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Wednesday, January 4, 2006



"I have the feeling that about 60 percent of what you say is crap,"
-David Letterman to
Bill O'Reilly

I almost fell out of my chair!

-Noah Greenberg

Abramoff, Round Two

What is really a shame is that there is no national dialogue on health care reform or education or how to get jobs back into this nation. Instead, we are deluged with the criminal activities of our elected officials and those who practice the fine art of public corruption. So here goes:

Just a day later and Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to two more charges, both felonies, in Florida resulting from the fraud that he and his partner, Adam Kidan perpetrated on the owner (amongst others) of SunCruz Lines in order to steal the profitable gambling cruise line from him.

Maybe Abramoff has really "seen the light." I hope it's a freight train.

You want to give the death penalty to those who deserve it? How about people like Abramoff and Kenny-Boy Lay and all of those who deceive the American People while bribing our elected officials for their own gain without regard for how it affects US, our economy and our futures? Murder one of them with a lethal injection on national television and I will guarantee you that others will "see a light" too.

Talk about a deterrence to crime.

In the last two days, the "good friend" of Tom DeLay, who is also under indictment in Texas, has pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud and one count each for tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials.

Abramoff is going to jail while he is naming names. The number of elected officials that could join him are measured in the dozens.

"He will face the consequences of his actions. Mr. Abramoff's deceptions have and will continue to have significant consequences for those who he has victimized."
-R. Alexander Acosta, US attorney for Florida's Southern District

Abramoff could spend seven years in prison for his SunCruz deceits. I say that sentence would be way too light.

DEATH is the right punishment. He'll certainly will never do it again, I can assure you.

Konstaninos "Gus'' Boulis, the man Abramoff and Kidan bought, with the help of a little fraud and a favor from Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) was murdered not long after the sale. Three people have been charged in the murder. They are Anthony "Big Tony'' Moscatiello of Howard Beach, NY (hey, isn't that where John Gotti was from?); Anthony "Little Tony'' Ferrari of North Miami Beach; and James "Pudgy'' Fiorillo of Palm Coast, FL were all charged this past September. "Big Tony" and his daughter Jennifer were paid $145,000 by SunCruz and their new owners Abramoff and Kidan. It was marked as "Catering Expenses".

Wow! What a coincidence! Why didn't they just book Boulis on Wellstone Airlines?

Abramoff is "one of my closest and dearest friends.,"

Perhaps they have a cell you all could share.

Altough Abramoff and Kidan have said time and time again that they had nothing to do with Boilis' murder, Kidan's lawyers said that their client might help prosecutors in the case against "Big Tony", "Little Tony" and "Pudgy". Well, it sure sounds like Kidan knew a little something after all.

Is it possible for this to get "better and better" while it gets "worse and worse" all at the same time?

A DeLay staffer known as "Staffer A" was bribed (they call it favors - I just love Washington-Speak) to the tune of a $50,000 payment to his wife's "charitable organization". "Staffer A" and his wife have been identified as Tony C. and Lisa Rudy. Let's see if you can guess Rudy's present occupation. That's right... He's a LOBBYIST!

Shouldn't the word LOBBYIST be considered a swear-word by now?

"Abramoff, Scanlon and others engaged in a course of conduct through which one or both of them offered and provided a stream of things of value to public officials in exchange for a series of official acts and influence,"
-the plea agreement

Lots of others, it appears.

Another one of those "others" was identified as "Representative No. 1", a man who received "favors" as well. His true identity is Rep. Ney of Ohio. Neil Volz ("Staffer B"), Ney's former Chief of Staff is also accused of wrongdoing.

Abramoff "went far beyond lawful lobbying."
-Assistant Attorney General Alice S. Fisher

Talk about an oxymoron. Just how did "bribery", which is just another fancy name for "lobbying" become legal anyway?

"This one has legs."
-An FBI Official referring to the Abramoff cases and the new cases they are going to lead to

Mr. Abramoff... Your first class seat on Wellstone Airlines is waiting for you.

-Noah Greenberg

Media Madman
Selling off the Main Stream Media

Okay, things are suddenly starting to make sense. If you were wondering why Chris Matthews was so desperate to explain away the Abramoff scandal, now we know why. Aravosis has the scoop.

First there's this:

Abramoff forms a group called the "Capital Athletic Foundation." The group appears to play a key role in the Abramoff scandal:
...allegations that Abramoff used NCPPR and CAF to pay for overseas trips for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, and other Republican lawmakers and that he attempted to influence lawmakers with large donations from various American Indian tribes.

More on the Capital Athletic Foundation from the Washington Post:

Records for GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff's Capital Athletic Foundation show that less than 1 percent of its revenue has been spent on sports-related programs for youths, and federal investigators are looking into how large amounts of money were funneled through the nonprofit group to support Abramoff's interests. (Thomas Butler -- The Hill)

Now this is where it gets interesting:

Then we go back to March 5, 2003 and find out that Chris Matthews helped put on an event benefiting the very same "Capital Athletic Foundation":

It's called the Interactive Spy Game Gala. Scheduled for March 26 at the International Spy Museum in Washington, the event's purpose is to raise about $300,000 for the Capital Athletic Foundation....

Fox News Channel's Tony Snow is master of ceremonies, and Fox's Brit Hume and MSNBC's Chris Matthews are aboard. Opera great Placido Domingo is an event committee member. But, this being Washington, the event will be mostly populated by powerful lawmakers, including Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas; Sen.
Rick Santorum, R-Pa.; and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif.


The mainstream media is dirty too! This Abramoff situation is going to explode as the truth comes out.

-Forwarded and Commented by Robert Scardapane


Mr. Ken Mehlman, Chair
Republican National Committee

Dear Ken,

Today a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, Tracey Schmitt, dismissed as "fringe, to say the least."

"If Democrats choose to align themselves with such a laughable campaign, it will be at their own peril," Ms. Schmitt said.

Did Ms. Schmitt accurately reflect your views? If so, I challenge you to a public debate on the question: "Should George W. Bush be impeached for lying about Iraq?"

As a graduate of Harvard Law School and a frequent guest on talk shows, you are among the best debaters in the U.S.

Do you dare to debate me, a humble blogger, in front of a live audience?

-Bob Fertik, President

It's more telling than even Mr. Fertik thinks. The mere mention of the word "impeach" now makes the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party twitch and tremble. I do believe that the word "impeach" has become a permanent fixture on the lips of the Right Wingers all over the nation. They had better get used to it. -NG

Poll: Support for Bush Drops Among US Military

Support for President George W. Bush's Iraq policy has fallen among the US armed forces to just 54 percent from 63 percent a year ago, according to a poll by the magazine group Military Times.

In its annual survey of the views of military personnel, the group reported on its website that support for Bush's overall policies dropped over the past year to 60 percent from 71 percent.

While still significantly more supportive of the president than the broad US population, the fall in support by military personnel tracks a similar decline in the president's popularity among the general public.

-Robert Scardapane

The "Flunky"

Hi Noah,

Wishing you, National View and everyone who helps bring it to us readers a very Happy New Year. Plus your family!

I am on vacation on the island of Bonaire and started talking to a man from Texas (a weakened bush supporter). Seems many years ago he met G.W. Bush when he was in the oil business and he told us that everyone's nickname from him was "The Flunky". Some things never change!!!

-Casey Sweet

Quote of the Day

"If I broke into your home and refused to leave until i had cleaned up the damage...... wouldn't your wife insist that I be hauled off (if not by the cops) to a mental institution, especially if I was armed to the teeth?"

Dedicated to those who say now that we're in Iraq, we have an obligation to stay and make it work.

-Forwarded by Eddie Konczal


In response to Gritzle’s  “...Speaking about a Woman's Rights, Rhian responds (Rhian’s comments in purple italics):

Technically speaking the fetus is totally dependent upon the mother for its survival until it is viable. It is, in effect, "parasitic" rather than symbiotic in its relationship to his mother. What I mean by "parasitic" is that it can't survive without its mother; but the mother could survive without it (i.e., not pregnant)


I have one question to this paragraph. The mother could survive for how long, without the offspring? How many parents over the age of 65 live independently without assistance from offspring? 75? 85? Okay, maybe more than one question. This viewpoint is totally focused on a pregnancy and not on the larger picture of family.


One more point, the wealthy are quite concerned that they secure marriage partners and equally that they produce heirs. Planned Parenthood was initially organized to reduce the birthrate of blacks.

Nor do I think that only human life is sacred above all else on this planet we have to respect all life in general. You know the old saying, "Bacteria can live without people, but people can't live without bacteria."


Humans are the only species on earth that will deliberately destroy their own, as they grow, and call it abortion. To respect life is to decry abortion.

I am not in favor of abortion; it is never being allowed as the ultimate means of birth control. At the same time, I think it is none of the government's business or anyone else's business to meddle in the private lives of these people.

I took full responsibility to see that I never got pregnant in the first place so that I would have to be faced with abortion.

But let me tell you a little big about my generation and my mother's generation. She is still alive today at 90.

In my mother's day, a woman got fired from her job automatically when she got married. It was assumed that the woman was going to get pregnant and raise a family, and, of course, the husband was the bread winner back them. (They also were paid well enough so they could afford to have their wives stay at home.)


When the Constitution was signed, women could not vote. My grandmother, a music teacher, could not be hired during the depression in some states because jobs were only available for men, who were considered to be the supporters of the families. My mother, an RN, who is in her early eighties, had four children and was barely allowed enough time home from work to recover from each birth. My parents have been married for 60 years, or maybe 600 years. In my mother's day, five years different from the writer's mother's day, women did not lose their jobs automatically when they got married.

In my generation a girl who got pregnant was automatically expelled from school. She could not get a job because she was an "unwed mother." Many times her family disowned her or in some cases tried to harm her for becoming pregnant. So right there, you have no right to schooling, work or in many cases your family's support.

Girls who got pregnant were sent away to "homes for unwed mothers" and were almost always forced to give up their children for adoption because they had no visible means to support themselves or their infants.

Women have been begrudged rights and money and work and safety and husbands in all nations, in all times, throughout the history of the world. And this has been done by men.

All men. Except to Cleopatra. We really, really need a Cleopatra school.


The 'mother' of all ironies has to be the quiet acceptance of moms and aunts and sisters, for meekly bowing their heads and allowing the bad treatment by men, of their species. I have never understood it.

So it is also easy for me to understand why a young girl would panic and get an abortion. They were not "legal" in those days so many young girls died from septicemia. I guess they deserve such a fate for their sins.

You might want to ask yourself why these young girls became pregnant in the first place. Was there something specific about their social or economic state that made them more likely to get pregnant. Why is there no serious sex education in school. Why is it left up to the family when most families refuse to educate their children.


Girls get pregnant because some boy says 'I love you' and girls who shouldn't, believe it.

Women get pregnant because they love sex as much as guys.

Mothers get pregnant because they want children.

Eve ate the fruit, because she wanted children, and knew from her conversation with the serpent (Satan) that unless she ate it, it couldn't happen. God knew, that she would know.

Eve was smarter than Satan, and used what he believed to be a temptation to sin, as the methodology to begin the generations of planet earth.

This information has been the most suppressed of all information in the literature of religion.

It was because Eve was so brave, that one of her great great great to the tenth power granddaughters, Mary, could bring Jesus Christ to earth.

It's an awesome power and responsibility, this having babies thing. Men can't do it.

Adam was obedient. Eve was brave.

Why do the people who oppose abortion also support birth control. Wouldn't the latter be the purpose for avoiding the former. Let's look at it from the angle of sexual politics. Who benefits from keeping women out of the marketplace; who benefits from keeping women barefoot, pregnant and uneducated? That would be men, wouldn't it. We like in a patriarchal society, don't we. Why are most of the most outspoken leaders of the anti-abortion men? Who, in particular, benefits from keeping poor women barefoot and pregnant?


If women are equal before the law, and equal under the Constitution, and equally self aware and self motivating, and have equal opportunity for free agency, why is the state of women, the fault of the male? If women are not equal and 'submit to the will of the men' as most born again evangelicals insist is God's law, then women will have no accountability for sin in the next world. Which is it sisters???

Still think the hidden agenda really isn't about sexual politics.


Men scheme. I have worked with them (almost exclusively) enough to know that it is their nature. They scheme on each other, constantly. They were at first appalled at women's rights in the workplace because to them, this was permission to scheme as heartlessly on women as they always have on each other. When they did, and the sex discrimination and harassment charges started rolling in, they were only confused. Then angry. What men didn't know is that women didn't know their scheme rules, didn't expect them, because all women ever hear from men are platitudes about 'sportsmanship' and 'fair fight' and 'healthy competition' and 'noble cause of war.'  What women didn't know, is that all the rhetoric means is, 'how do I get one over on the other guy.'

How can anti-abortionists claim they are pro-life when many of them support the war in Iraq, the death penalty, euthanasia. Why just the concentration on fetal rights?


It isn't just about fetal rights, although, of all the people large and small being taken advantage of in this world, the unborn babies are the only ones who cannot speak for themselves. The human heart beats at 15 days from conception. There is blood in that tiny body.

And by the way the rich could always find a doctor to perform a safe abortion.


The wealthy never get abortions, unless the daughter has made a mistake with someone of another race, and a mixed race baby has been started.

I believe The Netherlands has legalized abortion but has one of the lowest rates of teenage pregnancy any out of wedlock pregnancy. The answer, it appears, is that they teach a no nonsense realistic sex education program in their schools beginning at an early age. They teach the unvarnished facts so that the students are fully informed so that they can make responsible choices.

"Abortion Mills" - Planned Parenthood. Yes, I know Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist. But what many people forget is that Planned Parenthood is one of the few groups that still provides inexpensive OB/GYN care for poor women.

Interesting how all those "compassionate conservative" anti-abortion folks in the government won't fund Planned Parenthood International by using the excuse that they perform abortions. Abortions are only a small part of the services they provide. By cutting aid to Planned Parenthood under the "abortion ruse", the government can justify a "moral excuse" for denying aid that would normally go to the poor women of developing nations. (Keep them poor, uneducated and pregnant and you have female serfdom.


The so-called anti-abortion folks in the government (US) are not really anti-abortion.

What they are is pro-slave for future Iraq-style military interventions and occupations, so they can seize global control of resources.

Pat Robertson recently stated that he supported China's forced abortion program to limit their population and stated that "regrettably" it was an "economic" necessity. I bet he wouldn't say this about white fetuses.


Pat Robertson, and every other male on the planet, do not, and should not, have a single word to say about any particle or portion of health care a woman chooses for herself.

Any man who insists that forced abortion is anything but torture, should be put on a table, legs pulled apart and his reproductive organs be flooded with saline, and scraping instruments to get the sperm out.

Lastly, if you are pro-life, then you are pro-life across the entire spectrum; you don't just pick and choose to fit your world view. You can't support a government that has killed over 1 million innocent Iraqis (mostly women and children) and then seriously expect me to believe you when you say you are "pro-life."

The death toll in Iraq is actually about 34,000. Iraqis are not innocent. Our military should not be in occupation of their nation. You cannot support the individuals who represent our government because they have repeatedly lied, have cheated, have caused undue deaths both foreign and domestic, and who are vehemently acting to subrogate the Constitution of the United States of America, stripping every American citizen, whether pro-life or not, of liberty and pursuit of happiness, not to mention due process within the judicial system and rights to property.

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-Noah Greenberg