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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Better Watch Your Back


In standard Bizarro-World, flip-flopping "let's turn it all around and make bad, good, and good, bad" GOP logic, the House REPUBLICANS, with words of wisdom by President Bush, are attempting to shoot the messenger in Foley-Gate. Kirk Fordham, former Chief of Staff to Mark Foley (REPUBLICAN-FL), was questioned for five hours in a closed door session by those who should be on the hot seat themselves.

As a review: Fordham had warned the GOP higher-ups on more than one occasion that Foley was doing some things that were, at the very least inappropriate in regards to the congressional pages. In short, he was looking an all-boy harem. Still somehow loyal to his ready-to-betray-him party, Fordham, a good soldier in the GOP Army refused to answer any questions after his testimony. He was asked to keep quite by the "big boys" while the investigation which they will attempt to steer and spin elsewhere is ongoing.

Good luck, Mr. Fordham and watch your back.

"He has been consistent in his accounts of these events when he talked to the FBI and today met with the ethics committee. He's been truthful and cooperative and will continue to be throughout this and other investigations."
-Fordham's attorney, Timothy Heaphy referring to his client's unwavering account and consistent timeline

Just how long are those who support these charlatans going to point fingers everywhere except where they belong... at themselves?

Scott Palmer, Speaker of the House's Chief of Staff is still sticking to the story that Fordham never told him of Foley's antics. When all else fails, deny, deny, deny. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, after all. Fordham says he had contacted palmer at least three years ago.

And let's not forget Rep. Jim Kolbe (REPUBLICAN-AZ) who reported on Foley's antics as far back as 2001. Kolbe has nothing to lose by telling the truth now. After all, he is a retiring, gay congressman in the REPUBLICAN party. Don't expect any parting gifts, Jim.

Another witness who's going to testify, Rep. John Shimkus (REPUBLICAN-IL), has already said that Hastert's office had told him of "over-friendly emails" as early as last fall. Shimkus and then-House clerk Jeff Trandahl (REPUBLICAN-SD) confronted Foley and told him not to do ad stuff anymore. There can be no doubt that these guys don't understand the rule of law, or fell that the law doesn't apply to them. Remember these words of Tom Delay (REPUBLICAN-TX) :

"Son, I AM the law,"
-DeLay, after being informed by a Washington, DC waiter that it was against the LAW to smoke cigars (or anything) on DC restaurants

Even if you assume they had the best of intentions, the REPUBLICANS who knew of the actions of Mark Foley should be investigated by the FBI for their part in the cover-up of a middle-aged man hitting on young boys, some or all of who were under his charge.

And let's not forget, the three GOP members of the House who are on the page board, Chairman John Shimkus (REPUBLICAN-IL); Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (REPUBLICAN-MO); and Rep. Shelly Capito (REPUBLICAN-WV) have all been reported to all have known about what Mark Foley was up to. The only reason that the trio never called for a meeting on the subject, even a closed door meeting, was to keep Rep. Dale E. Kildee (DEMOCRAT-MI) from finding out and letting the cat out of the bad. Just like the failures of other GOP committee chair-persons to call for meetings regarding voter fraud, immigration reform, health care for all Americans or Lobby reform, Rep. Shimkus never called for a meeting into the Foley affair. Instead, he chose to share the info with the likes of Rep. Tom Reynolds (REPUBLICAN-NY), the chairman of the REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE, so he could devise ways to keep all of this hush, hush. After all, they couldn't allow inforation like this to get out ever if it meant even the loss of one GOP seat.

Let's face it, if left to their own devices, the REPUBLICAN leadership in the House would have ended the 200-plus year old House page program to protect a fiend like Foley. Even now they're talking about ending the program. As John Stewart had asked on "The Daily Show", "Is the temptation too great?"

We know what we know (I love using "Rumsfeld-isms"), and that is all REPUBLICANS mentioned above knew, prior to when the "stuff" hit the fan, about the Foley affair. We also know that others, such as House Majority Leader John Boehner (REPUBLICAN-OH) and Rep. Rodney Alexander (REPUBLICAN-OH), the page's sponsor knew for some time as well.

By the way, the guy who helped Shimkus get his Illinois seat in the House more than any other was none other than Denny Hastert himself, Shimkus' mentor. No wonder he did as he was told, even if it meant putting the pages in danger.

"Could we have done it better? Could the page board have handled it better? In retrospect, probably yes. But at the time what we knew and what we acted upon was what we had,"

Imagine walking around with a friend and seeing a young woman being attacked on the street. You notice that the man attacking the woman is wearing a jacket of your favorite NFL team. As the woman is being beaten and bloodied, you whisper to your friend, "Hey, look at that," and walk away. The you say "I told someone else, thus making it his responsibility to do something about it." That's what these bastards did.

The GOP mouthpieces will begin putting the blame on Fordham, the Democrats, the pages and their parents in an attempt to keep their evil empire going. They will do and say anything to stay in office.


Don't you believe them


These guys have even said that these boys led them on. I had no idea the GOP leadership of this nation was so week-eilled.

-Noah Greenberg

Teaching to the Test, Selling the Test
And, "Who is that Investor?"

In 1999, Neil Bush gave his brother, George W. Bush, a $680 tax-deductible campaign donation. He listed his occupation as "investor".
In 2002 and 2005, Little Bush, as IGNITE! INC. - CEO, gave Tim Bridgewater, Executive & Consultant at Interlink Management Corp. a total of $1,500. Neil Bush is co-founer of Interlink, and by sheer coincidence, Bridgewater works at Interlink, which is a group of Texas millionaire businessmen who lobby for unfettered trade with China. And, by another sheer coincidence, Bridgewater is a Bush Pioneer, raising and contributing in excess of $100,000 to the Bush campaign for president.

Neil's previous "claim to fame" (or is that infamy?) was his sitting on the board of Silverado Banking Savings & Loan, which he did until 1988. In 1988, Neil's father, George H.W. Bush was elected President of the United States and Silverado was shut down by federal regulators at a cost of one billion dollars to us, the middle class US taxpayer.

Who makes money on the tests sold to schools so they can attempt to keep their share of the "No Child Left Behind" money? I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count.

Why it's none other than President Bush's little brother Neil Bush!

According to BusinessWeek, NCLB gave rise to a $1.9 billion-a-year instructional software industry, and Little Brother Bush is taking advantage. After all, didn't Billy Carter, President Jimmy Carter's brother, sell his Billy Beer? Why shouldn't a Bush make a Buck? (Answering my own question:) Oh yeah... because it's tax-payer money and, if nothing else, it wreaks of nepotism and privilege.

As my brother Perry (a former New York City public school teacher who once watched his students get stabbed in a very tough section of Brooklyn, NY, and, somehow, is now a Bush supporter) would say, "To the victors go the spoils."

Spoiled makes sense... It all stinks!

With investors like Bush-buddies Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal and former junk-bond king Michael Milken behind him, the COW program (Curriculum on Wheels) will make Little Bush a very happy billionaire. Maybe it should be called the DOG program.

"I'm not saying (being a Bush) hasn't opened any doors. It may have helped with some sales."
-Neil Bush, in the understatement of the Century (Hey... It's still early in the century, okay?)

"The stars haven't always aligned for Bush, but at times financial support has. A foundation linked to the controversial Reverend Sun Myung Moon has donated $1 million for a COWs research project in Washington (D.C.)-area schools. In 2004 a Shanghai chip company agreed to give Bush stock then valued at $2 million for showing up at board meetings. (Bush says he received one-fifth of the shares.) In 1988 a Colorado savings and loan failed while he served on its board, making him a prominent symbol of the S&L scandal. Neil calls himself 'the most politically damaged of the [Bush] brothers.'"
-BusnessWeek, http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/06_42/b4005059.htm

Well, don't fret, America. Neil Bush, somehow, always seems to land on his feet. Doesn't that just mkae you feel all tingly inside?

-Noah Greenberg


Today I finally came to understand how an entire country can be dragged into horrendous acts by a truly bad and callous leader and make every citizen look complicit. When enough people are willing to believe, support, and spread lies for political and financial gain the world comes to see the underbelly of our character. It casts a deep, dark shadow on all of us.

Tell me if you have any luck getting your head wrapped around the new estimate of 600,000+ dead Iraqi’s. I sure can’t. But, I do know that John Hopkins spearheading the study, in itself, casts a reputable and credible light on the project. (Bush brushed it off in his news conference as not credible and continued to prove he will say anything to try to manipulate Americans. Now that is NOT patriotic!) Let’s be honest, didn’t we always know there was a reason that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and company kept denying that they counted Iraqi deaths. We send space vessels to the moon for complicated missions, we have satellites that can pinpoint people from space, YET, we can’t count dead bodies on earth? That’s as easy to believe as the bush claim that they can’t find bin Laden.

With this new study, now we know they could never-ever reveal a number of this magnitude and keep American, or Iraqi, support. Even with the margin of error, the low side is still 420,000+ Iraqi’s. And we say we are doing this for them? An old saying seems apropos here: with friends like us who needs enemies. How could we say we care for a people whose death tolls we have instigated to go so unimaginably high? To put it in perspective, if this loss happened in the U.S. you can take your pick which state you would be willing to sacrifice as all the states below have a population within the range of variance they estimate:

North Dakota
South Dakota

Another 5 states, including my beloved birth state NH, would have to give up at least 50% of their citizens. Wouldn’t we be fighting them in the streets, on the roofs, or wherever necessary if this was happening to us?! I sometimes think the major reason we should get out of Iraq is for their benefit even more than ours. In the world we, the occupiers, don’t look much better than their previous dictator.

I just keep wondering how much it will take to break the allusions and collusions of the masses blindly following their leaders and not questioning or thinking further. Perhaps when they hear some of the “revelations” in a new book coming out Monday (Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction by David Kuo) they will come to realize that the bush administration has been laughing at them behind their backs and using their devotion and faith for their own Machiavellian purposes with the intent of making them a “tactic” in a political game. Kuo worked in the administration’s faith based initiative office and both he and his boss resigned because they could not stomach the hypocrisy towards religion and religious leaders. It is reported that he has an impeccable background as a conservative and religious person so it is hard to maligned him with the worn out liberal accusations or slurs. He revealed that Cheney’s office calls the religious right “The Nuts.” Might this wake a few people up?

-Casey Sweet

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-Noah Greenberg