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Today's Note From a Madman

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Had my father, Abraham Greenberg, lived, today would have been his 86th birthday. Sadly, he died on March 13, 1975.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Here's to your memory and spirit. May it live in your grandson and granddaughters for years to come.

-Noah Greenberg

Today's Quote

"I think that (everyone who opposes the policies of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush) thinks that America is the single biggest problem in the world"
-Laura "I Wanna-Be Ann Coulter, Please" Ingram, in response to Bill "Luffa Boy" O'Reilly's question "Is it just that (everyone who opposes the policies of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush) hates George W. Bush?"

That's funny... I think that you two (Bill and Laura), and those like you, are "the single biggest problem in the world".


Hey "Luffa-Boy"... Why don't you ask "Ms. Wanna-Be" to your home for a private show. Is anyone using the shower?

-Noah Greenberg


"I have revealed Rove's name because his attorney has divulged the substance of our conversation, though in a form different from my recollection,"
-Robert "Am I Still Employed?" Novak

Karl "The Traitor" Rove's "people" said that they found out the name of Valerie Plame, and undercover CIA operative whose husband, Former Ambassador Joe Wilson, had the temerity to tell the truth about a fake Saddam-Africa-Nuclear material connection from Novak. Today, Novak said it was the other way around.

"There was not much of a difference" between ours and Novak's version of the story,
-Mark Corallo, Rove's attorney

Maybe Mr. Corallo has a hearing problem. Or maybe he'll just keep lying until the American people begin to believe the lie rather than the truth. And why not? It's worked before for Rove, GW and the rest of the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party.

Novak has been cooperating with Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Although always stating that he had done nothing wrong, the ultra-conservative columnist knew enough to make sure his "A" was "C"ed.

Rove appears to no longer be a target of Fitzgerald's investigation due to his "cooperation". I wonder just how "cooperative he is being.

"I have cooperated in the investigation while trying to protect journalistic privileges under the First Amendment and shield sources who have not revealed themselves,"

Gag me with a spoon, will ya'? It's reprehensible for these guys to hide behind their first amendment journalist integrity rights as he revealed real information that led the outing of an undercover CIA operative whose expertise is in Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Novak is a coward with a need to stay relevant and Rove is a traitor, plain and simple.

-Noah Greenberg

A Simple Voting Idea
Incorporating the Paper Trail

-A voter comes into vote using one of the newer machines (you know... the ones that don't offer any paper trail, at least as of now)
-They vote
-A 2-part receipt, with a perforation, comes out
-They compare the 2 parts to make sure they voted for whom they say they voted for
-They tear the receipt at its perforation and put one end in a paper ballot box (only to be opened if a hand-count is necessary)
-When they get home, they can log onto a government website, put in the unique receipt number, and view their ballot
-If there are any discreapncies, there'll be a toll-free number to call or, if they perfer, there will be an online form to fill out.

-Noah Greenberg

They're At It Again

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- U.S. President George Bush is asking Congress to pass the line-item veto and to cut entitlement spending.

Bush, speaking Tuesday after the release of improved federal deficit figures, said the best way to deal with the 'short-term deficit' is the line-item veto but the bigger problem lies down the road in 'the unsustainable growth in spending for entitlement programs; mandatory programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.'

He said he sought the presidency to solve such problems and now Congress 'needs to feel that same sense of obligation. The time of playing politics with Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid is over. We need to fix this for younger generations of Americans to come.'

The U.S. House has passed a presidential line-item veto and Bush urged the Senate to take similar action. He said such a device would be a 'collaborative effort between the two branches of government, all aimed at making sure we can earn the trust of the taxpayers.'


Bush is at it again. If the Democrats don't gain a majority in the House/Senate this year, I fully expect the Republicans to attempt to privatize social security in 2007. Medicare and Medicaid are next. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Bush was arrogant enough to force major cuts in social security, Medicare and Medicaid using this line item veto that the House stupidly gave him.

-Forwarded and Commented by Robert Scardapane

Iraq's Cycle of Violence

A cycle of violence can be seen in the Iraq occupation. America trained Shia death squads. These militia commit atrocities against the Sunni. The Sunni retaliate against the Shia resorting to their own atrocities. Meanwhile, our troops are caught up in the middle and have participated in atrocities such as Haditha. Our troops are the targets of Sunni revenge.

This is no low level civil war - it's outright destruction and mayhem. The only sensible course of action is to re-deploy now. The Shia and Sunni must be forced to settle their differences - hopefully with help from their Arab neighbors. As long as we blatantly favor one side, the Shia, there can be no peace.

-Robert Scardapane

Learning From History?

Maybe it needs someone like me, who's lived in the South (and in stultifying Southern California) 1/3 of a lifetime, to recognize the screaming danger we are ALL in if the Voting Rights Act goes out of business--not only African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Haitians and all other immigrants, not only Native Americans, although these people (as always) will be separated out and stomped on first. I've been worried from the 1964 Goldwater Convention onward, especially from the late 70s, that the NeoCons are in fact NeoConfederates hiding behind a smiley facade of phony "religion" and fake "conservatism". As Bertram Gross characterized them, they come on publicly as "Friendly Fascists" while gradually slipping a 15-iunch knife out of its sheath behind everyone's back.

NeoCons indeed do hate liberalism, but they would happily also destroy every single dictum of genuine conservatism--which in fact they've done and continue to do--to fulfill their hearts' desires. I think we all know by now what their shriveled little hearts really want. The Southern states were Fascist while I was growing up, and some of their politicians will not rest until they regain Daddy's good old boy white male super-privileges. They will NOT for very long permit freedom for anyone except white-skinned Euro-American heterosexual males of the most extreme pseudo-Christian Bible-idolatrous persuasion. Women, persons of color, Jews and gays who think they, too, share the in-jokes and wear the Old School Tie have a big shock in store for them when the massive lockups begin, tear gas and water-cannons sweep the streets of protestors, and blood starts running when vigilantes race through nice suburban neighborhoods with enclaves of liberal voters.

In the mid-60s, as rights began to expand to people who should always have enjoyed them in a supposedly "free" country, NeoCons (not yet under that name) immediately began to meet and plot how to destroy these rights--and destroy American society, culture and the comfortable middle-class economy as well, along with scribbling a total re-write of our history, traditions, religions and values. We now know that their leaders, including Ronald Reagan, have all along believed that the world won't last much longer anyhow, and in the meantime following a crazed Fuhrer allows them to believe they are permitted to do literally anything, no matter how outrageous or murderous.

I feel guilty that I didn't do enough when there was time. Yes, I've been worried for years. Many of you were, too. Down deep, whether we called ourselves liberals, conservatives or independents, we realized that it was no exaggeration to state that the NeoCon claim of "patriotism" was odd, because they so obviously don't fit any standard definition applied to traditional Americans. That's because they are not Americans. They are Confederates, which means reactionary traitors, the kind who've always despised the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all law that doesn't suit their convenience. But we didn't say it very often or yell it loudly enough, did we? Maybe we didn't say it at all because we were suspicious of extremism and embarrassed by the accusation of "un-Americanism" which Joe McCarthy debased. So, even though we knew there could be enemies from within, "un-Americans," we avoided criticisms that sounded immoderate and extreme. We lulled ourselves and everyone else to sleep when we should have been eternally vigilant--and outspoken.

By now we should all realize who the enemy are and what they intend to do. We can no longer bask in "feel-good" and turn away from politics and current events. The NeoCons have made enough gains to tell themselves they are invincible, and they will not stop. Let's not be either Good Germans or Naive German Jews. Under current trends, with a NeoCon Executive, Congress and Judiciary, with docile Democratic leadership, with corruption eating every Republican-run state government and many run by Democrats as well, the United States has little more than four more years of genuine existence. We must work, work, WORK, to get as many NeoCons as possible out of Congress in November, then get Bush and Cheney impeached if possible, and completely re-orient the Democratic Party to begin paying attention to people--or start a new political party of the people, by the people, and for the people. But I fear that with the permeation of massive NeoCon voting corruption, and the brain-dead public political apathy caused by Democrats sitting on their fat fannies and almost total mass-media collusion, it may be too late.

Just so you know I haven't quite lost a sense of humor--I'm thinking of changing my first name to "Cassandra."

-Jenny Hanniver

In response to "More Thoughts on Hillary Clinton", Jenny Hanniver writes:

Why are men pushing Hillary Clinton for President? God forbid!

As for this analysis, it's comical. Leave it to a guy to try to "analyze" us gals. But we aren't so Jung and easily Freudened nowadays. "Upper middle class"--pleeuzz! That's a small minority of a minority, with little clout even in their gated communities. Even if they did, most of the well-to-do ("upper middle class") women I know are well educated and politically savvy. But then I live in Philly, where most voters of all classes, colors and neighborhoods, especially the women, are pretty shrewd.

A woman doesn't need to be upper middle class these days to dislike Hillary Clinton. I haven't been well off for 18 years, and since retirement, I'm dirt poor. In any case, the important women are the ones who speak out and command respect in their communities and in the nation--academics and writers, political women, community leaders, movers & shakers, who range from upper-class down to poor-but-proud in this screwed-up economy. Some work outside the home, some prefer to raise a family, some want no children, some want lots of kids by birth or adoption, some are straight, some are lesbian, some are conventionally respectable, some kick over the traces--it's their choice. The point is that women in general, and the community leaders in particular, have demonstrated a capacity to be far more politically shrewd than male voters.

Almost all of these women admired Hillary in 1992 and respected Bill for marrying someone they believed to be a sister, a strong, intelligent woman, not a wimp like Pat Nixon or a rich snob like Queen Bush I. Every woman I knew in 1992 seemed to like Hillary, and I shared that view--although it turned out to be our mistake. I lost most of my respect for her when she botched the health care reform, and so did a LOT of others. "Once burnt, twice shy." Men can never adequately rationalize her incompetent amateurish management, and might as well not try. We women and children are the ones who primarily suffer from this country's pernicious health care. That's because women work harder at more physically strenuous labor during our working years and thus live a lot longer than male couch potatoes and golf-cart riders.

I gained back some respect for Hillary when she wrote (or someone wrote) her book IT TAKES A VILLAGE, which contained many good ideas although nothing especially new, but it was a worthwhile book. Now she's inherited those God-awful DLC handlers who spout the same tired GOP-clone crappola that wrecked the last two presidential campaigns. (We enjoyed Bill because he usually used his handlers quite skillfully, and only now and then did they use him.) They're sure using Hillary. As their mouthpiece, she blatts all manner of destructive NeoCon nonsense I can't possibly support. Worst of all is her warmongering, but there's her failure to work for real election reform, her thoughtless one-sided support of Israel, and much more. There probably are some women who still like Hillary--but I don't know any personally.

"Twice burnt, never again!" Not Hillary! No way. She can't win, anyhow. When you are suspected of hypocrisy and lies by both conservatives and liberals, there's no possibility of getting off the starting marker.

In response to "Women basically hate each other", Billie M. Spaight writes:

I cannot imagine what a loveless world the author comes from. It sounds ghastly to me. It sounds like she is living in Hell. I love my friends and sisters. I love my mother and my aunts and I love my sister-in-law. I love her mom and her sisters too.

Hate other women. You gotta be kidding. The only think I hate about women is when they put up with crap that they shouldn't take from anybody else.

There are bad men and bad women. But for heaven's sake, it's really TIME to STOP stereotyping people by their race, religion, gender, gender orientation, disability, nationality, etc. It's time to meet people as individuals without negative preconceptions.

Don't judge me because I have breasts and a vagina. I am first and foremost a human being before anything else applies.

And Dorothy Schwartz writes:

Is the Author serious?? She should speak for herself, not "women." Because she doesn't describe me, or the women I know. The long lines at women's rooms, and perhaps the Author doesn't realize this, is because women have certain operations they have to do in going to the bathroom, that men do not. It thus takes a bit longer. As far as deliberately taking longer, if the Author does this, then she deserves to wait. I've been in many public restroom lines and know that I and other women hurry so others don't have to wait as long. But enough about this -- I think there are more important things going on in the world right now. Like what is happening to the women in Iraq. And the women in the U.S. military who are being sexually harassed and abused (by men).

In response to, "I believe in
God, but that is a private thing and I think RELIGION should STAY privatized," Rhian writes:

I absolutely agree, and am sure that without the protection of the Constitution, it is not possible.

I believe that the Bush administration has done everything they can to hijack Christianity and use it for political purposes to lull the majority of Americans while organizing a governmental body that will more than resemble a dictatorship, in the interests of globalists.

I also believe the Bush administration has done everything they can to hijack Islam, and use them to destroy Constitutional rights as well as the equality of the three branches of power under the guise of 'safety.'

In response to, "Name me one American who doesn't condemn terrorists," Pat Thompson writes:

Ted Kazinski, the Unabomber, who was a home grown terrorist, now in jail who targeted executives of companies that raped and plundered the environment. In his mind, he was a true American. Too bad their secretaries opened the mail bombs. But people have to begin to realize that the powerless and those who feel they are being oppressed will use any means available -- "no justice, no peace". I certainly done condone or appreciate people being blown up. But I do wonder what our government, and other powerful governments, have done to people to make them want to strap on explosives and blow themselves and others up, or fly a plane into a building -- just to strike a blow against those powers. If only we were doing more to lessen poverty and injustice, and less to use our power to drop big (we are the big time terrorists) bombs on countries like Iraq, occupying Iraq, making the oil companies rich by supporting an evil empire in Saudi Arabia -- on and on. Perpetual war to enrich the weapons manufacturers and companies like Halliburton. I have no idea what the gripe is in India, but they have centuries old feuds going on, and the enemies we are making now will be striking our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Perhaps I should have said "Name me one American who doesn't condemn terrorists who isn't a terrorist himself (or herself)." -NG

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-Noah Greenberg