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Wednesday, August 9, 2006


In response to my own, "let me say that we progressives shouldn't give up on Joe Lieberman, unless, of course, he chooses to run as an Independent," I  respond to myself:

Well, I guess that bowing out gracefully isn't in Lieberman's vocabulary. he might just have given his Connecticut Senate seat to whoever his GOP challenger might be. I'm severely disappointed in Joe Lieberman.


The question that should be asked isn't "How do they screw up so much? but "Is the constant screwing up by design?" Even the worst of gamblers doesn't always lose, nor does the worst "schlemiel" always dump his suit on the most unfortunate "schlimazels". I ought to know.

But the administration of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush, in a constant spin cycle, always seems to end up on the wrong side of just about every issue.. I mean, even in their usual siding with Israel (what I should consider the only breath of fresh air in this cesspool known as the Bush White House) they seem to get it wrong. Cautioning Israel to "take care" not to kill Lebanese civilians is, after all, is just another spin cycle in the washing machine.

How many times have you heard someone in the White House say that Iraq is either about to be in a civil war, about to be in a full-blown civil war or not in a civil war at all? You can call any one of them a pathological liar at almost any given time.

When a situation arises the Bushites always seem to be there for a quick photo op or sound bite. The fluff is there but the substance is missing.

Today, as many "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party "leaders" realize that the war in Iraq is going as poorly as anyone could have imagined (and I have a pretty good imagination), we hear the Bushites spinning their own brand of observances and predictions. I guess as long as there isn't a "mushroom cloud" over Baghdad, everything is rosy in their sycophantic little minds.

How many of you remember "The Profit" Dick "Go F<---> Yourself" Cheney's prophesizing that "They will be throwing flowers," "We will be greeted in the streets as liberators, and my personal favorite "The insurgency is in its last throes,"?

It's more than just never admitting a mistake publicly, its the inability to even admit it privately.

Taken subject by subject, or error by error, one can really see the damage done by "Bush's Foes of Freedom" and his "Liars to Liberty":

Campaign Finance Reform
Jack Abramoff is going to jail. Tom Delay more than likely will meet him there. When all of these scandals broke, they broke to "The Right". It was the "K"-Street project which forced those who want to do business with the US government to play ball with the Republicans in congress. When they were caught, as most thieves eventually are, they screamed "Setup!" and said things like "I didn't know I couldn't do that." Ignorance of the law may not be an excuse for breaking the law, unless you happen to wear red.

These Greedy bastards said "We're serious about campaign finance reform." Then they put one of the worst thieves in the Senate in charge of it: Senator Rick (I only have a post office box in Pennsylvania" Santorum. The abuse continues.

And speaking of abuse, I'd like you all to think of Randy "The Duck" Cunningham and his extravagances. he will spend eight and a third years in prison. Think about DeLay and his "I am the Law" statement and attitude. Think of Rep. Bob "Representative Number One" Ney (R-OH) who had to drop out of the race for the congressional seat he has held for 12 years, not because of his Abramoff ties or, his chief of staff's conviction or his greedy unethical behavior, but for his "family".

The Economy
It is the prerogative of any elected official is to have those he trusts close to him for advice. "G"lobal "W"arming Bush has a differe nt view: He has only those who agree with him as his advisors. Think back to Dr. N. Gregory Mankiw, the foermer chief economic advisor to the president. he's the guyu who never had a job outside of academia other than that of a sailing instructor one summer a long time ago. I thought it humorous when, back in the Bush 41 days when Daddy Bush didn't know what a bar code scanner was on his lone trip to the supermarket. Little did I know that it was an omen of things to come.

The Bushites have taken a strong economy with a huge surplus and made it into a world-wide laughing stock. For example, during the Bush reign the dollar has gone from over 1.2 Euros per dollar to a mere 77 Euros on the dollar, and the slide continues. Jobs were lost at a dramatic pace and have not come close to what this nation needs to have a thriving, contributing workforce. Good paying jobs are leaving this nation at a staggering rate with former well-employed white collar workers asking "Do you want fries with that?"

We have seen the shift in dollars take the scale to the far right. Bush, who at a fund raiser thought he'd pass along a "funny", called those attending the "haves and have mores", then joked that they're is "base". In retrospect, he was serious.

And now GW promises to cut the deficit which he created in half by 2009. I'd consider it a miracle if it doesn't double by then.

Election Reform
Welcome to the US South, circa 1950. Black people who wish to vote will have to run an obstacle court followed by the gauntlet. In their zeal to make sure only selective votes count, the GOP made sure that people couldn't wouldn't or weren't allowed to vote. Policemen in Florida made the roads in 2000 an maze of roadblocks and coercion while in 2004 Ohio bluer areas had lines of voters who waited over ten ours to exercise their constitutional rights. And if that weren't enough, almost 300,000 votes weren't counted in Cuyahoga County, Ohio where the percentage of voters voted four to one for Democratic challenger John Kerry.

The black box voting machines were both suspicious and ecological. After all, think of how any trees were saved by having no paper trail.

Health Care Reform
The Bush plan for Health Care is "plan to stay healthy". The Bushies don't want to make health care available to all, they want to make it "Affordable" Just how one does that is, of course, a mystery. after all, in order for one to afford health care one needs a job. And despite what the Bushites say (only 4.7 percent of Americans are unemployed and that means that 95.3 percent of America is employed) Americans can't afford to pay for health care all by themselves.

The Bushies are pushing HSA (Health Savings Accounts) so that the Average American can afford to pay for their own health care insurance tomorrow with the money they save today. of course, that is negated by the fact that the Average American can't afford to save any money today. The right won't even discuss health care for all as a policy unless it includes profits by health care for the insurance companies. health care costs have more than doubled since GW has taken office while real wages have fallen. The average American mortgage is higher as are gas and home heating oil prices. Just where is the Average American getting all of this money to pay for all of this stuff, plus health care, huh?

The war in Iraq is the defining moment for the Bush administration. Whereas the war was easily won, if you consider the capture of Saddam Hussein the objective, the rest of it is simply a disaster. Bush ad his cronies have come out with sound bites and photo ops galore without any real victories to speak of. American troop casualties have increased whole Iraqi civilian deaths have risen to hundreds per day. There are death squads run by the Shi'ites and hit squads run by the Sunnis in what could be called nothing less than a civil war being fought along ethnic lines.

One could (and should) say that mis-management mixed with poor planning, lies and spin are a microcosm of the Bush administration as a whole.

There is so much more problems created by the Bushites relating to so many different issues that it's hard to focus on them all at once. War profiteering, the conflict in the middle east, the right-wing media disguising themselves as journalists, etc are just a few more screw-ups of this administration. They have gone unchecked by a GOP-led congress and senate who appear to be more out for their jobs and their own self-interests than the good of their constituents. In my 46th year on this planet, I can truly say that this is the worst government that our nation has ever had to offer to her people.

-Noah Greenberg

An Endorsement

If I lived in New York's 17th US Congressional District, my vote, as does my support, would go out to jess Flagg. I have met Jess at Camp Wellstone's Monmouth College (NJ) visit and can tell all of you that she is progressive, smart and funny. She speaks with the passion minus the bull that we are all too used to by now.

For those of you who vote in New York's 17th, or for those of you who wish to contribute, please read her comments below.

-Noah Greenberg

A Note from Jess Flagg, A Real Democrat for Congress

I just completed my application for endorsement for Democracy For America and to demonstrate net support, I need everyone to encourage them to endorse me. Please go to this link http://www.dfalink.com/campaign.php?id=1816

Getting an endorsement from DFA should help me raise money. I need to get as much money as I can to raise my campaign profile and get information into the hands of the voters!

If any of you want to help, please go my website at http://www.jessicaflaggforcongress.com or you can send me a check payable to :

Jessica Flagg For Congress
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For Light and Peace,

Jessica Flagg
Progressive Democrat for Congress - NY 17th CD
2727 Palisade Ave
Riverdale, NY 10463
tel: (718) 549-4422
fax: (718) 549-2743
C: (917) 613-7382

"...Right now my life is about politics and how to manifest the spiritual values of an enlightened civilization so that we don't destroy each other and the planet through our excessive materialism..."

Blocking Iraq Permanent Bases

Before leaving for the August recess, the Senate voted to block the Pentagon from spending funds in the fiscal year 2007 military budget to establish permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq. Sen. Joseph Biden (DE) sponsored the successful amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5631).

If you recall, the last time this happened the Rethuglican dominated conference committee, that resolves conflicts between House and Senate versions of a bill, took out the resolution. I'll make a prediction that this time it will pass and Bush will use a signing statement to override it.

-Robert Scardapane

In response to, "Although Lieberman tends to be way too friendly with President Bush (that kiss made me sick), I haven't seen him betray his party or his constituency," Robert Scardapane writes:

I am sorry but I can't let this statement stand. Joe Lieberman has been one of the worst Democrats in the Senate.

He voted for social security privatization in 1996. He never came out clearly against Bush's privatization plan in 2004. I followed that situation very closely and wrote multiple letters to Lieberman particularly begging him to take a stand.

He voted for Medicare privatization in 2003 - this allows private industries to compete with Medicare - I just read an article that shows these plans have not lowered costs and indeed have made Medicare more expensive. He voted for Medicare Part D - donut hole and all. He voted for the Bankruptcy Bill. He has not been a proponent of even one universal health care bill.

Joe Lieberman is a Republican with a Democrat after his name. But not anymore as he is registering as an Independent.

Ned Lamont is true to progressive values. The better man won last night and Lieberman could have been a unifier by supporting him; instead, just like any Republican these days, he choose to be divisive.

I don't know how the general race will work out. It is possible that Lieberman may divide the Democratic vote and give the Republicans a shot (though I doubt it). It's also possible that Lieberman may draw Republican support (that does seem to be his true base). I am weary of this sort of political calculus. I support who I think is the best person for the job and that is Ned Lamont.

And Robert adds this "On Lamont and Lieberman":

I did some canvassing for Ned Lamont this past weekend. All in all, the mood of Connecticut voters is that it's time for a change. They are angry at Bush and the Republican party. They see Lieberman as closely aligned with Republicans on key issues. I think they are right. On just about every key issue, Lieberman has aligned himself with Republican ideology. He supports privatization of social security and Medicare. He supports school vouchers. Lastly, he supports Bush's Iraq war.

This past week, K Street lobbyists poured millions into Lieberman's campaign; they don't want their guy in the Democratic party to go away. The Young Republicans came out to canvass for him. This should tell voters everything they need to know about Lieberman; he is a Republican at heart. I think there was a time when Joe was more aligned with Democratic values but he has gone over to the dark side. Maybe it was 9/11 that did it to him, maybe it's the situation in the middle east, maybe he listens to the DLC way too much. At any rate, I am glad Lamont won and not surprised that Lieberman chose to run as an independent. He must realize that he is no longer a Democrat even in name now.

Billie M. Spaight adds to the Lieberman issue this:

Joe Lieberman is a traitor to the values of the Democratic Party. It is politicians like him that have gotten the Democrats in such a confused muddle. We need a bold and strong agenda that we will stick to instead of a confused incrementalist mish-mash of Republican-lite. I would rather vote for a Republican with somewhat liberal but strongly held principles than for a traitor like Lieberman.

Incrementalism will be the death of us and allow the right-wingers to continue their dominance. If the Democrats would stop trying to be Republicans, maybe we would actually get somewhere.

Bruno Corry adds the following:

Well as you can tell from his response to run as and Independent, he is capable of betrayal. Bob Scardapane and I helped out the Lamont campaign this weekend, and I can assure you that even though the war in Iraq was the prime issue for the voterís revolt, that wasnít the only issue as to why Lieberman was in jeopardy. People were concerned that Lieberman was siding with Bush on pocket book and policy issues as well (i.e. Social Security, vouchers, the environment, bankruptcy, credit cards). Lieberman had a good run and served us well, but hasnít kept in step with the progressive direction most Democrats want to take. He took the kiss of death from Bush and like Freido of the God Father, he paid the price.

And Pat Thompson writes:

Well, Joe lost, and he is running as an Independent. So that will surely mean another Republican Senator in Washington. Just what we need. Joe may care more about Joe than this country -- as evidenced by his concurrently running for his Senate seat while running for Vice President. Taking care of #1 first. I have come to believe that he was one of the biggest liabilities Al Gore had during the 2000 campaign. We might have avoided the past six years of the Bush dictatorship had Gore picked someone else.

Yes, I personally loved the fact that he chose a person of the Jewish faith. But not Lieberman. Just like I would be very happy to have a black woman as Secretary of State -- but not Condi. I guess that anyone who kisses Bush's you-know-what, literally or figuratively, is not someone I have any respect for. There is some degree of respectful behavior that all Senators display, but I'll take Barbara Boxer's attitude any day. Just think -- Joe Lieberman is occupying GWB's grandfather, Prescott Bush's Senate seat. He was a Senator from Connecticut.

In response to, "Who recently told CNN that the rapture may be near and it'd be a good idea for people to start taking care of unfinished business," Pat Thompson writes:

With the President having his finger on the nuclear button, they certainly could bring about the rapture all right. And Israel could be forced to use their nuclear weapons. And with global warming, the planet is in trouble. It could be a self-fulfilling prophecy for these end times nutcases.

And in response to, "I can only hope Rosenberg was exaggerating and that Snow's reluctance to talk about "advisors" brought in to the White House to chat about the Middle East had nothing to do with writers of apocalyptic fiction.," pat Thompson writes:

The joke might be on them, after they've really wrecked the place and ruined the planet, that they and their offspring will be here -- "left behind".

And in response to, "I am a Christian--a leftist Catholic in the Dorothy Day tradition--so I hope Christ forgives me when I say that I think inviting rapturists to the White House to debate foreign policy is not unlike when Nancy Reagan had the astrologists in to decide foreign policy, " Pat Thompson writes:

I think the astrologers would be far less destructive.

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-Noah Greenberg