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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

“The irresponsible stewardship of the economy imposes an unaccountable burden on working families, and makes it virtually impossible for average Americans to realize the American dream…We must commit ourselves to policies that move the country forward, not backward, and that benefit all Americans, not just a privileged few.”
-Senator Edward Kennedy, as forwarded by Casey Sweet

Abramoff Quotes from Vanity Fair

"Any important Republican who comes out and says they didn't know me is almost certainly lying,"
"You're really no one in this town until you haven't met me,"
-Jack Abramoff on his relationship with EVERY REPUBLICAN in the House and Senate

"Every appropriation we wanted we got. Our staffs were as close as they could be."
-Abramoff on Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT)

"The exposure of my lobbying practice, the absurd amount of media coverage, and the focus, for the first time, on this sausage-making factory that we call Washington will ultimately help reform the system, or at least so I hope,"
-Abramoff, looking to make amends

How can I say this without sounding crass and classless. Abramoff is a piece of crap.

Well, I guess I couldn't do it without sounding crass and classless. Oh well...

Contrition is always a nice thing, even when it comes from a guy who is only sorry when his hand got caught in the cookie jar.

According to Abramoff, every "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party representative or operative who was "important" had to have a relationship with him. EVERY REPUBLICAN. You do realize that this means one thing and one thing only... Jack Abramoff, during the presidency of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush was running the country.

As "G"lobal "W"arming Bush has shown time and time again, the United States of America is up for sale and Jack Abramoff was a major stockholder.

-Noah Greenberg


That was the vote of the House Appropriations Committee to stop the purchase of our strategic US ports to what World Blitzer described as a "recent ally", the EAU nation of Dubai. Let's hope this leads to a veto-proof vote in both houses to stop the incredibly stupid from doing the incredibly traitorous so their ultra-rich family members, friends and contributors can get even more incredibly rich.


That's a whole lot of nervous Republicans who aren't in the Lame Duck position that "G"lobal "W"arming Bush is in. These guys and gals want to keep representing the US Congressional districts that should be safe for most of them, at least in a normal election year.

By the way, who were the two putzes to say "Okay"?

"We believe an overwhelming majority will vote to end the deal,"
"What this shows is that the Republican leadership realized this cannot be swept under the rug and that time, if anything, will make things worse,"
-Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY)

Isn't it too bad that the Bushies already passed the deal? Isn't it too bad that they decided, all by themselves, that the Dubai-owned Dubai World Ports could buy the security of over 290 million Americans? Isn't it too bad that a mere 357 elected representatives of the United States could use their collective voices and say "NO" to George W. Bush's Greed-filled scheme.

How are the Bushies going to stop them this time? After all, it will be a "straight up and down vote." Do you think that the Bushies will turn to Alberto Gonzales for a "Constitutional solution" (not to be confused with the "Final Solution") to stop the will of the people?

Personally, I think they would try anything.

According to Sam Seder, who was filling on for Randi Rhodes on Air America Radio today, Treasury Secretary John Snow, the former CEO of CSX stands to make huge amounts of money if the strategic ports to Dubai sale goes through. When Snow left CSX, he was given about $33 million in stock futures on the proviso that he wouldn't be able to sell and cash-in until 2011... That is, unless, the company that bought CSX sold the company.

C'mon... guess who that company is.... I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. That's right, it's the British P&O shipping company, the same British P&O shipping company that is selling out to Dubai World Ports.

What a fortunate coincidence for Secretary Snow. Talk about "victors" and "spoils".

"It is my intention to lay the foundation to block the deal,"
"This is a national security issue, this is a national security bill,"
-Representative Jerry Lewis (R-CA), chairman of the committee that approved the House bill

You know, I'd just like to hear these guys say "There is no way I will let this bill pass. I will use every fiber in my being and every tool at my disposal to stop the president from making this grave mistake. This is our 'line in the sand.'"

In no uncertain words, this sale is a bad idea. The Republican led congress has to let President Bush know that they will not surrender on this point, as they have before on every piece of legislation that the Bushies have wanted so far. It's time to stop this spoiled little rich kid from getting his way at our expense.

-Noah Greenberg

A South Dakota/ Secession Rant

The events of the last few days in South Dakota and the possibility of a domino effect are absolutely frightening. We are going backward in time to an era where women died from coat hanger deaths or from back alley abortions. Even though I believe it is a life from conception, I feel that this does not give me the right to judge other people's beliefs about this because no-one knows for sure! And there are so many reasons why people may need abortions. No-one I know that had one felt good about it or did it lightly. The aftermath of the procedure was grief. But, they had their reasons and they had the right to make this choice.

Given the kinds of things that are going on in these UN-United States, you are right on the money, Noah about civil war over here. Frankly, my whole attitude is that we would have been better off if we had LET the South secede. We would have avoided all the deaths and destruction in the Civil War and would not be constantly pulled backwards. People that were against slavery, of course, should have fought a war about that--but that wasn't the real reason for the Civil War.

I think that the U.S. should break up. I think that the Northeast should secede from the U.S. We are different people with a different mindset and different needs and we do not fit in with where the rest of the country is going. We don't want to go there. Other states can join us if they wish.

The U.S. is too big to govern anyway. It is too diverse to have one single King or Dictator (which is what Bush is).

There is a movement to impeach Bush. That is good, but one has to get rid of all the people behind him too. And the governor of South Dakota is a perfect example.

What's next? Burkhas? Given how cozy Bush is with the UAR, one wonders.


-Billie M. Spaight

Media Madman
Rush: "It's Clinton's Fault"

RUSH "THE FAT WINDBAG" LIMBAUGH was discussing the Dubai port takeover today, and explained it so simply for his simpleminded audience. Actually, Bush never did know about it -- how could he with so many things going on -- BUT CLINTON DID. The whole thing is Bill Clinton's fault! He has made over $500,000 for speeches he has made in Dubai, and therefore he is lobbying for this port takover deal. And, of course, his evil wife, is not really opposed to it, she is only pretending to be, since her husband is making money on the deal. Rush IS A LIAR. How many millions did Reagan and Bush, Sr. make doing speeches around the world? Actually Dubai did make a half million dollar donation to Bill's Presidential Library. And he has cautioned against the deal, at least until the full 45 day investigation period has been fully accomplished.

-Pat Thompson

In a scenario where the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution is repealed by a GOP-led congress so "G"lobal "W"arming Bush could run for a third term, he, most assuredly, would oppose former President Bill Clinton. Clinton, who left office after lying under oath, an impeachment and cheating on his wife with an intern in the resulting election. It's best to remember that Bill Clinton left office with a 65 percent approval rating while GW's stands at less than 35 percent today (not to mention VP Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney's 18 percent approval rating).

So, Rush, I say blame Bill Clinton all you want. Let's repeal the 22nd amendment. I want to see those Bush coattails brush the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party into the ranks of the unemployed, where they have left so many former middle-class Americans. -NG

DeLay Wins Texas Republican Primary

Now we know. Texas Republicans have proved that they are no more intelligent or moral than the Boston Democrats who, back in the days of the big city machines, voted for Boss Curley--another crook who was "their own kind."

I expect we'd all tell "our own kind" to go to hell--if they're crooks! That's the fundamental difference between thoughtful liberals & conservatives and the dumb sheep who'd vote for Satan if he was a solid Republican/Democrat/Green (check one) party stalwart. (Nowadays he is, and we know WHICH party, don't we?)

-Jenny Hanniver

In response to "Welkome to the Republik of South Dakota. Are your papers in order?", Robert Scardapane writes:

This is one reason why I fought so hard against Alito. Clearly, the religious extremists have been emboldened by Alito's elevation to the Supreme Court. Civil liberties are out the window in this country. Welcome to the land of religious coercion, wiretapping and political intimidation.

Instead of fretting about bringing democracy to the middle east, we better get working on bringing democracy to the United States.


It may already be too late.

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-Noah Greenberg