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Monday, March 27, 2006

Former Ambassador Joe Wilson Quotes in the Lead

"It still amazes me when I still see that drunk Bill Kristol on tv every week still spewing the same nonsense he was spewing 3 years ago."
"Drive a stake through the heart of every single neoconservative, if that's what it takes."
"Zalmay Khalilzad? I'd like to punch him right in the face."
"Scooter Libby is a despicable coward of a human being."
-Joe Wilson

Enough said.

-Robert Scardapane

How will History Judge George W. Bush?
Let's hope history has a chance.

Have you noticed a bad pattern from the Bushites? They make things so much worse that whenever there is a minor improvement they expect huge amounts of credit. A minor improvement in circumstances made almost intolerable by their own policies turns into "Look at the progress we have made." It's downright disgusting.

Take the Iraq war, for example. Thousands dead and injured; an increase in the US troop level; a Civil War. yet the Bushites say things like "We're going to start bringing the troops home... any day now... any day... (trailing off)" or "The battle for Iraq is over... and we won". They use their "doctorates in Spin" to sway an American public to "stay the course" no matter how wrong that course may be.

How about Global Warming? Although every (yes, I said every) scientist worth their salt agrees that humans are the major cause of the warming of our oceans and the increased fervor of killer hurricanes, the Bushites simply say that the science is "incomplete" and perverse names like "The Clear Skies Initiative" and "The Clean Water Act".

The Bushites work at "informing" the American people that they are being "mis-informed" by the nay-sayers in the media. After all, who ya' gonna believe... us or your own, lying eyes?

We see good jobs being lost in the "spirit of globalization". We see jobs that used to belong to us when we were children going to today's adult illegal immigrants. We train ourselves, then retrain ourselves in the "jobs of tomorrow" in the "I hope I guess right Sweepstakes" only to find out that those jobs can and will be done cheaper in India ("Hello, this is Dell", as in Delhi).

Will this be the legacy of the Bush administration?

We have Bush's "have-more core constituents" pulling away from the "used to haves", the "was hoping to someday haves" and the "never hads" just as fast and as consistently as they can. And when we complain, they throw statistics like productivity at us. Hey, doesn't higher productivity mean that us workers are working harder for less money and less time with our families?

Things are not getting better, no matter how much the Bushites tell us they are. Lowering our standards until we have no expectations, then keeping them there is not a satisfactory "status quo".

I believe history will judge George W. Bush's and his administration of cronies harshly, especially as it pertains to the American people. His will be a legacy of a lost middle class, a lost American city and lost hope.

Most (if not all) presidents worried about their legacy (or legacies). George W. Bush worries about his bank account.

-Noah Greenberg

Media Madman
From Fox News Channel's Website (foxnews.com)
March 24, 2005 (Sometime after 10:00 PM)

•Bombs Prompt Evacuation of Colo. Airport Tower
•France Labor Talks Stall
•NCAA: 'Nova Tops B.C. in OT- George Mason Beats Wichita St
.•NAACP, S.C. Restaurant Settle Biker Lawsuit
•Cops: Dad Hid Kids' Bodies in Box Before Suicide
•Abbas: Peace With Israel Possible Within Year
•Cheney Blasts Dems for Calling Bush 'Incompetent' - Bush Hits the Road
•N.J. Stable Fire Kills 24 Horses
•Drug Warrant Issued for 2 of Stranded Oregon Family
•Immigrant Rights Supporters Rally Across Nation
•Chile Sends American Tourists' Bodies Home to U.S
.•New Home Sales Plunge
•Video: Driver Faces Murder Charges for UNC Incident
•Police Probe Drug, Alcohol Role in Holloway Case

Notice the lack of the words "Iraq" (yes, I know. Iraq isn't technically a word), war, Osama bin-Laden; health care or any other issues that effect Americans every day. But you will notice a shot a the Democrats; a shot at the French (Do we really care more about the France's employment problems than our own?); 24 horses (I do feel sorry for the horses, but not compared to the wounded and dead US soldiers in Iraq); or the still missing Natalee Holloway (who is always in the forefront at Fox News).

Why, if you didn't know any better, and all you had to watch was Fox News, you wouldn't think our troops were in Iraq or Afghanistan at all.

How dare Fox News Channel's website exclude all of the good that the Bush administration is doing in Iraq. How dare these members of the so-called "Liberal" main stream media not show that new tree planted in the Green Zone, or the extra five minutes of electricity that the "Coalition of the Willing" were able to provide to the Iraqi people. How dare Fox News not show us all how well things are going in Iraq.

It's all their fault.

Imagine if Fox News were the only news show on TV. Imagine, if you will, that the Bush administration was able to outlaw all broadcast news and information programs (including over the air TV as well as cable and satellite, radio, internet based and special programs) as well as any newspaper or magazine they see as "seditious", "subversive" or "aiding the terrorists". Just what do you think that we'd be left with?

-Fox News
-The New York Post
-The Washington Times
-The National standard
-The National Review Online


And we'd all be huddled around our radios in our basements listening to Radio-Free Canada (eh?).

Imagine these headlines in the lead as our troops come home from Iraq in boxes and body bags:

-Bush Programs Help Paint Children's Hospital Ward in Baghdad (after the insurgents blew it up of course)
-US Unemployment Figures Hit Zero Percent (after the elimination of any unemployment benefits)
-Gasoline Prices Lowered (from their high of $8.00 per gallon)

That's the "good" that the Bushites want our national media to report.

So get in line, you terrorist supporting lovers of bin-Laden. Bush's New Amerika is here and Fox News is gonna help.

-Noah Greenberg

What happened in LA?

The photo experts that use computers to estimate rally size say that at least 500,000 Mexicans marched in America saying "screw you, screw your laws, and screw your culture". We are here and this is the new Mexico. They say they'll go on a work strike. Great, let them leave. We'll manage.

Congressman Tom Tancredo called them "The Scourge of our nation", and he is correct. And I encourage everyone who should read this to call and scream at their officials and ask when it became legitimate to invade America and for our leaders to either sit on their hands or, as Hillary Clinton did, and Mayor Daly of Chicago did last week along with an Illinois Senator and a Congressman, tell the government that it has no right to pass laws against illegals in America. So our parents worked for nothing. They sacrificed for nothing. They fought four wars in the 20th Century for nothing. It must have been for nothing because collectively, as American citizens, we have done nothing! There was a "Red Scare" in the 1920s after success of Lenin and the Bolsheviks. Now we have a "Brown Menace" and it gives a bad name to all those of Mexican decent who are here legitimately.

Our government is no longer legitimate if it will not stop these marches. It is that simple.

In 1934, with the country in a deep depression, 20,000 former WW I veterans pitched tent in Washington DC. A retirement fund of sorts was in the process of being funded. But those soldiers wanted part of their money immediately as they were broke and starving. Hoover order his Chief of Staff, General Douglas McArthur, to burn down the "Bonus Boys" shacks they had built on the Great Lawn. One soldier died and 50 veterans and DC police were injured. They were then sent home or offered some jobs in the Citizens' Conservation Corps for work in forests. But turn our own military on its legitimate citizens we did.

What happens next time in LA? Imagine 500,000 or more rioting. It makes the L.A. Riots in the aftermath of the Rodney King spectacle look like child's play. They will get more brazen and the rabble will do just as they do when the protestors come to the G8 meetings and scream against the US and capitalism because there is a vigorous anti-American faction at work that is telling Latinos that the South West is rightfully theirs. Some might not know it but there are subversive groups from Mexico that want the United Sates out of the South West. To them this recent event must be quite inspiring.

If you are watching "24" you know that martial law was just declared in L.A. But that's a TV show. Do we have the manpower to put martial law into affect against 500,000 angry marchers? That answer is decidedly no. Kent State will be a piker with what needs to be done.
It really does look like we could have just laid the groundwork for civil war if we do not act.. Will our government side with Congressman Tancredo, or will we be tossed aside for the illegals? I don't know the answer. I am fearful of the answer.

What just happened in LA this weekend, and in Phoenix, and in DC and in other cities? Illegal aliens - not soldiers who had fought in trenches - told us that they won't leave and that we in America don't have the will to make them leave. If anyone has ever read "Camp of the Saints" they know it is a dire book on the subject on an onslaught of immigration. It was written in the 1960s about how with nothing to lose, India invaded France with millions and millions of people and France disappeared. That was a prescient prediction except that India has grown into a legitimate democracy and instead they got Muslims from North Africa and Afghanistan with their insane immigration policies. France is gone. France is no more. What about America? Oh we have laws that are stringent. But in America, the rule of law applies only to white middle-aged men now. Do you think those 500,000 are going to pay your retirement benefits? Of course not as they are sucking our system dry now.

We are getting illegals from Mexico who believe [58%] that Texas, California, Arizona, and Nevada, are rightfully Mexican territories. If you have done nothing to try and stop this look in your children's eyes. Perhaps it has become real to you now that they have no future here and just like the Apartheid South Africans, will be considered guilty of crimes after all of us are gone as the complexion changes because our government did nothing. Are you pissed yet? Or do you really think I'm insane and I don't know what I'm talking about?

Yes, our government is no longer legitimate if it will not stop the presence of illegals taking over out land. It is that simple. Why?

Because historically speaking, government formed from strongmen who protected groups of people by extorting payment. Research it yourself if you don't believe me. With the Magna Carta the Western World wrestled most of the power away from those who had concocted "The Divine Right of Kings" and the people obtained a voice in government.
It is plain that we Americans have little voice now,. The government no longer protects its citizens and nation as it is required to do.

The bond is broken, it is a joke and looking more illegitimate every night as thousands more cross the borders in what is noting short of an invasion. And I'll bet that Madison, Paine, and Patrick Henry would agree with me and issue a call to arms.

-Steve in North Carolina

Tancredo? I'll print is as it is, but him? I have my own ideas on border security (and have published them), but someone who says "bomb Mecca" is a little over the top for me.

Additionally, Madison and Jefferson begged for immigration as a way of making America better, smarter and more prosperous. I abhor illegal immigration but would welcome those who wish to come here legally, and I think that a basic knowledge of the English language should be a requirement.

Bush's guest worker program will only allow US dollars a retreat South of the Border. If immigrants come here, stay here and work here, they will spend some of their US dollars here (even though, I know, that they will send some of them "home").

These "menial jobs" that Bush and Mexican President Vincente Fox say Americans and Black Americans (as Fox said) won't do are jobs that used to be done by us Americans, including high school students trying to make an extra buck, college students for gas money and those households who required an extra few dollars every week (those, of course, are a growing number today).

I don't know what GW uses as his barometer when he judges what jobs we Americans will do. You’d think that one would have to have performed an honest day's work before one comments on it?

I guess not.

-Noah Greenberg

More on Health Care

We need support for H.R. 676, initiated by John Conyers, Jr., House of Representatives. This is a bill for a national, single-payer system. A number of organizations are working toward this goal also. I know of two. Physicians for a National Health Plan and Healthcare-NOW! The more support we get, the better it will be. One of the big problems with the healthcare movement is that a lot of people complain, which they are doing very well at the Citizen's Congressional Hearings around the country, but when it comes to pressuring Congress for reforms, they wait for "somebody else" to do it. They don't write letters. They don't come out on marches. They don't circulate and sign petitions.

When people got upset about the ports, Congress heard about it. They heard about it by fax, by phone, by e-mail, by snail mail, etc. Had they not, they would never have taken action as quickly as they did to put a stop to it. We need that kind of outrage and pressure with regard to healthcare. What will it take.

And talk about waits! My aunt has Stage 4 lung cancer and has had to wait nearly 2 months even to SEE an oncologist and treatment has not yet even begun! She should have been hospitalized and tested when they found the first metastasis! And I would think she has top-notch coverage as a former city worker.

And, yes, Robert Scardapane is right. The single-payer system does have price controls as part of the way it works.

-Billie M. Spaight

Signing Statements
From the Washington Post

When President Bush signed the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act this month, he included an addendum saying that he did not feel obliged to obey requirements that he inform Congress about how the FBI was using the act's expanded police powers.

The bill contained several oversight provisions intended to make sure the FBI did not abuse the special terrorism-related powers to search homes and secretly seize papers. [...] In the [signing] statement, Bush said that he did not consider himself bound to tell Congress how the Patriot Act powers were being used and that, despite the law's requirements, he could withhold the information if he decided that disclosure would ''impair foreign relations, national security, the deliberative process of the executive, or the performance of the executive's constitutional duties."


It never ceases to amaze me that Senators (on either side of the aisle) trust Bush. He routinely ignores laws the Senate passes with these "signing statements". There is only one choice with this outlaw administration - impeach Bush and Cheney. So, what did we gain with all of the struggle over the Patriot Act reauthorization - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

-Robert Scardapane

Just a note: The original reason that presidents included signing statements when they signed a bill into law was to explain to the American people just what they thought that new law meant. GW uses it as a means to say "I really didn't mean it." It's a good thing that our nation's founding fathers included a "signing statement" with the US Constitution. It's a better thing that the first GW (George Washington) wasn't this GW.

-Noah Greenberg

News? What News?
From the Associate Press

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Police and a top aide to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said Sunday that 18 people were killed in a clash involving U.S. and Iraqi army forces at a mosque in eastern Baghdad. The U.S. military said it had no information on the reported violence.

The announcement came hours after a mortar round slammed to earth near al-Sadr's home in the Shiite holy city of Najaf. The popular anti-American cleric [was] home but was not hurt, an aide said.

Iraqi authorities also said late Sunday that U.S. forces raided an Interior Ministry building and arrested 40 policemen after discovering 17 non-Iraqi prisoners in the facility.


Sunday in Baghdad (or is it Monday? ... whatever). The Associated Press better watch it - President Dumb-Ya doesn't want the media reporting the truth. A full scale civil war has broken out. As Seymour Hirsch said a couple of months ago, our BEST days in Iraq are behind us, now the real trouble begins!

-Robert Scardapane

Interview with Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT, running for Senate)

Question: In the wake of the WMD scandal and the botched rebuilding of Iraq, can we expect tougher questioning on Iraq?

Bernie: Well, I'm actually co-sponsor of a resolution with Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) that calls for an investigation into why we went to war. There are huge questions to be asked about Iraq, and it's not enough for the president to say simply that we got bad intelligence-and that that's why we invaded Iraq.
There are many people who don't believe that. You've seen books by former CIA agents who disagree with that assertion. The American people have a right to know why we went to war, what the entire process was about. Not just to beat up on George Bush, but to make sure that the process doesn't happen again.
Something that has not been widely publicized by the media is the complete abrogation of Congress' constitutional responsibility to do oversight.
Whether it is Iraq, and how we get into the war, whether it is the horrendous Medicare prescription drug bill, whether it's Katrina, or a dozen other issues, Congress has chosen to play the role of rubber stamp, rather than asking hard, important questions that the American people wants answers to.

Put simply, Bernie Sanders is the best. By the way, he is funding his race for Senate strictly with small contributions (no corporate money!). Fill Congress up with people such as Bernie and watch this country get on the right track.

-Robert Scardapane

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-Noah Greenberg