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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Help Wanted

They're looking for a few good men... or women. Actually, they're just looking for a few more bodies to exploit. The plan us this: They get paid "X" amount of dollars for each person that they employ and their workers get paid about 1/10th of "X" amount of dollars for providing their services.


Work In Rebuilding Iraq and Earn Between
$60,000 to $200,000 Per Year!


There are war profiteers who are taking advantage of both the middle-class taxpayer as well as those who simply need a job. They are put in harm's way as mercenaries. Only these mercenaries are farmers who have lost their farms as well as factory workers who have lost their jobs. They are people who don't have health insurance to protect their families as well as those who are about to lose their homes for lack of funds. They are forgotten and THEY WANT YOU.


Entry Level, Labor, Trades, Technical, Administrative, and Professional roles.

Must be willing to work in a war zone. Full 24 hour a day U.S. military protection will be in place. With new heightened security you'll be relatively safe.

Must be willing to start immediately. Airfare and full room and board will be provided to successful applicants. Apply today and begin working in as little as 2 weeks.


They don't care. Just like our soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen, these laborers are expendable, and although they might be in the "safer" areas of Iraq, they are not safe.


This is from the website http://www.oilcareer.org/iraq.htm. The link that says Click Here To Learn More brings you to the www.oilcareer.org website, who , for a price, will set you up with the war profiteer of your choice. Who could be behind this you ask?


"...Thanks to you today I work for Halliburton,"

-Eisen Picardo, Sr. Field Professional, Angola, Africa


Nah... It couldn't be them, could it? Let's look at the ad a little more closely, shall we?


Check out the Disclaimer (Note: This fine print is exactly as it appears on the website, unless you;re viewing it in plain text):

Disclaimer: Successful applicants will be sent to work in Iraq. Iraq is currently declaired a war zone and is very dangerous. Full danger pay and isolation pay will apply. Additional areas that we can help you find work in include the following: iraq job security , iraq job, construction in iraq job, civilian in iraq job, driving in iraq job truck, construction iraq job, job opportunity in iraq, haliburton in iraq job, jobin iraq, iraq job, iraq job opportunity, in iraq job kbr, contract in iraq job, contract iraq job, government in iraq job, driving iraq job truck, american in iraq job, iraq job overseas, iraq job kbr, civilian iraq job, iraq job rebuilding, contractor in iraq job, iraq job search, driver in iraq job truck, in iraq job us, government iraq job, iraq job listing, driver iraq job truck, in iraq job private security, find in iraq job, iraq job paramedic, iraq job opening, driving in iraq job, in iraq job opening, available in iraq job, in iraq job police, in iraq job trucking, in iraq job welding, in iraq job medical, in iraq job nursing, in iraq job vacancy, iraq job reconstruction, in iraq job paramedic, iraq job trucking, in iraq job overseas, brown in iraq job root, get in iraq job, iraq it job, in iraq it job, high in iraq job paying, iraq job police, employment iraq job, driving iraq job, aviation in iraq job, electrical in iraq job, engineering in iraq job, in iraq job telecommunication, iraq job medical, iraq job nursing, fighter fire in iraq job, brown iraq job root, american iraq job, fighter fire iraq job, apply in iraq job, computer in iraq job, fighting fire in iraq job, iraq job monster, aviation iraq job, contracting in iraq job, enforcement in iraq job law, iraq job prison, iraq job rebuild, fair iraq job , brown in iraq job kellogg root, brown iraq job kellogg root, emt iraq job, contracting iraq job, iraq job private security, hvac in iraq job, in information iraq job, iraq job telecommunication, government in iraq job us, in iraq job prison, international iraq job security, driver iraq job, electrical iraq job ,electrician in iraq job ,iraq job logistics ,available construction in iraq job ,enforcement iraq job law ,engineering iraq job, iraq job welding ,computer iraq job ,iraq job salary ,care health in iraq job


But that ain't all. The disclaimer is written in black font (lettering) on a white background, until you get to the end. After "care health in iraq job" there is more. However, it's written in white font on the white background. In order to see it, you have to select everything after the word "job". Here is what it says (it looks like this once you select the text):

 halliburton in iraq job, haliburton iraq job, halliburton iraq job, driving halliburton in iraq job truck


Well, what do you know... it's all about Halliburton. Go to the website and check it out for yourself. http://www.oilcareer.org/iraq.htm


The owners of www.oilcareer.org decided to have their info hidden so as not to show their real identity. With a little work and a little time, the website was traced to a web hosting company in Germany www.schlund.de.


I noticed this website over a year ago. I wondered then, as I do now, that if Dick Cheney's Halliburton has nothing to do with this website then why haven't they tried to stop these people from besmirching their "good name"?


I wonder if Dick Cheney's Halliburton is trying to hire people and make a buck while they do it.


I wonder if this can be any more of a blatant way to rip people off.


Do we need any more proof that this is a war by and for the war profiteering buddies of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush, Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney and the Bush "base" of "haves and have mores"?


-Noah Greenberg

An AOL Poll


Who do you find more convincing?





Do you blame either administration for failing to prevent 9/11?

Yes, the Bush administration


Yes, both administrations


Yes, the Clinton administration





What's your impression of Clinton in this interview?

Mostly positive


Mostly negative



What's your impression of Wallace in this interview?

Mostly negative


Mostly positive




'Nuff Said


-Noah Greenberg

This and That (or Stuff)

A Bunch O' Stuff from Billie

Re: Bush the Devil

It would have been better if you had bolded Rhian's italics because we couldn't tell where she meant to italicize because the whole essay was italic. But, nonetheless the Devil comment sparked a bit of humor of my own. I wondered if some Americans might want to declare jihad on Venezuelans now for the "insult" to an American leader (leader?). Not me. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Maybe it's because I agree with the fellow--and with Rhian too in this case. But even if I didn't, well, so what? It was not the greatest diplomatic act of a world leader, but so what?

Re: Brownsworth's Meshugas

Excuse me for taking exception, but do I need to declare jihad on the Good Victoria now (she's usually such a mensch)? She called me a "goy." Oy vey or (vey is mir). Such a tsimmis. And she must have done it right during the New Year, so you can imagine what will be inscribed in the Book of Life about what she said.....well, all humor aside, I love Victoria's writing usually and I agree with her basic points that (1) people have a right to decide how closely they will follow their religions and (2) yes, Jesus WAS a Jew, so what ARE all we Christians doing eating ham and pork?

So why do I talk Yiddish sometimes? Why not? I grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan (now called the East Village). You want I should talk Spanish instead? In my formative years, it was Yiddish that I heard. Even my mom used to tell me when I went to sleep, "guy schluff" (may be mispelled but this is phonetic) and she got that from her mother. I thought it was Polish for "go to sleep." Turned out I was wrong. Ahhh mamma mia (oops, that was the other one--l'Italiano and no ablo Espanol [sorry I can't get the tilde on top of the n in an e-mail--good luck on that one]).

A Bad Jew or a Bad Christian or a Bad Muslim or a Bad Hindu or a Bad Buddhist or a Bad Pagan or a Bad Atheist is someone who harms other people--not someone who doesn't necessarily follow a certain set of ritualistic rules. That's between the person and his or her God/Goddess/or Lack of Deity (in that case between a person and him- or herself). I hope the Sufis, Sunnis, Sh'ias, Satanists, Confucianists, Taoists, etc. won't feel left out. Anybody else?

But Bad Victoria--watch the name calling please or Bad Billie is going to continue her Crusade Against Name Calling. Let's all declare Jihad on Name Calling. We shall agree to throw Verbal Bombs at anyone who calls people names. Any cartoonists around? We are outta popes and the other religions don't really have a head person.


-Billie M. Spaight

Speaking of the Devil


Evidently, Venezuelan President, Chavez was horribly insulting to the devil, in his UN speech today, identifying President Bush as the evil one. (Humor of my own) He even declared that the stink of sulfur to be lingering in the areas where Bush had been. (Humor of Chavez)

I was wondering what that sulfur smell was a week ago. Now I know it was Bush visiting nearby Bridgewater, Nj running a fund raiser for Junior Kean.

Oh the stink!


-Robert Scardapane

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-Noah Greenberg