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Thursday, September 14, 2006


A Disrespectful Quote in the Lead


"You have to respect the voters,"
-Ken Mehlman, former "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party national chairman to
Daily Show host Jon Stewart

First, I'm a little disappointed in Stewart for not sitting there with his mouth agape. But then I remember that The Daily Show IS a comedy, and, I guess, he felt letting Mehlman get away with it was funny enough.

There were approximately 290,000 disenfranchised voters in Ohio alone. These voters were either encouraged or tricked into not voting or denied the right to vote outright by the scheming of GOP party officials and the Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell. Blackwell, an African American, had no problem disenfranchising mostly black voters. The 290,000 who were "left out" of the 2004 presidential election were from overwhelmingly Democratic precincts.

The GOP, Mr. Mehlman, has a strategy of disrespecting voters, especially if they're minority voters with a history of seeing through people like you and Mr. Blackwell.

-Noah Greenberg

The Presidential Magnet

Someone turned the president around. It seems that those Republicans seeking to be re-elected and other GOP hopefuls are looking toward the president as the north pole of their magnet connects to the north pole of the Bush magnet. Bush is repulsing his own party members at a time when they ought to be looking for his assistance, at least for now.

"I have not really seen anybody running away from the president,"
-House Majority Leader, and Tom DeLay's replacement, John Boehner (R-OH)

Rep. Boehner must be standing behind a wall or something. In their efforts to keep their seats in congress and the senate, many Republicans are putting their sneakers on an dashing away at record speeds from the president and his gaggle of neo-con war profiteering advisors. Just ask Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) who made sure that he was some 300 miles away from President Bush when GW was raising money for a GOP congressional candidate. And there is no one Republican in the Senate who has voted more with GW and his agenda than the soon-to-be-ex-Senator from the Keystone state (hopefully).

Take a look at New Jersey State Senator Thomas Kean, Jr., the son of former NJ Governor, 9/11 commissioner and "advisor" to ABC's mock of the events leading up to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Tom Kean. He's running for the New Jersey US Senate seat now held by Bob Menendez.

"Republican Kean Distances Himself From President"
-an AP Headline

We all know that this "distance" would be greatly reduced if Kean, Jr. would ever be elected, don't we? As a matter of fact, most of those "pro-citizen" Republicans would soon go right back to their Bush-backing ways as soon as they raise their hands and take that oath again, or for the first time. I guess lying with one's hand on the Bible isn't what it used to be. The candidates' magnetic poles would surely be turned around, and fast enough to steal our Social Security check.

"The president was wrong,"
-Kean, Jr., in response to a debate question about GW's initial refusal to appoint a commission to investigate 9/11

Kean, Jr. has stated that he is against the president on such things like stem cell research, women's rights and drilling in the Alaskan wilderness, but we all know better. And although Kean, Jr. has stated that the president has an "open invitation" to campaign for him, we have yet to see Air Force One greeted at Newark Liberty International Airport by "the Garden State's Very Own Junior".

Already Senators John McCain (R-AZ), John Warner (R-VA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) aren't on the same page as the president when it comes to torture, and these guys hold some influence over other GOP senators.

With about 40 congressional seats really up for grabs this year, and all 435 seats up for election or re-election, the congress refused to allow the changes to the FISA law that would allow the president to do as he pleases when it comes to listening in on ordinary Americans' telephone conversations.

"Rep. Heather Wilson (news, bio, voting record), (R-NM), earlier this year confronted Bush over his wiretapping program at a GOP retreat. Now she is the sponsor of a bill embraced by House GOP leaders but not the White House that would restrict the domestic surveillance program and step up congressional oversight."
-From Bush to go to Capitol Hill to rally GOP, an AP story by LAURIE KELLMAN

Wilson, like so many other Republican members of Congress, are is in a tough race to keep her seat. She simply needs to appear to be independent of the policies of the Bush administration.

She is not alone.

-Noah Greenberg

Media Madman
The Forgotten Story

The #1 buried story is the fact that Halliburton has been pumping the oil in Iraq since 2003, and it hasnt been metered.

This was revealed by the Inspector Generals report on the missing $9 billion, and highlighted by Galloway's awesome testimony before the Senate in May, 2005.

-David W.

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-Noah Greenberg