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Monday, September 25, 2006


More Troops Needed

It's official. Any hope of US troop withdrawals will not come anytime before 2008 if the US Army and the Marine Corps have anything to say about it. As a matter of fact, they're looking to send more combat units into the "Iraq Rotation Pool". The initial thought was that, by the end of the year, we would have been able to withdraw some 30,000 troops from Iraq. Instead we'll be sending about 40,000 more Children of America into harm's way. If you're keeping score, that's a 70,000 extra troops that ought to be safe here at home, with their families.

And the only real way to do this is by keeping troops, who only used to have to serve one year at a time, for longer deployments.

We already reported the fact that an Alaskan unit seems to be there to stay, or at least for some time, so this news really shouldn't be news.

And it should be reported.

Adding more units to the rotation "may accelerate the pace of deployments, or it may mean looking at calling up additional units,"
-The New York Times, quoting a Pentagon official

On of three things are going to need to happen to keep the troop level up as long as we stay in Iraq. Either the Bush administration is going to have to institute a draft, something that have sworn not to do...ever; they're going to have to start using "soldiers for rent" that would be supplied by the likes of Halliburton or Blackwater (for a "nominal fee", of course); or these soldiers who thought they were only going to be deployed for about six months to a year will have to plan for longer overnight stays that could last for years (decades?).

General Peter J. Schoomaker, the Army's chief of staff feels that the Army can no longer keep up all of its commitments because of, of all things, cuts in funding . Yes, although Donald "We Don't Know What We Don't Know" Rumsfeld's Defense Department has been given record monies from the Bush administration, that money is going to war profiteers (Halliburton; Bectel; Blackwater; etc.) and Star Wars instead of body armor and armor plating for troop carriers. General Schoomaker refused to give his budget estimate in protest.

He will soon be out of a job.

On the ground, leading the troops in Iraq during the invasion, was General David McKiernan, the top commander of U.S. ground forces in Iraq. (General Tommy Franks was in Qatar during the invasion.) While John Abizaid's Fourth Army was cruising around the Mediterranean looking for a fight, General McKiernan was asking for more troops. Realizing that he would need General Abizaid's troops' help in policing the nation in disarray (as the new military governor) McKiernan asked for those troops and was removed for his insolence.

I guess being a team player has a special interpretation by the Bushies.

In the realization that more troops and never-ending wars and occupations need funds, Schoomaker's requests are not out of the question. He is asking for $138.8 billion for the 2008 "war season". Rumsfeld, who keeps disproving his "small army is better" theory has offered $98.2 billion. So much for listening to his generals.

But how else are we going to pay for the extra troops? I guess emergency funding and cutting corners for our troops safety will just have to continue.

"It's kind of like the old rancher saying: 'I'm going to size the herd to the amount of hay that I have. (Schoomaker) can't size the herd to the size of the amount of hay that he has because he's got to maintain the herd to meet the current operating environment."
-Lt. Gen. Jerry L. Sinn, the Army's top budget official

We all know what happens to the heard when it can't be fed: They slaughter some of them, package them up and sell them for food.

"There's no sense in us submitting a budget that we can't execute, a broken budget,"

Look for the General to lose a star or two, or "retire" shortly.

Do you all remember that it was just a couple of weeks ago that the Pentagon passed up on The Trophy anti-missile defense system offered up by an Israel in order to give Raytheon $70 million to begin to look into a future, similar system that, if it works, would do no better than the job the Trophy system has been tested and proven to do. The Raytheon system would be ready for testing sometime in 2011, if at all. The troops are on the ground now.

"Trophy" was developed by Rafael, the Israel Armament Development Authority and, in over 400 tests, has proven to be "well above 90 percent effective,"
I am "fully confident" that "Trophy" could save American lives,
-Israeli Reserve Colonel Didi Ben Yoash

In other words, the Pentagon would rather give war profiteers money than protect our troops today, even at the opposition of our generals.

The increased troops require increased funding, or a reallocation of funds to the areas where it makes sense. If this administration is going to send more and more troops into Iraq's civil war, and put them in harm's way, shouldn't they, at the very least, attempt to protect them?

I want our troops home today. If they can't come home mow, at the very least, we should protect them.

-Noah Greenberg

Chavez' Devil

Evidently, Venezuelan President, Chavez was horribly insulting to the devil, in his UN speech today, identifying President Bush as the evil one. (Humor of my own) He even declared that the stink of sulfur to be lingering in the areas where Bush had been. (Humor of Chavez)

Chavez declared that the devil, Bush, spoke as if he owned the world, and suggested that Bush should seek professional medical help from a practicing psychiatrist. (Humor of Chavez)

He also suggested that the Bush administration hegemonic policies were worthy of an Alfred Hitchcock movie and proceeded to provide a title, Recipe to Rule the World. (Humor of Chavez)

Anyone who has read David Icke, knows that President Bush is actually a crossbred reptilian alien, who frequently drops scales on the Oval Office floor. (Humor of my own, with apologies to kinsman, Icke, sorry David, couldn't resist)

Anyone who thinks at this point that Bush has the brains to be either, the devil or a reptilian overlooks Cheney. (Not humor)

I couldn't help but wonder, however, while listening to this news and soaking up harmonic convergence while working in Sedona, if the globalists are not closing in for a kill of President George W. Bush.
The backlash of his very aggresive drive toward 'hegemony' that does endanger the populations of the world, has done more to alert The People, and undone more to accomplish a smooth transition to globalism, than it has accomplished. (Not humor)

I can almost hear Karl Rove on the phone last week, sitting in his darkened office at 3:00 am EST, directing the details of the speech designed to go round the world, clearing the deck of DC for another, more subtle, more likeable, more cunning US President globalist, a sheep in wolves clothing, who will put money in every pocket, build the superhighway from the interior of Canada to the interior of Mexico, and proceed to establish the NWO. (Not humor)

Does anyone care to know that Karl Rove has dual citizenship in the US and Germany, and that Chavez is a fascist dictator in his own country, and that they both belong to the same club, both infected with the same Hitler virus? (Not humor)

Whoever it is in the NWO who wants to get us laughing, did a great job today. I just hope that as entertained as we are, we remember to hang onto our Constitution and liberties no matter how much money is put in our pockets. (Not humor)

Italics added for the more facile readers. (Humor)


Torture's Immorality

Torture is immoral and unacceptable as training for our military under any circumstances.

All you parents out there, imagine one of your kids, married to a person who has been trained in torture methodology. Is that acceptable? All you parents out there, imagine your son or daughter being forced to be trained in torture methodology. Imagine the baby you raised so carefully, be trained to torture.

Alyssa Peterson was from Flagstaff. She was a career Army officer, age 24, in intel. She was shipped off to Iraq and shot in the head by a psyops Lt. for refusing to torture prisoners. How do we know that?

Her parents have been investigating the cause of her death for almost two years. Just like Tillman, she was 'killed by friendly fire.' The Tillman's have filed a fourth investigation in the death of their son, and the subsequent cover-up.

There are more. Hundreds more.

If the Viet Nam vets are now the homeless of America, what are the Iraq vets going to be, if any of them live through continual exposure to DU, during their continual deployments?


In response to "Junior" Allen's "I still had a ham sandwich for lunch. And my mother made great pork chops," and "Not only is Allen Jewish, he's a bad Jew," Victoria Brownworth writes:

It's always interesting to me how the fundamentalist Christians proof-text the Bible--with excisions, of course. No true Christian would be eating ham any more than any Orthodox Jew would. Why, you ask? Because Leviticus says no. No, no, no.

Anytime somebody starts railing about gay marriage or some other thing that wasn't in the Bible, I always ask one question: Do you eat ham? Bacon? Pork? Shrimp? Lobster? Then don't talk to me about gay marriage. You can't pick and choose your Old Testament (even if you want to pretend it's not the Torah) any more than you can pick and choose your lineage.

Here's what I have to say to Allen: L'shanah tovah.

That's Happy New Year, to you, Mr. Goy!

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-Noah Greenberg