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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

The Republik of South Dakota

Women who cherish their freedom to choose; doctors who want to practice medicine the way they were taught in medical school; and fair-minded people in general, the line starts at the Republik of South Dakota state border. Just get behind former Senator Tom Daschle. He'll be on the Minnesota side.

It isn't the Puritan atmosphere that is permeating such places as "The Rushmore State" that is getting to me, it's the "We know
God and you don't" attitude that is. What these people seem to forget that He isn't "their God", just like I know He isn't "My God". He is "God".

Roe is done, at least in "middle America". Get used to it. Religious freedom, you know, that pesky little thing that is the first of the five First Amendment Freedoms (the others being freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right of the people to peaceably assemble and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances), has its head laying on the executioner's block. Missouri is trying to make Christianity the official state religion, and I bet they'll succeed. There is even someone attempting to create a "Catholics Only" town in North Carolina. Sounds like all the terrible ideas of the past are coming home to roost. What's next? Segregation? Internment camps? Progrums?

So you think there is a civil war either brewing or in progress in Iraq, huh? What would you call what is in the works right here in the Good Old USA?

It isn't what this Republik of South Dakota bill banning a women's right to choose does, it's how it does it. Although it takes into account the health of the mother, something I'm sure that many of the Right to Life Jihadists were upset over, it doesn't make an exception in the cases of rape or incest. In other words, if a 16-year-old girl is raped by her mother's new boyfriend, she gets to have her would-be step-daddy's baby.

I wonder how the Republik of South Dakota State Police are going to stop a pregnant woman, who wishes to exercise her right to choose and have an abortion, from going across state lines to do it. Do you think the use of deadly force will be justifiable in the "Bizzaro state"? You know, kill a life to save other lives... that sort of thing.

I can see it now. Betty-Lou's cruising toward the border before she begins to show. A tip is called into the Mount Rushmore police department. Sergeant Redneck hops into his SUV chase vehicle and the frightened girl runs. There is a roadblock ahead and the already scared girl attempts to ram it. The people on the Minnesota side of the border are cheering the girl, but, alas, she was shot dead before sho]e could complete her task.

Hey, maybe the Republik of South Dakota government could just stop people from leaving the state altogether, just in case, someday, some woman might want to get an abortion or change religions or have a free thought!

The Republik of South Dakota could have its own customs agents. You'll need a passport to fly into or out of Sioux Falls Airport.

Oddly enough, I have as much of an issue with the new anti-choice law as I do with the lack of effort put into it. How can anyone put forth a law without addressing its consequences? If you are going to force a woman to have a child against her will, which is exactly what this bill does, then how could you not come up with a way to make sure she, and her unborn child are healthy? How could you not assure that a new-born child will have enough to eat? How can you make sure that this new life is fully clothed? How can you not make laws to ensure that this unwanted-pregnancy-turned(-hopefully)-wanted child is well educated?

Unless you address the above issues (and more) you have no right to make a law that forces any woman to spend nine months of her life carrying a child she cannot afford to carry or take care of after its birth.

I know... I know... There is nothing saying that a woman can't seek the help of friends and family, assuming she has them. This forced-mother-to-be could seek the help of her church, assuming, of course, that she has a church. She could put her new child up for adoption. The problems with all of these options are that make assumptions that no one should make. And the final option, adoption, just makes poor women into incubators for the rich.

WVelkome to the Republik of South Dakota. Are your papers in order?

-Noah Greenberg

The Forgotten Scandal

There is so much corruption in and around the Bush administration that it is easy to overlook the goings-on in the corruption trial of former Enron chiefs Jeffrey Skilling and Ken Lay.

I did say "almost".

Andy Fastow, the former and convicted Chief Financial Officer of the Houston Energy Company is telling all to a Texas jury.

"I plead guilty, because I am guilty, and I thought the decision would be in the best interest of my family."

Don't just you love it when a crook comes forward AFTER he is caught?

Fastow is the key witness to the atrocities that took the life savings of many Americans and forced the roving blackouts that may have even killed some elderly California citizens. he is putting the blame squarely where it belongs: At the top of the Enron Corruption Pyramid.

Although Skilling and Bush-pal "Kenny-Boy" Lay have claimed ignorance, the testimony of Fastow is pinning this tail on the right jackasses.

These guys are crooks... All of them. They belong in jail. They have to be held accountable. They should be made penniless.

If you ever wanted justify the death penalty, this is the case. That'll make these guys think before they steal.

-Noah Greenberg

Today's DeLay Quotes

''My constituents get it. They know what a leftist abuse of power this is,''
-Rep. Tom Delay on his indictment and challenge by other "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party candidates for his congressional seat

Your constituents are learning what a real crook you are. Any abuse of power is found in your own greed, Mr. Delay.

''I welcome it. As long as they spell my name correctly,''
-Delay, referring to a documentary about DeLay's criminal activities

I'm sure they will spell your name right. After all, how hard is it to spell Inmate Number 77479? Maybe you can share a cell with "Duke" Cunningham.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg