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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Let's hope that while we're concentrating on keeping "G"lobal "W"arming Bush and his "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party from stealing America that we don't forget GW's budget proposal has us outsourcing the Social Security Trust Fund and our Health Care. We can't stopping one theft by the Bush administration to allow other thefts to occur. -NG

Stop Selling My Country!

The following are assumptions I'm making as to the REPORTER'S questions asked of White House Press Secretary Scott "I'll Do or Say Anything for GW" McClellan:
REPORTER: (Picked up in progress) You're telling us, and the American People, that President Bush didn't even know about the sale of six strategic US ports to the United Arab Emirates which he is defending. Just when did he know about it?
MCCLELLAN: He became aware of it over the last several days.
REPORTER: (Slapping his head with amazement) You mean to tell us that President Bush didn't know about the sale of our strategic ports until it was a done deal?
MCCLELLAN: (Loosening tie and wiping sweat from his brow) That's correct.
MCCLELLAN: The president made sure to check with all the Cabinet secretaries that are part of this process, or whose agencies or departments are part of this process. He made sure to check with them — even after this got more attention in the press, to make sure that they were comfortable with the decision that was made.
MCCLELLAN: And every one of the Cabinet secretaries expressed that they were comfortable with this transaction being approved.

We all know that the Bush cabinet is a "Do as you're told and try not to think" group of cronies, has-beens and last-chancers who couldn't make a decision without permission from Karl "The Traitor" Rove or Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney even if they had "free will". These people were chosen for their loyalty, first and their ability to stay on message second. Never has "initiative" or "thinking of the well-being of others" been a part of their job description.

"They (the UAE) are not in charge of security. We are not turning over the security of our ports. When people make statements like that you get an instant emotional reaction."
-Commerce Secretary Carlos Guiterrez, to The Associated Press

Gee.... I hope he doesn't cry. That is the thing these Right-Wingers do now, isn't it? When all else fails, cry. We saw Mrs. Samuel Alito do it when Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) lobbed softball questions at her husband; We saw Rep. C.W. "Bill" Young (R-FL) try to hold back the tears on the floor of the House of Representatives because his wife was taken away from state of the union address for having the temerity to exercise her first amendment rights; We saw Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker bawl like babies when they were caught with their fingers in various cookie jars.


"The implications of failing to approve this would be to tell the world that investments in the United States from certain parts of the world aren't welcome. That sends a terrible message."
-Treasury Secretary John Snow

No Secretary Snow, we're telling the world that, because of past behavior, we simply won't trust our borders and strategic ports to the stewardship of those who supported our enemies, like the UAE. I was one of those people who didn't know that a British company ran our ports until a few days ago. But, oddly enough, I trust England and her citizens. They are the greatest allies the US has. I don't think I'd have an issue with Canadian, Israeli, or many other companies from other countries either. I do have an issue with the UAE, however.

Ask yourself this question: Would you trust a Pakistani company to run our ports? According to President Bush, they are an ally, so why not. (that was a rhetorical question. No need to answer.)

But I'll tell you "why not" anyway. IT'S STUPID and, if for no other reason it simply looks bad.

"We should really test the resolve of the president on this one because what we're really doing is securing the safety of our people."
-Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ)

I don't want to "test" anything. I just want the safety of my family to be more important than George W. Bush's global economy. I just want common sense to take precedence over a few bucks for George H.W. Bush, the bin-Laden family and the Carlyle Group.

Is that too much to ask?

Stop selling my country, you bastards!

-Noah Greenberg

The Brits Vs. The Emirates


Why is a British company held to different standards than and Arab country?

-Could it be that they are our little lapdogs and support us internationally wholeheartedly?
-Could it be because they arrest and convict people like shoe-bomber Richard Reid?
-Could it be because their government is not riddled with sycophants, jobbers and graft takers who will sell out to the highest bidder?

The news outlet al Jazeera has reported that the Arab-Americans view the opposition to the sale of port operations to the Dubai company as prejudice. I will say that is not so.

President Bush has often stated the 9/11 changed the world. His support of the sale of ports to a Dubai oil-money is a sign that he has reverted to pre-9/11 thinking.

Dubai is an offshore banking haven for all. That no al Qaada money has been reported flowing through them is more likely a function of al Qaada's increasing sophistication in hiding those funds than it is in Dubai's or the US's ability to find those funds. After all if the Arabs can continue to hide Saddam's weapons of mass destruction (as the Bushies maintain -NG) from our invasion forces, hiding shady bank deals should seem like a snap.

The more important issue in the debate over the ownership of the ports is the loss of essential industrial assets. At a time when jobs are being remorselessly outsourced it is pure folly to allow our capital infra-structure to fall into the hands of foreigners, regardless of who they are. We should take this opportunity to buy the ports back from the British firm and, if necessary establish a quasi-public company like Conrail to run the ports.

The emphasis should be on safety, security and efficiency.

By combining ownership of the ports with the security apparatus we can strive to assure security while ensuring that cargo is moved as quickly and as efficiently as possible. After the debacle of the Katrina Hurricane in which the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) fell flat on its face; it is folly to believe that the DHS can provide port security. A firm located in Dubai, a country where many people sincerely share bin Laden's caliphate ideology and where many more are willing to undermine the government in politics as usual and where graft and corruption are certainly more pervasive than in the UK is not an acceptable owner for sensitive properties like ports.

-Robert Chapman

The Real Reason to Sell America

Why does George W. Bush insist on turning over control of six Eastern ports – including the Port of New York/New Jersey - to Dubai Ports World, a company owned by the United Arab Emirates? Unlike Iraq, the UAE actually has significant ties to Al-Qaeda. How does Bush reconcile this port turnover with his “war on terror?”

Perhaps the President thinks the name of the company is “Dubya Ports World.”

-Eddie Konczal

In response to "And as an "Oh, by the way, just what is the relationship between the Carlyle Group and Dubai regarding the $6.8 billion US port buyout Deal?" Anonymous writes:

Call me cynical, but is there not likely a campaign contribution link somehow involved in all of this? We know that the Bush family is heavily invested in the Middle East, and we know that the president and the former president keep company with people who support al-Qaeda and/or the Taliban, as Noah's comment indicates. But, the rule in politics is a simple one: follow the money. The Carlyle Group may be the thread that causes all this to unravel, I am not smart enough to know. I hope there are some out there, smarter than I, who can track all this down. Now, please forgive my cynicism - I wonder how much it will take, in dollars, for Senator Frist to be convinced that the appropriate safeguards have been taken and to flip-flop on the issue. As always, follow the money.

Today's Quote

"A strong leader is not just someone who can name a goal or force a change, but someone who can bring out the best in people and find ways to encourage teamwork."
-Mary C. Waters, a sociology professor at Harvard University referring to the resignation of the college's failed president, Lawrence H. Summers

Wouldn't we all like to hear Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), as the incoming Senate Majority Leader in November of this year , say that after the resignation of George W. Bush?

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg