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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Shame on Them All

If the US is using Israel's war against Hezbollah as a test ground for an air attack on Iran, as The New Yorker's Sy Hersh has reported, then shame on Israel's leaders for letting that happen. If Hersh is right, which he usually is, then shame on the Israeli government, now run by Ehud Olmert, for using the Lebanese people as target practice. Although they try to miss civilian targets, there just is way too much collateral (civilian death and injury) damage. However, I can't use the term "over-react" until I'm told what the proper reaction should have been.

Conversely, shame on the Hezbollah terrorists, who act as Lebanon's nation within a nation. They kidnapped Israeli soldiers by invading Northern Israel, without care for the consequences,. They, knowingly, put the people of Southern Lebanon at risk by firing their missiles while they hid amongst them. (They also, probably unknowingly - I hate using Rumsfeld words - put all of the Lebanese people at risk due to the unpredicted Israeli response.)

Shame on those people of Israel who considered the actions of Israeli troop withdrawal as a "defeat". If the disproportionate death and destruction on Lebanon (as the side, Israel, with the" better toys" is supposed to inflict) was not enough, then one only has to consider the only outcome they would have said was "victory", the total destruction of their neighbor, Lebanon.


But shame is a two-way street.

Shame on the Lebanese government for giving their nation over to a group of terrorists (Hezbollah), who are supported by that same government (Syria) that they, finally, threw out of their nation as occupiers. And more shame on the Lebanese government for not telling both terror-Hezbollah-supporting nations Syria and Iran to but out of their political affairs.

Real blame, also,  has to be placed on Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia (and their Madras's who teach Jewish hate) and many other Arab nations for supporting terror attacks on Israel, both now and in the past. When they all assumed that Israel couldn't defend themselves, they, attacked Israel, both as a new nation and after they were finally accepted as a nation by most of the world. They formed embargoes and tried their best to drive the small nation into the sea at every turn. Israelis not only defended themselves in those early times, but they have become more aggressive when they feel their safety is at stake.

And, finally, shame on the President and Prime Minister of Lebanon for not running their nation for the betterment of their people. Fear is no way to run a nation.

At one point in the recent history of the middle east, Egypt was the worst enemy of Israel. It took the courage of Anwar Sadat, Egypt's president at the time, who was then assassinated for that courage, to make Israel and Egypt coexist as neighbors. The peace, although not perfect, still lives..

And, finally, shame on President Bush. In his zeal to be whatever Karl "The Traitor" Rove and Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney want him to be, he has sacrificed not only the safety of the American people, but the safety of the world.

Peace was once an option in the middle east. I just hope it still is.

-Noah Greenberg

NJ- Kean, Jr. Dumber Than A Bag of Hammers

Tom Kean, Jr.:
Kean believes that if voters in Connecticut were angry enough to oust Lieberman, Menendez is in trouble, according to his campaign spokeswoman, Jill Hazelbaker.

Kean has said he would have supported Bush's decision to authorize the war in Iraq and believes that removing Saddam Hussein from power was the right thing to do.

Um, Mr. Kean, Jr.?

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez says one of the most important votes he's made in his political career was voting in 2002 against sending troops to Iraq. His Republican challenger, Tom Kean Jr., said he would have voted to send troops.

Tom Kean, Jr., dumber than a bag of hammers, to quote another Kossack.

-Forwarded from Daily Kos by mcjoan by Robert Scardapane

In response to, "A real plan, as suggested by many, is the splitting up of Iraq into three nations: A Sunni nation to the west; a Shi'ite nation to the east; and a Kurdish nation to the north," Robert Scardapane writes:

I don't think we have the right to split up Iraq. Give Iraq back to the Iraqi people. It's their country. If they decide to split it up then so be it. I think it would be arrogance on our part to re-draw the borders of Iraq.-

*Although I'm not, necessarily, endorsing this idea, I do think it has merits. In the end, if it is the best choice, let it be the last bit of arrogance that we push onto the people of Iraq. -NG

Billie M. Spaight writes:

Amen to all that Victoria says. Civil rights can never be too big a deal--they are always extremely vital. And much as we would like to think that they are protected in the Constitution, they plain aren't. Hate crimes are still not given the special treatment they should be given because they are especially terrible.

Unfortunately, much as we would love to believe, however idealistically, many judges and laypeople do not consider certain kinds of rights because they are NOT written into law. And even more unfortunately, they find ways to flout the few laws we DO have protecting civil liberties.

Been there, done that with the disability stuff and I've known gay people who have also been there, done that.

In response to, "The poor and stupid American who shops at Wal-Mart is offered exactly one book on current events, and that one so slanted and hate filled," Rhian writes:

Oh no! You've been sucked in! Once in, you never get out. First it's backpacks, then you notice how cheap the Charmin toilet paper is. Then you find the bread you really like, the whole grain is only $1.44 there and $4.44 at the regular grocery store.

But it's okay. You don't have to get rid of your books if you sneak into WalMart for bread and toilet paper. And don't worry. 999 out of 1000 shoppers at WalMart don't buy books at all, unless they are paperback and have the word romance on them somewhere.

Famous people I've seen at WalMart include but are not limited to: Stephen King, Osama Bin Laden.

Places I would rather be than in a WalMart on Saturday, include but are not limited to: hell, Lebanon, Guantanamo.

(The books at Wal-Mart are the ones that die on the shelf at actual bookstores, if that is any comfort to you)

Wal-Mart is down on retail sales 28% this quarter. Watch for the removal of most sales associates. They will pare it down to stockers and security. Everything else will be up to the customer. Isn't that chilling though? 28% down. First decrease in ten years. Wal-Mart. The unstoppable, American retail giant. . . . .going down.

I have one question. If oil people have ALL the money, and everyone else is broke, including banks, what is that called?

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-Noah Greenberg