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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today's Bush Quote in the Lead

“Decision-makers make decisions”
-"G"lobal "W"arming Bush to a friendly audience

Duh! One of the many mundane, uninsightful statements by Bush who was speaking at the Freedom House on Wednesday. He started off with a long rendition of the atrocities of Saddam, recounting a slew of stories and details on Saddam’s horrible deeds. It was almost as if he wanted to instill terror in his listeners (could this be!) to put them in a state of fear, perhaps to make them more accepting of his renewed pleas about the “rightness” of invading and occupying Iraq. It was pandering of the highest degree to an audience that included many immigrants as indicated when they identified themselves in the Q&A.

Following his self-serving speech he took questions from a Bush-friendly audience who all asked questions that he wanted to hear. None of the questions were rigorous. As usual, Bush went off on many tangents and a number of times lapsed into scolding and angry tones that chastised listeners (probably mostly meant for TV listeners) professing that he knows what he is doing, he is thinking a lot about everything, expects to be judged positively in 30 years, he is working hard, and wants everyone to know that his decisions come from what he believes. His scolding tones punctuated his talk of peace and freedom which undermined his message, but we are used to that. In many other moments he lapsed into his goofy kidding and even congratulated himself when he was funny – at one point he said “topic de jour” and stopped to praise himself on using it which generated some laughter and he then commented he didn’t want to ruin his image using such sophisticated phrases. He need not fear!

It is sad that even when I agree with Bush on general areas (e.g. importance of freedom, Iraqi’s standing up for themselves, freedom of women, etc.) it is difficult to listen to him with all the rhetoric, goofballness, smiling at the exact wrong moments, sarcasm, insincerity, and sometimes unintelligible responses. I keep hoping he might come off as presidential and most of the time, like this one, I am severely disappointed. I keep thinking if all of what has transpired with this administration were written in a book without identifying as republican or democrat that many of the people under the Bush spell would easily reject him as a leader. But lacking that objective opportunity to judge, his followers have somehow found ways to justify all that he is and does maybe in reaction to their own strong need to maintain their identification as republicans. What I deem as goofy, sarcastic, and unintelligent they see as endearing and familiar. I continue to be somewhat baffled at this and how a chunk of this country still hangs on the words of this leader who is so obviously lacking.

-Casey Sweet

And Ted Turner Up Next

''We can't afford the war in Iraq. This is a big waste of time.''
-Ted Turner

We can't afford it in dollars and the loss of our children's' lives. I concur, Mr. Turner. Now stop talking while you're ahead.

-Noah Greenberg

Stopping Illegal Immigration

Let me put my thoughts on immigration as clear and succinctly as I possibly can. I believe that fences make good neighbors, and so does nature. In 1959, the US and Canada opened the St. Lawrence Seaway. Its purpose was to connect the Midwest to the Atlantic Ocean for shipping using a series of canals and lochs and, of course, the Great Lakes. It is about 2400 miles long.

I propose that the US government should commission a study which would widen and extend the Rio Grande, the river that separates Texas from Mexico. I believe the Army Corp of Engineers should look at this possible project and tell us all of its feasibility. The extension of the Rio Grande from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean would create employment opportunities for both Mexican and American workers ; it would create a much more impassible barrier and help alt much of the illegal immigration that we now have; and it could become a shipping lane to rival the Panama Canal. And, as an added bonus, we could use the soil to rebuild the barrier islands that used to protect New Orleans and other underlying areas of the Gulf Coast.

Next, I would surrender to the fact that there are at least 11 million illegal immigrants living and working in the United States. They're here.... Get used to it. It would take many years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars (if not billions) to find and deport all of these people who came here just to make a better life for themselves and their children (like our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did). It's time to accept those who are here and make them part of the fabric that is America.

A third thing we'll need to do is to enforce the laws that prohibit the hiring of illegal immigrants. Employers who do should be subject to large fines and possible jail terms. It would be easy to find the employers who are doing this: They're the ones not paying their employees' disability insurance, as most, if not all states require. There are legal avenues to for people to come into America... They should use them.

We also need to have more border guards to patrol our borders, enforce our laws and help keep us safe. We should penalize governments who willingly advise their people to go to America because they can't handle their own people and their economy.

Additionally, we need to provide a national health care system so our hospital emergency rooms won't be jammed with the indigent and uninsured.

A day/Guest worker program only will encourage the ability of unscrupulous US employers to take advantage of our neighbors south of the border. It will also keep US wages for current US citizens low while stuffing the pockets of the already rich. Smart and caring thinkers will need to study and enact preogressive programs, but it will have to wait until we have smart and caring  people in office once again.

-Noah Greenberg

Mexican-American Democrats

It is time for the Democratic party to define itself as the party which cares for the new and soon-to-be new citizens of these United States: Mexican-Americans. There is now a generation of these new Americans in the United States today and there will be more of them in the future. Similar to the Cuban-Americans who came to the US, the children of these immigrants born in the US are US citizens, and there are a lot of them.

Many people think the Democratic Party lost the Cuban-American support when the Justice Department under President Bill Clinton sent Illian Gonzales back to his father in Cuba. This gave Fidel Castro a "win" against the US and a slap in the face of the Cuban-Americans who wanted the little boy to live, as his mother (who died on that same raft trip from Cuba to the Florida which brought little Illian over) wished him to live, in the United States. He would have been able to stay with relatives in Miami.

The Bush administration is giving this new, large community to the Democratic party and it is necessary for Democratic Party leaders to stake them. They can do so by standing up for their human rights.

The Democratic party should get the ball rolling on Health Care for all. These people coming into this country, whether it be by legal or illegal means are using our hospital emergency rooms as their primary care doctors' offices. A national healthcare program will help alleviate this problem.

The Democratic party should insist on fair wages for all people in this country. They should call for more INS, IRS and Department of Labor officials to check and make sure that minimum wage laws, fairness in the workplace laws and child labor laws, among others, are followed by employers who might otherwise want to take advantage of these people.

The Democrats should watch out for these people because it is the right thing to do.

I am for these people to earn their place in American Society, much like the US Senate Judiciary voted today. But more importantly, we should make sure those who would hire "illegals" to take unfair advantage of them are brought to justice with high penalties and jail terms.


The problem with illegal immigration is demand, not supply.

To ignore the fact that these immigrants are here is to keep them in the shadows where they cannot contribute to the US society and economy as they should. To ignore the fact that many of their children will become US citizens is to ignore a new voting block that will be in search of a party.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to "How dare Fox News Channel's website exclude all of the good that the Bush administration is doing in Iraq. How dare these members of the so-called "Liberal" main stream media not show that new tree planted in the Green Zone, or the extra five minutes of electricity that the "Coalition of the Willing" were able to provide to the Iraqi people. How dare Fox News not show us all how well things are going in Iraq," Dorothy Schwartz writes:

I didn't have a chance to read Madman Monday because I was attending a presentation by, and then hosting, an Iraqi pharmacist and her Code Pink escort. I wish you could have met and heard Dr. Entesar Mohammad Ariabi, who spoke about the devastating impact of the war and occupation on Iraq and in particular on the health care system. She is a beautiful, soft-spoken woman, but very direct and forthright, and with such sadness in her eyes. Meeting her has left me feeling overwhelmed, but more determined in anti-war activism. She showed slides of injured and dead children, and told of families devastated. Two of the women Code Pink wanted to sponsor were not granted visas by the U.S. The reason? They both had lost all their children to U.S. shooting, and were told that since they had no families any more, there was no guarantee that they would return to Iraq. The following is the closing quote from an essay, "Cold storage for Iraqi corpses" written by Dr. Ariabi:

"Since the day I arrived in the United States, people ask me if I have any hope. Of course. No one can live without hope. My one sliver of hope lies with the American people. No other force in the world can make the American troops leave our country. No other force in the world can make this government hear our cries. Please don't let us down."

The below comments, and some of those from the past few days have bothered ma a lot. I found much of them to be lacking in sympathy and empathy (in the least) and to be stereotypical and bigoted (at its worst). Nevertheless, this is an open forum and I feel it necessary to print the following, although I don't feel good about it. -NG

In response to "Mexican in the US", Rhian writes:

Most Mexicans particularly, believe that Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas belong to them. They have created organizations like Brown Power, affiliated with Mexican American attorneys, and swagger about the Southwest, refusing to speak English, fully intending that one way or another, PityMe parties, breeding, whining, being offended, rioting, and throwing themselves across the border to give birth, they are going to take it back.

Mexican flags are appearing all over Arizona, where they work on farms, restaurants, etc, with the words under them 'my land'

They take jobs that Americans want and need. Many of those jobs are in formerly highly paid construction trades. The group of people they hurt the most, regardless of race, are single moms, who are citizens of the US. This would include me. My wages are now half what they were ten years ago. The next biggest goup they hurt the most are American girls, too dumb to know better, who allow them to date and then impregnate them.

While the American collects welfare for her and him and their child, the Mexican male, working in construction for upward of $30,000 per year, sends his paychecks to Mexico where he has a wife and from four to ten kids.

I really hate all men who think they should marry this one, (expletive deleted -NG) that one, get another one pregnant, etc. etc. etc. Scum.

When it is time to have the baby, the state (tax payer) pays with a program called AHCCES.

This scenario is played out by the millions all over the Southwest. AZ loses between $30 and $80 million out of the state economy this way every year. None of the invaders intend to learn English, become American, pay taxes or obey laws. They rape, if they get a chance. They throw garbage everywhere. They are all infected with ghiardia and pollute our water with it. Ghiardia is Montezuma's revenge for the rest of your life. They are all infected with it because in Mexico, crops are fertilized with human waste. They steal, and are, according to City of Phx crime stats, perpetrators of about 80% of all crimes committed. (in AZ)

In Arizona, one of four most dangerous states thanks to the presence of illegals, making it a felony to be an illegal would almost be moot, as most are felons here anyway. They all carry controlled substances, will all sell drugs, to anyone. All of them. Every one of them.

They don't work hard. They work fast, sometimes as if possessed by demons, but the quality of that work is horrible. They are extremely hard on tools, equipment, and vehicles.
Most of them don't know how to use them, and so frequently break them.

Their food prep habits are a nightmare. They think nothing of changing a baby's diapers on the same tables and counters where they fix food. They don't wash hands after toilet.
They don't understand clean water, or refrigeration.

But, never mind the Mexicans. Consider just the fact that our federal government officials, Constitutionally charged with border security, are deliberately effecting the opposite, and acting as enemies of American citizens and allies of Mexicans who wage a passive resistive war of invasion against those same citizens? This state of affairs is a fact in the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

The thing is Noah, immigration is not the same thing that is going on at our border.

Immigration by law is a good thing. Hordes of illegals who pour over our Southern border in defiance of US law, in order to establish a presence that will in ten years force American citizens either off their lands, or to become citizens of the territory they will claim as Mexico, is the real war of the US.

Not Iraq. Not Afghanistan. And it's a sorry thing that Senator John McCain has become traitorous to the people who elected him (and it wasn't illegals).
Kennedy is an idiot and there is nothing idiotic he can do that would surprise or disappoint.

And in direct response to Steve in North Carolina, Rhian adds:

You are absolutely right.

And I have a couple of ideas. It is evident that the Senate will stir the pot of illegal invasion, and do nothing but make things worse for citizens, like surgeons who try to cure cancer with a scalpel, and end up putting the disease straight into the blood stream.

As an electrician (commerical/industrial) for 20 years, I've had tens of thousands of hours of dealing with illegals on every job site in the construction industry.

It is true that they won't use portapotties, and will go in the corners of whatever room they happen to be working on. It is also true that they will literally try to piss on women who are working the trades. It is also true that they will attempt rape, of women who are working the trades, and will stand for many working hours drawing extensive and insulting cartoons of women working the trades.

They have halved wages over the past five years. They have contributed significantly to an overall undermining of the quality of construction, because they are unskilled, and when skilled, trying to build with metrics rather than the engineering quotients of the US. A Mexican engineer barely qualifies as a journeyman in the US. Mexicans and other Hispanics build heaps of metal, wood and drywall where fire code, electrical NEC codes, and OSHA safety codes have been totally ignored.

I have literally seen hundreds of recordable accidents caused by the inability and will of the Mexican and Hispanic illegal to speak English on jobsites.

I think it would be worth pursuing to require at least a sixth grade English literacy level of non-citizens on every jobsite in the US, through OSHA, and make the fines to general contractors exorbitant when accidents have been caused by the presence on any jobsite of lack of literacy.

It would be worthwhile to make inquiries when involved in the purchase of any house or commerical building, if that structure was built by unskilled non-citizen labor. People interested in decreasing the presence of illegals can make a point about this with real estate agents. When the point is driven home to real estate agents, they will make a difference.

People who intend to build a house can ask general contractors and subcontractors if they hire illegal immigrants and demand that they not be present on the jobsite.

If Mexicans and other Hispanics are forced out of construction in these types of ways, their number will reduce. The level of billions being sent out of the country to families by these workers will reduce.

An electrical sub can hire me, or my counterpart for $20 to $30 per hour. I will make sure the job gets done right, to NEC code, to fire code, to spec code and to a quality that is expected in the US. That same electrical sub can hire a Mexican engineer, who might actually use the gray wire for neutral in a high volt three phase system, if a citizen electrician apprentice reminds him that we have a color code here, but can be paid anywhere from $8 to $14 per hour, and grovel to the boss at all opportunities.

If I am put in the hospital because an ironworker took off my lockout tagout, flipped on a breaker and downline I took a 480 volt jolt, there will be serious repurcussion to the general, from OSHA. This is a recordable accident and all sorts of shit hits the fan.

If that Mexican engineer (illegal) is hurt or even killed, by that same process, it's a wash for all involved. It will get buried.

It sort of gets down to some serious consideration of what sort of country we want to have? Poorly built hovels with a 10 year lifespan, and the chaotic garbage that Mexican and other Hispanic culture foists into their environment, with a free OSHA ride for corporate no matter who gets taken to the hospital or morgue, or. . . .

100 year specs built by professionals, that are safe, whether they contain silane or argon,or sodium nitrates, or acids, or irreplaceable art, or documents, or one's children. A society of well paid employees who maintain lifestyles that are orderly (when compared with crime and slime infested lifestyles of Mexican and other Hispanics) and have healthy financial impact on support businesses, like a store that might sell Carharts.

And yeah, beer. Or Harleys. Nice firearms. Good boots. Levis. Wool socks. Real tools, like Kleins (for electricians) and bags for them. (None of which can be bought at WalMart, except the beer)

A microchip manufacturing plant has a seven mile kill radius, if even one system gets out of control due to shoddy, unskilled, illegal workmanship.

We have not even begun to see the tip of the iceburg of negative impact of Mexican and other Hispanic construction work being done in the US. But when Kennedy's house falls in on him, from a shaker (earthquake 2.4 on the Richter scale) like it would have if he lived in Mexico, maybe even that thick headed bastard, will understand.

What American citizen construction workers understand, is that all we need to do at the border is shoot them. They'll stop coming. And if they can't get jobs here, they'll leave. Meantime, some OSHA support for safety on jobsites by eliminating all of them who won't or can't speak, read and write English on at least a sixth grade level, would go a long way toward solving several problems.

ps. We (American citizens) will not go quietly into the night. There are many millions more of us than there are of 'them' and when we do take action, it won't be a noisy, whining parade in red shirts.

Are you getting this NSA or should I make my type size bigger? Message for Kennedy, Keep It Simple Stupid. Message for McCain. What the HELL are you thinking!!!!!!

There is no comparison between the kids you played basketball with and the hundreds of thousands of Mexicans and other Hispanics that are drowning the American Southwest.

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-Noah Greenberg