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Thursday, August 10, 2006


BP - Beyond Putrid

Is congress actually going to have hearings on the BP disaster in Alaska? It appears so. Congress is reportedly going to ask British Petroleum just how corrosion got to a pipeline that was inspected and reported to be in great shape. We all want to know, too. After all, no one believes that a major energy giant would lie to Alaskan officials. Do we? Amybe they went to the Enron school of busniess.

To keep this all in perspectuve, as I learned on Air America Radio today, the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party led congress, in 1997, heard 140 hours of testimony regarding then President Bill Clinton's Christmas card list. Compare that to the seven hours they spent on the Abu Grahib prison abuse scandal and one can only imagine what kind of hearings BP is in store for.

ANY GOP MEMBER OF CONGRESS: (To Bob Malone, President of BP America, at a congressional Energy and Commerce Committee hearing ) Mr. Malone, just what happened in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay and how do you intend on fixing it?
MALONE: First let me say how very sorry we all are at BP America. It was never our intention to use inferior materials and lie to the Alaskan people about this minor situation. Next, let me say that we are going to fix the pipeline, right after we make a record killing off of this disaster with higher gas prices and gigantic executive bonuses. After all, we have to eat. Finally, with huge grants from the US government, we will clean up and rebuild. Don't worry if we go over budget. The American middle class can handle the bill.
THE GOP MEMBER OF CONGRESS: Well, that's good enough for me. Leave my campaign contribution at the door, Mr. Malone.

Here's what BP really had to say:
"Our priorities moving forward are to assure the safety and integrity of our operating infrastructure, minimize impact on the environment, continue the cooperative working relationship with the relevant agencies and restore production as soon as it is safely and I reinforce safely - possible."

As long as you take care o Number One first. Right, Mr. Malone?

Congress is in recess until September 3, more than three weeks away. You'd think that something with a huge environmental impact which will cost the American consumer billions in extra fuel costs would make these GOP thieves and charlatans want to come back to DC from their assorted Lobbyist-provided junkets to the best golf courses in the world. But, alas, we come last, again.

In his penchant for stating the obvious, Senate Energy Committee Chairman Pete Domenici (R-AZ) had this to say:
"It seems to us that this failure should not have happened,"
-Chairman Pete

I guess Pete had to say something, didn't he?

-Governor Frank Murkowski (R), referring to the many satisfactory maintenance reports from BP America. Maybe Gov.. Frank ought to look into BP's practices instead of saying this:
"BP must get the entire Prudhoe Bay field back up and running as soon as is safely possible,"

Alaska estimates that the closed oil field will cost the 49th state about $6.4 million a day. Governor Murkowski is not happy. Maybe he should call BP on the carpet for this catastrophe. Maybe he should order an immediate investigation, and not wait for September 3, when the House gets back from vacation. Maybe Murkowski should take the drilling rights away from BP and sell it to someone else who might take their ecological and economical more seriously than BP. Is there such a company?

Maybe Governor Frank and the rest of the GOP are so far into the pockets of Big Oil that , like Lobbying reform, this too will all go by the wayside.

-Noah Greenberg

Spinning Terror

"The Department of Homeland Security is taking immediate steps to increase security measures in the aviation sector"
"we cannot be sure that the threat has been entirely eliminated or the plot completely thwarted."
"the United States government has raised the nations threat level to Severe, or Red, for commercial flights originating in the United Kingdom bound for the United States"
"we will also raise the threat level to High, or Orange, for all commercial aviation operating in or destined for the United States"
-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff

Can I have Bernard Kerick back? You know I'd rather see a tough street cop who cheats on his wife and lies about his education than a Conservative Judge who wasn't smart enough to know his limitations. Chertoff's comments, made today after the Brits foiled a possible al-Qaeda plot to blow up ten jets bound for the US, makes terrorism sound new. They ignore the fact that over 3,000 Americans lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and tell us that, through all of the Bush administration spinning and photo ops, that nothing has been done to secure our nation since then.

-What happened to the "immediate steps" that were taken just after 9-11? Were they steps in the wrong direction or in the direction that leads American taxpayer dollars to Bush's war-profiteering buddies?
-What happened to battling them "There" so we won't have to battle them "here"? No only can't we be sure that this threat has been "completely thwarted", but we can't be sure about any threat unless it leads to the lining of the pockets of Bush's "base" of "haves and have mores".
-After raising the threat level on the "Crayola" scale to red, one wonders if the Bushites have to pay former Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge a commission.

Bush's statements are always designed to divide the American people, plant fear in their hearts or uncertainty in their heads.

"This country is safer than it was prior to 9-11,"
-"G"lobal "W"arming Bush

Is it really, GW? Today's statements of uncertainty by Chertoff, FBI Director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Alberto "Geneva Convention" Gonzales don't make it sound that way. maybe I should turn on my "spin-ometer".


Every day I look for something positive to write. And every day i am stuck with the realization that, as long as the Bushites are in office and the congress and senate are in the hands of his do-nothing GOP party mates, there will never be anything positive to write about.


It's truly sad.

-Noah Greenberg

Media Madman
Army Manual to Skip Geneva Detainee Rule

"The Pentagon's move to omit a ban on prisoner humiliation from the basic guide to soldier conduct faces strong State Dept. opposition,"
-Julian E. Barnes, Times Staff Writer, June 5, 2006

Tragic! And only a few years ago the Army issued a field manual based on General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's courteous treatment of prisoners. Look up Chamberlain--later Gov. of Maine and President of Bowdoin College. He was a man of absolute integrity and the honor that comes from truth and justice--one of my heroes. You may remember him from Michael Shaara's wonderful Civil War novel, THE KILLER ANGELS, and/or the excellent movie made from it, GETTYSBURG. What a difference from today.

Several historians have speculated that putting Chamberlain in charge of the surrender ceremony at Appomattox was the smartest thing Grant ever did. His courtesy and sense of dignity, and his refusal to sneer at the Confederates, allowing them to retain their own dignity, sent many of them home ashamed of having made war on the North. The next 20 years could have continued the Civil War as a bloody guerrilla conflict, but it didn't happen. There were a few Jesse James terrorists who would not be reconciled--but, considering the potential, damn few.

-Forwarded and commented by Jenny Hanniver

In response to, "Even the worst of gamblers doesn't always lose, nor does the worst 'schlemiel' always dump his suit on the most unfortunate 'schlimazels,'" Bob F. writes:

It's not a question of dumping his suit; it's what he dumps *on* someone *else's* suit. The schlemiel is the one who trips and spills his beer. The schlimazel is the wearer of said suit that gets bathed in the brew.

Bush and Lieberman are definitely schlemiels. Kerry and Hillary Clinton are schlimazels. IMO, of course.

In response to Senator Joe Lieberman's (D-CT) decision to run as an Independent, Michael Brandes writes:

Lieberman is kissing Bush's (behind). He supports the right-wing conservative Rethuglicans and now he lost on his Democratic bid for his Senate seat. He ought to just run as a Republican.

I agree about the 2000 election. As a Jew, it hurts for me to say this, but if Gore would have selected a non-Jewish candidate to run as his VP, in my opinion, he would have won the election and who knows what we could have been able to avoid and endured during these last 6 years.

Just how does Lieberman justify supporting the so-called Iraq war, anyhow? I know he's Jewish and supports Israel, but it doesn't mean he needs to support whatever Dumbya does. The decision to go into Iraq is why Israel's right-wing PM was so anxious to attack Lebanon: He figured the US helps Israel and they should follow its example.

Joe, here's what you should know: Support Israel, but not the idiot who corrupted his way to the White House 2 times. You have let down your former supporters and the Jewish religion by becoming a supporter of Dumbya's sly, sneaky, dirty regime.

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-Noah Greenberg