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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Immigration - Quick and to The Point

If I had to prioritize immigration, I would say:

1- Border enforcement
2- Convicting employers of illegals
3- Enforcing the law against illegals (deportment when appropriate particularly for drug dealers and other law breakers)
4- Stop ruining the economy in South American nations - end NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO agreements that turn the corporatist vultures loose against defenseless people.

I betcha you will never hear either party talk this plainly. That's why Madman is so good!

-Robert Scardapane


Who doesn't like a compliment? -NG

Alaska - Leave Your Pot in Canada, eh?

Alaska has the most lenient marijuana policy in the nation. Possession of up to four ounces in one's home is not a crime, and it has been that way since 1975. In their decision, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the right to privacy outweighed the dangers of small amounts of the semi-controlled substance. However, the Murkowski family views it in a different way. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is in for a challenge to keep her senate seat and, I guess, her and her father, Governor Frank Murkowski (R) want to rally the "Anti-Freedom-Fighters" in their state and around the country to their cause. Forget unemployment and health care... We have to clean out the potheads!

Now, when "Frankie-Boy" won the governor's race in the 49th state, it was his prerogative to pick anyone he chose to replace him. What a fortuitous coincidence that the best candidate for the job was his daughter, Lisa.


"Daddy, I want to be senator."

Is it just me, or can anyone else hear the "All in the Family" theme song playing in the background?

Although the US Supreme Court upheld the criminalization of marijuana nationwide, many states have their own laws governing its use, mostly for medicinal purposes. It will be interesting to see how the most Libertarian (as in "leave-us-alone) state in the Union, and her people who strive on individuality, will take to this new law when it passes the state's Republican led legislature. Personally, I find it ironic that the party of "conservatism" seeks to put restraints on long-ago earned personal freedoms.

And what I find even more interesting is whether Former two-term Governor Tony Knowles (D-AK) can beat the younger Murkowski for her "hereditary" seat in the senate, and how this issue will influence the election, if at all.

(Maybe we should call the Gov. Frank Murkowski "King Frank I" and Sen. Lisa Murkowski "Princess Lisa". I'm sure that's how they must think of themselves.)

But why now? Why is a time-tested, 30-year-old law that seemed to offend nobody in Alaska being challenged now? My guess is that the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party-led Murkowski's need a wedge issue, and since "religion" and "choice" seem to be all the rage in the lower 48, they need to make their own hay, so to speak. Somewhere someone in the "I-Don't-Wanna-Live-There-'Cause-it's-So-Freekin'-Cold" state took a poll and pot smoking was a good enough " make 'em forget about Iraq, poor jobs, ANWR drilling, etc" issue to rally their frozen troops and change the focus..

It is, after all, the "Rovian" (as in Karl "The Traitor" Rove) thing to do.

In a nation where real wages are going down, disposable income is non-existent and one out of every six people have no health care coverage, the "Alaskan Sopranos" have decided it was time to take on the victimless crime of smokin' a doobie. What's next? The "We Like Dogs" campaign?

All those in favor of restricting personal freedoms stand to the right.


All those in favor of restricting personal freedoms, including religion and choice stand to the far, far right. The line forms behind anyone names Murkowski.

-Noah Greenberg

Slowly Solving Health Care
One State at a Time

Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) signed the Massachusetts Health Care Bill minus the $295 uninsured employee provision. I guess they have a line-item veto there in the land of the Red Sox. The law, as it was presented to him, would fine an employer with more than ten employees, an annual fee of $295 per year, per employee for any uninsured employees. Romney, a Republican, proved his big business mettle by saying the fee is "unnecessary".

"It's a very small feature of this bill. It's a very insignificant and unnecessary and, in some respects, counterproductive element of this bill. It applies to a tiny number of employers, and it raises a very small amount of money relative to the scale of this entire proposal. So I don't think it's necessary."

Of course, what Romney says and what he does really doesn't matter in this case. The bill is veto-proof. Romney gets to keep a no-tax promise while saying he is the governor of a state with the most inclusive health care system in the nation. All this while he's planning a run at the 2008 "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party nomination to be the guy who has to start the Bush clean-up, or maybe just keep the "status-quo".

To my knowledge, there are three states with any kind of health care plans designed to help the masses. New York has had a plan to cover every child in the state, regardless of their parents' situations for many years. The Empire State's health care policy also allows for businesses (groups) to file for group health care if they have only two persons in the company, and only one needing insurance. New Jersey recently passed a bill that would allow any child, under the age of 30, to be left on their parent's health care plan as long as they aren't married and still live at home. And now we have the Mass plan.

What do all of these plans have in common? They all come from Blue States. While Red America states, like Kansas, are trying to limit their citizens' freedoms prior to (or instead of) doing the actual business of their people, Blue America is making the health and welfare of their citizens their first priority. Similarly, while Missouri tries to make the "Show-Me" state the "Christians Only" state, and South Dakota's new anti-choice laws could, conceivably imprison pregnant women, we'll just help treat our sick here in the Blue States.

Stay healthy... Stay Blue... How are you going to vote in '06?

-Noah Greenberg

In response to "Skilling can tap dance all he wants to, but he's got a long way to go and a whole lot of lies to tell and convince everyone of before he can escape his fate," Rhian writes:

Ever seen a movie called My Blue Heaven with Steve Martin? He does a perfect imitation of Skilling, except, I've probably got it backward.

Today's Quote

"This will enable people to get on with their lives,"
-FEMA's Donald Powell, the chief federal coordinator for Gulf Coast hurricane recovery

What Mr. Powell (or is that Donnie-Boy?) is talking about is raising certain homes and businesses in New Orleans about three feet off the ground so future flood waters wouldn't do as much damage as Hurricane Katrina's flood waters

Hey, "Donnie-Boy". The water rose to the second floor in some communities. Why not put the hole town on stilts or put those building on pontoons, huh? Stall, stall, stall... That's all these guys know how to do

-Fix the levees and make them Category 5 Proof
-Tear down the decaying and beyond repair damaged homes and building
-Supply the money for rebuilding
-Elect a new group of Senators and Congressmen who care

That ought to do it.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg