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Thursday, October 5, 2006


More Lies from the Sleaze Party

Now we know that it goes back at least ten years. That's when the first congressional page got the first email from the First Pervert of the US House of Representative, former Rep. Mark Foley (REPUBLICAN-FL), no matter what Fox writes below his name. Last night, CNN's Nancy Grace (Headline News) had as her guest a former page, Tyson Vivyan, now 26 years old, who stated that he was surprised by the determination and frequency of the unsolicited contact he received from "Congressman Caligula". He was additionally surprised because he was a new page at that time and, prior to the contact, had barely knew of, and or spoke to Foley.


Vivyan was embarrassed and confused, just as a seventeen year old ought to be in this situation. (Just ignore what Rep. Katherine Harris [REPUBLICAN-FLORIDA] and Matt "Sludge" Drudge have to say about it. Everyone else does.)

And it gets worse.

It turns out that Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert (R-IL) knew about the Foley "indiscretions" at least two years ago. Kirk Fordham, a former aid to Hastert, and former Chief of Staff to none other than Mark Foley, had informed the Speaker's chief of staff, Scott Palmer, about Foley's disgusting habits. Palmer denies this chat ever happened, of course. Hastert's office did, however, admit that they had known about the Pedophile Rep from Florida in 2005.

Like that's better.

Fordham has just resigned as Rep. Thomas Reynolds (REPUBLICAN-NY) Chief of Staff calling himself a "liability" to the head of the REPUBLICAN Congressional Campaign Committee. It turns out that Reynolds was also "in the loop" regarding knowledge of Foley's page tactics.

"I had more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest levels of the House of Representatives, asking them to intervene when I was informed of Foley's inappropriate behavior. I have no congressman and no office to protect."

To put this in perspective: Fordham resigned from a big job as a REPUBLICAN congressional Chief of Staff, the single most important aide to any GOP representative and a ladder to bigger and more influential things, to do the right thing. It's too bad the rest of the "Right" can't do the right thing.

Further, Fordham stated that the House clerk, Rep. Jeff Trandahl (REPUBLICAN-SD) , who resigned last year, informed Palmer that there were several male pages who complained about Foley.

Has anyone else noticed what's missing from all of these exchanges? DEMOCRATS!

"What Kirk Fordham said did not happen."
-Ron Bonjean, Hastert's spokesman

Remember, boys and girls, that it was Bonjean who, just a few days ago, informed us all that his boss, Speaker Hastert knew nothing about the Foley "thing" until just now. The Sergeant Schultz defense has become the recurring "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party answer to everything that goes wrong. They know nothing and I'm beginning to believe them. Otherwise, they are selfish, corrupt and have only their own self-interests at heart.

And it was only yesterday that Rep. John Boehner (REPUBLICAN-OH), Tom DeLay's replacement, threw Hastert under the wheels of the bus. Today there will be a GOP chorus of:
"The wheels on the bus
"Go round and round
"Round and round
"Round and round"

The GOP felt like they needed to keep the whole affair quiet due to the possible loss of one, single congressional seat. It's their own deceit and greed which might cost them a whole lot more. Rep. Roy Blundt (REPUBLICAN-MO), employed the same Sgt. Schultz defense by denying any knowledge of the whole scandal. And this guy holds the number two House majority position... He's the Whip!

And if that weren't enough, and much like yesterday, according to MSNBC's and Imus in the Morning's Amy Robach, Fox News Channel "accidentally" (again?) labeled a graphic of three GOP Representatives and asks the questions "Did DEMOCRATS Delay Investigating Mark Foley". The graphic showed three REPUBLICAN members of Congress.

I called Fox News Channel today at 212-301-3000. The operator connected me with the national Editor's desk. His comment, after I asked him if Mark Foley was a REPUBLICAN or a DEMOCRAT, as their graphic stated. His answer was, "I'm the technical guy. They must have sent you to the wrong extension." When I was sent to the "Right" extension, all I got was the voice on an answering machine. When I called back, the operator told me that "They all must have gone home." After all, it was about ten minutes after five in the afternoon. Besides, how Fox News Channel reports the news, there is no reason to have a staffed National Editor's desk. Why bother when you can just make it all up?

"I'm taking responsibility for what I did. The first set of emails, I reported it to the Speaker. The second set of emails, I reported it to the attention of Mark Foley."
-Rep. Reynolds announcing Fordham's resignation, while sweating out about 10 percent of his body weight

It's getting hot in here, but wait until Foley comes in to take off all of your clothes.

"In no way do I look at this as an impact on the campaign committee or my re-election..."
-A very wet Reynolds

Remember that Fordham said he was resigning so as not to affect Reynolds's chances at being re-elected. Someone's lying, and I know who.

Rep. Roger Wicker (REPUBLICAN-MS) said he had heard a rumor (must have been a little birdie told him, or something) that Foley had made a midnight booty call to his male page Harem, just a block away from our nation's capital. House Majority Leader John Boehner (REPUBLICAN-OH) ordered Wicker to keep this info under his hat.

"it has been brought to my attention that an alleged incident may have occurred in years past involving former Representative Foley. Specifically, it has been alleged that he may have been seen intoxicated at night outside the U.S. House of Representatives Page Dormitory, possibly attempting to gain entry to the building."
-Boehner (Pronounced BANER, not BONER, as it is spelled)

And to the present Clerk of the House, Rep. Karen Hass (REPUBLICAN-OR), Boehner (not BONER) had this to say:
"As you are the current Clerk of the House and Officer in charge of the Page Program, I am requesting any and all information your office has regarding this alleged incident and the involvement of the Office of the Clerk at that time and henceforth."

U.S. Capitol Police officers stopped then-Rep. Foley from entering the page dorm "within the last several years."
-Rep. Deborah Pryce (REPUBLICAN-OH), chairman of the House Republican Conference

"This is what's known and many REPULBICANS were informed."
-From Fox News Channel's Website

The Director of the Republican Pages "brought specific concerns about then-Congressman Foley's behavior to the attention of the then-Clerk of the House."
-From Fox News Channel's Website

The charges against Foley are "vague" but "serious allegations" that deserve the Clerk's "full attention and thorough investigation."
-Pryce's letter to Clerk Hass

If the House was unable to complete their investigation, they should "turn this inquiry over to the Department of Justice."
-Pryce, in a letter to Hass

"This matter has been referred to the Standards Committee, and we fully expect that the bipartisan panel will do what it needs to do to investigate this matter and protect the integrity of the House,"

These REPUBLICANS destroyed the integrity of the House. Don't let the door hit you in your asses on your way out.

By the way, much of this info comes straight from the horses mouth, Fox News Channel's website. Maybe it's from the horse's ass instead.

-Noah Greenberg

Menendez Attacked

There is only one way that the GOP's New Jersey legacy, Tom Kean, Jr. (REPUBLICAN-NJ) can beat Senator Bob Menendez (DEMOCRAT-NJ): Cheat, steal and tell the same old tired lies over and over again until someone actually believes them. Too bad for this "Junior" that he's running in a state where the people can actually read and think for themselves.

In the latest attack on Menendez' character (something which "Junior" sorely lacks), ads state that Menendez made money renting a property over 18 years ago. And, worse than that, he made a small profit when he sold the building many years later.'

I must have missed the law that stated only members of the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party are allowed to make a profit.

By the way, I earned as much as $65 a week from my paper route in the early 1970's. is that okay with Junior Kean?

By the way, I'd like to know why Kean "Junior" and his campaign staff are secretly communicating with a federal prisoner in an attempt to get "the dirt" on Sen. Menendez.

Former Hudson County Executive, and present day federal inmate at a Kentucky federal orison, Robert Janiszewski, has been the Junior's pen-pal offering up dirt, and those who could dish it for the "lesser-Kean's" cause.

"By the way, don't worry about the stamps -- the (Bureau of Prisons) rules prevent you from sending stamps anyway. And, I assure you that no one else is aware of our correspondence."

Your tax dollars at work.

In his communications with Junior's campaign staff, Janiszewski mentioned Oscar Sandoval, a Union City psychiatrist and the FBI informant who helped put Junior's favorite felon in jail.

It was Sandoval who made a secret recording of Menendez advisor, Donald Scarinci, advising a contractor to give a friend a job in exchange for favors. No favors were uncovered and Menendez says he has no knowledge of the offer. It sold be noted that Menendez was only mentioned by name. he was not a part of the "chat".

Meanwhile, back at "Sleaze-Central" (the Kean Junior headquarters), $13,300 worth of checks from 17 people with connections to Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, were deposited in Junior's campaign coffers.

Kean's vote went to keep open an unfavorable-to-Horizon loophole in the tax law. If passed, it would have saved the state $50 million which was ear-marked at reducing the state's $500 million deficit. Kean and his party's efforts to keep Horizon's loophole opened failed, thanks to a Democratic majority.

"Tom Kean Jr. has never taken contributions with strings attached,"
-Junior Kean's campaign spokeswoman, Jill Hazelbaker

Well I guess there is always a first time to sell your vote for every Republican. How does it feel, Junior?

Some of you might remember that it was Ms. Hazelbaker's IP address that was the origin of some questionable Internet emails and postings about Sen. Menendez. She identified herself as one who used to be a Democrat. She denied ever sending the emails or creating the postings. IP addresses don't lie.

Kean Junior is just a poor copy of his father, 9/11 commissioner Ton Kean, Sr. But even "Daddy" wouldn't resist leasing himself out to ABC television network as a highly paid advisor to the admittedly fictional portrayal of the events that led up to 9/11 titled "Path to 9/11".

Junior isn't the only one up for sale. Just how much money is enough for these charlatans anyway?

-Noah Greenberg

In response to the facts about Dennis Miller, Victoria Brownworth writes:

Dennis Miller has been stumping fo Bush for seven years and counting. He lost his mind somewhere between Saturday Night Live and Monday Night Football.

In response to "I think Junior is acting even more slimy than Forrester (if that's possible)," Victoria Brownworth writes:

Not only possible, but true. I see the commercials daily since I live in the target area.

In response to, "Boehner throws Hastert under the bus," Victoria Brownworth writes::

Unfortunately he's too fat to go splat.

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-Noah Greenberg