible. Even if a person has wrong facts--maybe I don't exactly have the right statistics about rankings of the minority groups--the whole point is that if we are to be true Americans, we should remember that the first people that came over here from other shores sought religious freedom. While, sadly, they did not extend this to the Native American population, at least the concept was somewhere there. America has always been polyglot and this is the source of our hybrid vigor. It's basic biology--the more we put into the mixture, the stronger we become.

This is one of the big reasons that I think it is very necessary to leave science in the schools rather than trying to put religious dogma in science's place. We need to have our schools, workplaces, and living spaces as integrated as possible so that children can grow up with it being normal to see all kinds of people and take this for granted. We need to teach children that there are so many different nationalities, cultures, and religions and that this is fascinating and good. In the schools I went to, we did exactly that, including ethnic festivals in which we prepared foods from different cultures and then prepared some entertainment to reflect these cultures. I am nearly 58 so I am talking about schools in the 1950s in New York! Adding understanding of homosexuality in a science-based way would have been very welcome too. Fortunately, I got that from my parents!

Racism and hatred of other groups of people who may be different from ourselves is not just evil and against G-d, but it is also very un-American. If we despise terrorists and extremists for their actions and their words, then we should not imitate their ways of thinking. Difference among people are not threatening but hatred of people because they are different IS threatening. It is a threat to everything we stand for as a nation and it is a threat to each and every person in existence. As Pastor Niemoller put it: First they came for the Communists, but I wasn't a Communist, so I didn't say anything. . . ." He went through all the groups persecuted by the Nazis and then concluded with: "And then they came for me, and there was nobody to speak for me." I live by what Pastor Niemoller said. And these were not easy words to speak because they landed him in a concentration camp. But they are among the best, most useful words, I have heard in my lifetime.

Does Rhian really and truly believe that G-d would approve of all this hatred? I wonder.

And Rhian writes back:

You Ms. Brownworth, are very good at making wildly false accusations in print, totally without reference to anything I've written, in defense of homosexuals, and then scuttling off to write your Lavender Tube garbage. Does anyone with IQ points higher than 91 actually watch TV these days?

The facts are, outside of gay town, that homosexuals, and their feelings and their rights and their lifestyles are about at the bottom of the list of concerns that families are facing in the wake of the Bush boat. A disaster.

You accuse me of hatred and of being Aryan? Okay. I accuse you of being a first class bitch and bigot, completely hostile toward heterosexuals and I also accuse you of being predatory, as much as Foley.

Let's see, how many 15 year old boys have come to me (a mom) in tears on job sites after being hit on by gay men? Dozens? More than dozens and I am only one person. My own sons? Two of them.

I don't hate anyone, I don't even hate you, though I have about as much respect for you as I would a cockroach. And I am the furthest thing from being of Germanic descent that is possible. (Germanic descent would be Aryan in case you don't know or don't understand where Aryans came from)

The Catholic church has banned homosexuals from entering the Priesthood after being nearly bankrupted, (in the US) for the havoc they have caused with people's children.
Our Congress is evidently rife with the rot of homosexuality. Unfortunately.

Have you ever heard of Pink Triangle of the SS of WWII? You might want to look that up. You will find that your homosexual disease is an infection from the Aryans you hate. Or maybe you already know that.

Exodus is just one movement to help people who are beset with homosexual tendencies and behaviors. Forty years ago, homosexuality was classified as aberrant, abnormal, psychotic behavior by trained psychiatrists. Psychiatry has abandoned that, but it's not a bad thing to try to be a better person, and it's not a bad thing to abandon homosexuality. In fact, abandonment of homosexuality is a good thing. And I will not back down from that, and will do everything I can to help anyone who wants to. I will not back down from that no matter how loudly you screech, or Foley screeches or Karl Rove screeches.

You think only your own points are valid. Until you understand that everyone has a point of view and everyone has the right to voice it, you are no better than the coven of the fascist Bush administration itself.

Until you understand that homosexuals have no right to accost minors with their perverted desires, you are no better than the Aryans.

I have six kids. The four of them that are old enough to be married, are, happily, and between them I have 12 grandkids. You will never know the joy of kids, of grandkids as a homosexual. I have abundant good health. You will never know the joy of that as a homosexual. You won't even live to be as old as I am, and I am still skydiving. I feel sorry for you.

I hope you find some help with your life. And when you die alone, without heirs, without health, and without a clue about what comes next, you remember that you could have been different. You could have made your life matter for something besides gutter sniping at people you don't even know. You could have stood up for something besides a group of predators who feed on children.

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-Noah Greenberg