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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Bush Politicizes 9/11

"There He Goes Again"

"three or four sentences"
-White House Press secretary Tony Snow, describing the "possible" controversial words President bush used last night in his remembering 9/11 speech

This is a first for me. The White House actually admitting that they used 9/11 for political purposes. I guess they really do need to "catapult the propaganda" as GW has urged all of his minions to do.

"This was not a speech that was designed to single out anybody for partisan reasons, but gave the president's honest reflections and reactions to what has happened since September 11, 2001. The president decided that yesterday wasn't a day for partisanship."

Yet GW still managed to get "three or four sentences" in there for political purposes. Trust me.... there were more.

"If we do not defeat these enemies now, we will leave our children to face a Middle East overrun by terrorist states and radical dictators armed with nuclear weapons. We are in a war that will set the course for this new century and determine the destiny of millions across the world."

What the president failed to say, however, is that is was his actions after 9/11 that led to the current situation in Iraq today. Through lies and a selective interpretation of intelligence, which manifested itself in the administration's use of wrapping the facts around their own, pre-determined conclusion, the president, and his small gaggle of "have and have-more" advisors have put our nation's people, the nation and people of Iraq and our troops all over the world in more danger than most of us probably thought possible just five plus years ago. In other words, they let their own selfish ends determine the means.

If Iraq is awash in terrorists, like the Bushies are trying to say, they were put there by the lack of planning, and lack of an end-game which the president failed to provide. In their lust for war, All the President's men led us down a slippery path toward a bottomless pit in Iraq. The only end game one can see there now is the loss of too many lives in a civil war that is being fought along sectarian lines.

And by using a healing opportunity on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, President Bush has done nothing more than tarnish the memory of 2,973 souls who lost their lives that day.

"Whatever mistakes have been made in Iraq, the worst mistake would be to think that if we pulled out, the terrorists would leave us alone. They will not leave us alone. They will follow us. The safety of America depends on the outcome of the battle in the streets of Baghdad."

With statements like this, the only conclusions that one could gather is that either the president is lying or he isn't paying attention. Al-Qaeda can sit back in Iraq and watch the Sunni's kill the Shi'ites, the Shi'ites kill the Sunni's and everyone try and kill American soldiers, and not lift a finger, or offer up a suicide bomber as a token to the "cause". Bush and his buddies have done all their work.

"The president should be ashamed of using a national day of mourning to commandeer the airwaves to give a speech that was designed not to unite the country and commemorate the fallen but to seek support for a war in Iraq that he has admitted had nothing to do with 9/11. There will be time to debate this president's policies in Iraq. September 11th is not that time."
-Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA)

The problem is, Senator Kennedy, that there is no shame or guilt or even a single admitted mistake in the offing from the Bush White House. The course is set and only their removal from office will shift it.

"If we yield Iraq to men like bin Laden, our enemies will be emboldened, they will gain a new safe haven, and they will use Iraq's resources to fuel their extremist movement. We will not allow this to happen."
-GW, still not getting it

By ignoring the real issues in Iraq, President Bush is telling us all that our troops will be in harm's way for a very long time.

All one has to do is examine who is making the big bucks to see the real reason why the president is "catapulting his propaganda". Companies like Blackwater and Halliburton's KBR are making record profits while American troops and Iraqi civilians lose their lives. Halliburton removes oil from the Iraqi oil fields without accounting for how much is being removed or the real dollars they are "earning". The only expendable US asset that the Bushies are sending over there are our American Children who they are using as cannon fodder.

-Noah Greenberg

Instincts and 9/11

It's been a very tearful day for me. And I have found my own basest instincts stirred once again by the jingoistic responses to this memorial. I don't like feeling that. I don't think other people do, either. And I think we HAVE to mitigate against those desires for revenge and vengeance in ourselves. Isn't that what caused 9/11 in the first place? I don't want to be one of those people. I don't want to hate.

On 9/11 I was out driving that night with a very close friend (we'd had to take a cat to be euthanized, just to add to our sorrow). about five blocks from my house is a chador store, where chador and Burkhas are sold. I wanted to smash the windows, pull the things out in the street and set it on fire.

Of course I didn't, but i will never forget the feeling of wanting to do it, and how despicable it made me feel later.

We all have those feelings. We just cannot allow ourselves the animal luxury of giving in to them.

-Victoria Brownworth

Oberman Said...

"History teaches us that nearly unanimous support of a government cannot be taken away from that government by its critics.
"It can only be squandered by those who use it not to heal a nation's wounds, but to take political advantage.
"Terrorists did not come and steal our newly-regained sense of being American first, and political, fiftieth. Nor did the Democrats. Nor did the media. Nor did the people.
"The President--and those around him--did that."

-From Keith Oberman's "Countdown on MSNBC, forwarded by Robert Scardapane

Cheney Said...

From the Kos man himself - remembering 9/11:

The vice president said U.S. allies in Afghanistan and Iraq "have doubts" the United States will finish the job there. "And those doubts are encouraged, obviously, when they see the kind of debate that we've had in the United States," he said. "Suggestions, for example, that we should withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq simply feed into that whole notion, validates the strategy of the terrorists."

Actually, the strategy of the terrorists is to sow terror. I thought that was self-explanatory.

And if sowing terror is their goal, this administration has made the terrorists' strategy a resounding success. We, as a nation, have evolved from Patrick Henry's inspirational, "Give me liberty or give me death!", to Bush's "Give me your liberties or you'll die." We have even color-coded our fear.

-From Kos, forwarded by Robert Scardapane

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Smear 'Em

The U.S. Attorney's Office is said to be looking into the deal, in which Menendez collected more than $300,000 in rent over 10 years before selling the Union City building in 2003 for $358,000 more than he paid for it.

Let me understand this. He sold a property that he legally owned and made a profit. Duh ... where's the big deal. He made some money collecting rent to offset taxes and maintenance. All told, maybe he came away with one half million over 10 years (maybe longer). Geez, many people did that the last ten years flipping property in this insane housing market. If a Republican did this, he/she would be called a smart business person but when a Democrat makes some money it's supposedly unethical. I think Menendez is well within the law. This has the feel of a Republican witch hunt.

-Robert Scardapane

From New Jersey's Courier News:

(In response to John Gurley) John Gurley writes that Mike Ferguson should be re-elected to Congress because of the fact of "Ferguson's success in persuading the Defense Logistics Agency to move tons of mercury out of Hillsborough."

Okay. There's only one problem with this fraudulent claim. Not one drum of mercury has been moved from Hillsborough, nor is there any indication that the mercury will ever be moved.

Gurley dishonestly infers that the mercury removal is a finished accomplishment. Also, Ferguson continues to run many campaign ads claiming this as a major accomplishment, misleading voters again.

Dishonest political tactics like this are why I will vote for Linda Stender in November. Linda knows the meaning of the words integrity and honesty. Also, Linda Stender won't be a rubber stamp for Bush and his disastrous policies, like Ferguson has been.

-GAIL RODGERS, from a forward by Robert Scardapane

In response to "Recapping My Day: 9/11/2001", Victoria Brownworth responds:

Very nice piece by you.

I find today, the fifth anniversary of 9/11, a very sad day, made sadder still by the current administration's vile use of the dead and the ongoing tragedy of their murders (because everyone who died in the WTC, Schanksville and Pentagon that day was murdered). Seeing Bush parade around and pretend to care about anyone when every day he is responsible for more deaths and more maiming, sickens me.

Likewise my sense of outrage over what happened on 9/11 is neither dimmed nor muted by the subsequent five years. This was a hideous crime against innocent people. And our answer, Bush's answer--to perpetrate hideous crimes against other innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq--while Osama bin-Laden hangs out with our buddies in Pakistan just galls the hell out of me. (My history books don't show that we rounded up ordinary Germans and slaughtered them in response to the Holocaust; instead we rounded up the perpetrators and put them on trial in Nuremburg.)

The TV and other media coverage of the anniversary has only served to inflame our collective national outrage. And while I believe strongly in memorializing the dead, I also feel there was a twisting of that memorializing to justify what we as a nation have been responsible for in the past five years. People are still saying we are in Iraq because of what happened at Ground Zero. No, we aren't.

Do we really believe, honestly, that we are serving the dead by killing and torturing in their names? because that is what we are doing.

As I look once again at the footage from that day, and as I remember covering the event as a reporter and feel all that I felt that day as an American, a former New Yorker and a just plain human being, I cannot bear the thought that there are other people in another part of the world forced to do what so many New Yorkers were forced to do that day and in the days following: search for and then mourn their dead, wander around with little signs: Missing--Have you seen this person?

The simplism of the axiom "two wrongs don't make a right" seems apt here. The men who drove the planes are dead. The man who plotted 9/11 is still living his life. I am not one for vengeance, but it does seem we picked all the wrong targets for our retribution. And as a consequence, we all have the blood of innocents on our hands.No amount of blaming Clinton or blaming bin Laden will take out that damned spot, I fear.

9/11 made us all victims, and when it did, the world held us and gave us support and strength. But since 9/11 George Bush has made us all war criminals. And now the world, even our friends, find it hard to look us in the face.

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-Noah Greenberg